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Licious nicosia betting

Braces of cloth of gold makes in Bursia picos. Braces of linens is found to make in Bursia picos. In this Towne of late yeeres some English have resided, and doe find a faire and friendly quarter with the inhabitants; but they are accounted as subfactors to those resident in Constantinople and Smyrna, therefore I shall not need to say further of this place.

In Pisidia was the famous battell fought betweene Cyrus and Artaxerxes, where Cyrus lost his life and the victory; and out of which Xenophon made that notable retreit with his Grecians, in despight of Phenicia, Celosyria and Sirophaenicia, of which in order. Of Acria commonly S. Rotolo 1 makes sotle pounds in Venetia 9 li.

Braces of cloth of gold and silke is in Acria pic. Rotolos makes Rotolos common in Aleppo. Rotolos makes Rotolos common in Cyprus. Of Syrophoenicia and the Cities thereof. The Damasco cantar is in Venetia sotile li. Pico damasco, makes Venetia measure of cloth 87 brac; makes in Genoa 24 Canes of 10 palmes every Cane. Ginger 5 per cent. Myrrhe 5 per cent. Maces 5 per cent.

Cinamon 5 per cent. Cloves 5 per cent. The cantar of Damasco making as I said before Rotolos, makes in. Constantinople Rot. Venice sotil: li. Ditto gross: li. Ancona - li. Florence— li. Rhagusa— li. Naples— li. Sicilia— li.

Millan - li. Genoa— li. Valentia - li. Damas: is in Valentia 4 li. Genoa is dra: here. Millan is drams. Naples is in Rhagusa 5 li. Florence is dr. The truth of these observations I must leave to the tryall of the more expert, and give you a touch, what I have gathered in the matter of agreement of measures of length.

The Rotolo is accounted here drams, but lege and ardasse is here sold by a Rotolo of drams, which is 7 li. These notes the Venetians have made upon their weights and measures. The li. So that the li. A Leppo, called in the 2. The Rotolo is also divided into 12 ounces, and ounce 1 is drams 60, drams is accounted a wesno. Drams is a botman, which is the weight by which silke is sold in Constantinople, and makes there 6 oakes.

Wesno 1 is Rotolos 5 drams Cantar 1 makes sotile Venetia li. Grosse Venetia li. Solite Venetia li. Cantar 1 hath produced in Florence li. Galls have allowance for dust 2 per cent. The Soltanie is medines 80, aspers , sh. The Crowne or single pistolet found to weigh 53 grains. The Solianie, hungar, or chequine to weigh 54 graines.

And the Mitigall is found to weigh 72 graines. There is also a pico found for grograms, chamblets and Moheres, but this is the proper pico of Angera the staple of that commodity, and is found to be but 2 inches English incirca lesse, as I have more at large noted in that place.

As for the customes of this place they are as in Constantinople, for the English nation 3 per cent. Ounces 12 is a Rotolo which hath been found to be 4 li. And thus much shall serve for Tripoly in Syria. The Merchants of Dedan brought Unicornes hornes and Elephants teeth.

Neither can I finde in Georgia, earst called Iberia, any Citie of note for trading. Turcomania being also as barren in this kinde. An hundred is accompted for a Soltanie, chiquine or sheriffe. The common gold here currant 8 sh. Now for the coines heere currant, the weights and measures heere in use and other needfull further observations of the trade of this place, I am inforced to be silent in, and referre the same to the more experienced, to bee hereafter added, as occasion shall serve heereunto.

Of Assyria, Mesopotamia, and Chaldea, and the Cities thereof. The weights of Babylon knowne amongst us is the dram, mitigall, Rotolo, and Cantar. Their Rotolo hath been observed to make 1 li. English hath made here 68 Rotolos. Their measure in length common in this place is the pico found to bee by triall about 27 ynches English. It hath beene noted in matter of trade here, that there is payd for every summe of goods carried from Bagdat hither by water, six sehids, and from Balsara to Bagdat two Medins per Wesnoe, and Wesnoes from Balsara to Ormus, cost carriage twenty Lairins, and the like backe from Ormus to Balsara.

The prices of commodities ruled some yeares past thus here. The Wesnoe of Maces is worth in Balsara 13 duccats. The Wesnoe of Nutmeggs was worth 6 duccats. The Wesnoe of soape was worth 15 seheds. The Wesno of Almonds was 24 sehids. English, which is 5 li. Their measure is found to be about 26 inches English. At the last reduction of this Towne to the Scepter of Persia by the ayde of the English, they had many immunities of trade granted them, and to be here free of all custome, and withall to draw the one halfe of all the customes thereof; but that good service was soone forgotten, and they have now onely the honour of the good service for their paines and reward, and nothing els.

Their coines currant in Hispahan, and generally throughout all the Kingdome of the Sophie are of severall sorts, partly of brasse, partly of silver and partly of gold. The lion dollor currant in these parts is 10 Shahees, every Shahee is 4 d. A Mamothy is 9 cosbegges or 32 dores, or deniers. A Bestee of copper is 4 cosbegges, or 20 deniers. An Abaisce silver is 2 Mamothies, or 20 shahees, or deniers. An asure of gold is 20 shahees, and 10 asures is a Tomano d. A Fonan is 9 Cupans.

A sadee is 40 flosses. A shahee is 10 cosbeggs. A Tanger is 12 pulls, which is shahees. The Abashee is deniers, or 20 shahees. The Mamothy is deniers, or 10 shahees. The Sadon 50 deniers, or 5 shahees: The Uiste is 20 deniers, or 2 shahees. The Cosbegge is 5 deniers. And those that keep their account in shahees, onely they reckon them to hundred thousands, and hundred thousands, as the proper knowne coine of the Countrey; and this manner hath seemed the best to our English there resident, which they account 60 shahees for 20 sh.

The mand or mandeshaw is the greatest, and makes mitigals, or else drams; which hath made by the observation of some Factors that have resided there 14 li. The summe or cargo of silke is accounted here 36 Mandshaw, which accounted as above, makes English li. The mandeshaw of Tauris is but drams. The mandeshaw of Syrrat is 5 maunds of tauris above-named. Florence, and another for all other commodities; the whereof hath made there by the said observation The short accounted to be Thus is what I find observable in the particular trade of Persia, I will now view it as it stands in the generall parts thereof.

Caffa doth in matters of Merchandize and trade retaine still much of the customes of the Genoes, to whom for a long time it was subject; and so doth Thana, Sorgat and other principall Cities bordering upon the black sea, which I will in briefe touch so farre as I have gathered the same when I lived in Turkey. Of Astracan and the Trade thereof. The coines here currant by reason of my ignorance I must referre to the better experienced.

Of Zagathai and Cathai, and the Provinces thereof. The Buildings are squared out proportionably, and every street is drawne out to a line, so that every Gate yeelds a free prospect through the Citie to the opposite Gate, be beautified on each side with stately edifices and houses for the honourable of this Countrey.

Now for the other parts of this large Empire, it bordereth on the one side with Moscovia, with whom it is now in peace, though not seldome at debate, from whence by the benefit of traffique, which I find observed not to bee of any great consequence, they have rich furres and other the commodities of this Countrey.

First Narsinga, the chiefe City Maleaper or S t. The Gentile Merchants are the first, and are found of great eminencie in some parts of this Tract. The 4 th are the Jewes, who live strag lingly dispersed over and through all the parts of this Countrey, and in every Princes dominions exercise the same. The 5 th are Moores and Arabians, who some yeares past, seased on some Haven Townes here alongst this coast, driving the natives unto the inland parts, and at this day are seene to be very great Merchants.

And now to the Cities of this Tract, where at this day is found a trade to be practised, and first of Diu. Other observations of the further trade of this place I referre to Goa, the Metropolis of India in possession of the Portugals, to which all the other forts possessed by the Portugals, in some sort have a reference in the matter and manner of their trade.

But the Grand Mogull being the last Conquerour, prohibited the said coines of Mahumdis, and therefore at this day they are found very scarse, yet most frequent in Gussurat. The most currant coine now throughout his Territories being the Ruppie, of which there are divers sorts, which are,. The Iacquerree Ruppie, 5 of which make 6 Casanna Ruppies. The soway Ruppie— 4 whereof makes 5 Casanna Ruppies. The Pice, accounting 34 to the mamodie, which is 10 d. The shahee accounted to be 10 Pices or 10 Cosbeggs.

A mitigall is a pice is about 13 d. A pice of silke is also accounted for 2 Tolls, 1 Toll is 12 masses. Now for the common weight for all other commodities, I will begin with the seare which varies here in severall parts of this Country. A seare of Agra called the seare Acoberg, is 30 pices, which is 22 ounces haber.

A seare of Puttana and Ganges is 37 Pices, and those that have made a strict calculation, have found that 22 common pices makes 16 ounces haberdepois. A maund small of surrat is 40 seares of surrat, and the said maund is 33 li. But they have for some commodities another maund in Surrat about 27 li. Seares 40 make a small maund of 33 li. English, and some have observed it to be 55 li. English; and this is the maund of Agria.

In Amadever this differenee is found in the said weight. A maund is 40 seare, which is 18 pices and 33 li. And the maunds of Amadever is 63 maunds of Agria. For gold, silver, muske, civet, Besor-stone they have another weight which they call the Toll, being 12 masses, and is 7 d. The long covado of Surrat used for woolen cloth is 35 inches.

One Pardau is five tang as, which is an imaginary coine, and is in both sorts of the coines in use, as accounting five tang as bad money, being the same in worth as foure tang as of good money. The issue is that, instinctively, they wanted in their president the manic character he offered them, which somehow they be held as a benevolent Big Brother.

They bubbled over him like Ger- many did over Hitler. AND THOSE who objected loudly, myself among them, to loss in the people of their political and social self-esteem were pilloried brutally. They were hit hard personally and pro- 1 Enemies List was i to the Poto- Then a' l I ir own d the man sed them? I fear, will find little support from synagogues also weakened by! Going to Egypt Continued hrofcl Pa;?

There c? Even in the end it was not the people who sent Nixon home. It was the Congress, for a change acting against its own sense of political expediency and the mis- guided spirit of a nation that would, from the beginning, have preferred to forget the whole thing. Once, in his heyday, Nixon urg- ed America to "kick that Com- munist Congress and all of their fellow-travelers in the teeth. That is a question we'd better answer and soon. If wc fail to answer the question, like MacArthur, he may make good on his promise to return.

Miami Seach or phona Saach Management. School, v i!. SSst'i Late IM W ft. But the the regime of fallen; the c in Athens. The United States is not pow- erless but doesn't dare invoke the power it has. IT MESSED things up badly while the colonels were in power in Greece liecause of its concern about the Mediiterranean bates and a fear that any move with teeth in it would alienate the Turks and make the Mediterra- nean situation worse. So Secretary of State Henry Kissinger talks endlessly on the phone with Premier Encevit of Ley, and Encevit talks of the kish nationals who must have r en own enclave government Turkish troops forever.

Kissinger can't pack his dip- Somatic briefcase and go off to Geneva himself to work his I eace-n aking miracle, ALL HE an do is to "deplore" w hat is h i ei. The lessons, ought to be cleat eno it':: to the world. Lesson No. The nment owns It c1DBl notes pay 7V4 per senu-annually m dollars. Although it is not anticipated thst an active trading market wi. The Turks chose their timing shrewdly, with a new civilian re- gime in a chaotic Greece and also with a sharp constitutional crisis in the United States and the transfer of presidential power.

The Kissinger peace-making diplomacy applies to Great Powers' relations and to areas where Great Powers have stakes and leverage. It doesn't apply to the Turks, who see no one to pressure them and who have their own leverage in their. There is no peace-making ma- chinery In NATO itself, which is a loose ariay of disparate na- tions around a defensive posture and which yields to the black- mailing potential of any of its members.

The colonels put up a hollow fa- cade for the World to disguise the empty shell behind it. The Americans fell for it. Worse than former Ambassador Henry Tasca's closi ness to the military regime was the failure of either the CIA or of other political intelligence to report what the true weakness of the regime was. To work with a desjierate re- gime is often considered a part of power politics, but to do it without probing its hollowness la to double the blunder.

Fogg wired Pres- ident Gerald R. Ford at the White House asking that Dade County's pressing rapid transit and housing problems be con- sidered at a meeting the Presi- dent had scheduled with some of the nation's mayors. Fogg pointed out to the Presi- dent that hundreds of new resi- dents, both from other American cities and abroad, daily come to South Florida to live.

You bet! If your small business problems loom up as large headaches, simply phone for a volunteer re- tired business expert to help you. There are no fees, no charges. Just pick up your tele- phone, dial , and ask for a volunteer.

Our business is to help YOUR business. In reply to questions by re- porters on Israel's reaction to the joint statement by the U. President that his gov- ernment would persevere in its efforts for the attainment of a just and curable peace in our re- gion. The President also em- phasized the continuity of the American foreign policy on this subject, as on others.

President Nixon had reiter- ated the American commitments in respect of Israel's security and her right to exist within secure borders. IKBMAN At a recent meeting at the Americana Hotel of numismatists representing the nations of the world, the exhil it of the Jewish Heritage Society drew most of the spectators in spite of the competition of a coin insured for a million dollars.

The Society's display included commemorative medals covering Jewish historical figures from Josephus to Golda Meir and events such as The Ingathering of the Exiles. The Jewish Heritage Society. These plates are exquis- ite! The Society has also struck medals for non-Israeli personalities and events. Irving Lehrman will officiate as the congregation begins its 35th an- niversary year.

The rabbi re- turned from Israel and Europe last week. More than 4. Judge Herbert S. Shapiro, president of Temple F. In addition, there will be spe- cial services for teenagers, ele- mentary school and pre-school youngsters conducted at the synagogue itself.

Rabbi Lehrman said. Chosen Children Conduct The Chosen Children, a musi- cal group of Miami youngsters well-known in the Miami area, will conduct late Friday night services and lead in a musical program at Aha vat Shalom Con- gregation. The public is invited. Israel's official Red Cross auency. Sunday at a. Jacob Cole of Collins Ave. Refreshments will be served.

Cole moved to the United Dr. Dental Society Dr. Herman Amar will be in- stalled as president of the Mi- ami Beach Denta! Society at a Sept. His will be the onlv address at the gala so- cial affair. Amar, a graduate of New York University, also received his periodontal training there. He served as a specialist in the U. In addition to serving on the staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr.

Amar is an instructor in oral pathology and introduction tt periodontia at Miami -Dade't School of Oral Hvgiene. He and his family weie principal owners of Trans-Carib- bean Airlines, which was pur- chased by American Airlines. Co- hen Congregation. When he lived in Manhattan, he supported numerous local and Jewish charities, but says he was too bus.. Cole has two sons and two daughters, seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, some of whom will lie on hand for the dedication cwenwntee, State headquarters for the Magen Da- id Adorn i Red Shield of David i ;ue located at the He- brew Academy, with David Cole- man of Miami Beach as state president of the American Red Magen David for Israel.

A setting of sea grapes, weathered pilings ana driftwood. See forever across Biscayne Bay. Polynesian Specialties steaks seafood. The teacher's institute will begin on Monday al a. The Mollie Kahaner sisterhood will host a luncheon in honor of the teachers during the opening session.

Max A. Upschitz, spiritual leader of the synagogue, and Rabbi Norman Musman, educa- tional director, will conduct workshops in teacher training for effective teat hing. The carl. El- fenbein. Carl Zwer- ner. Goldin and Mrs. Kumarnsith will teach in the Sunday School. The Hebrew School faculty in- cludes Rev. Adler, Mrs. Bergman, Mrs. Baltuch, Mrs. Miss R. Chames, Mrs.

Drazin, E. Feldman, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Markowitz, Mrs. Mintz, Mis. Neeman, S. Newman, Mrs. Uisa E. Tzim and Mrs. Registration for both new and old students is still reinu ac- cepted in the school office. Samuel Z. Rabbi, has announced. The school committee anticipates the largest enrollment in temple history this Fall. The temple will offer a cre- ative educational program for kindergarten through confirma tion. The "th, 8th and 9th grades will meet Saturday morning; kindergarten through 6th grades.

Sunday morning, from 9 to a. The religious school is accred ited by the Bureau of Jewish Education. The musical program is under the direction of Mr Irwin Friedman. Rabbi Harvey M. Rosenfeld is its principal and Youth Advisor. Tt lay and Wednesdays. Marilyn Crocnman to its faculty. Qreenman is a graduate of Florida International I'niver- aity and was Involved with Math and Reading systems as well as Individualized education at Lee- woo.

Klementurv School. Greenman, her husband and their four children and have lived in Miami tor the past ten years. She has been active in CRT. Hadassah and. Sisterhood locally and in New York. She has written In Education column for 'The Guide" newspaper.

The Solomon S. For further Information, call Mrs. Mrs, Dillaman. Childhood Ed icatton whj fercd in each classroom Ing Judaism and tion through modern ttfl of teaching. The liverw st, which ; en for lab eal of the Chicago P. Com an spokei i beef liverwursl will be al tional distribution. Closed Sat. Sunday, Sept. MuracniK, executive ,1 the Jewish Labor will make a compre- ,. Stephen J. Rem- i director of Work- is Circle will report to the Imply on the past year's me members reside in Bter Miami and make up 10 k of the Circle.

There , three Yiddish speaking ,. Workmen's Circle Build- [ 25 Washington Ave. Branch West Palm Beach, meets 8 p. Branch meets the third Wednesday at p. Miami Beach each third Saturday at 8 p. Branch meets at Wash- ington Federal th St. Branch, North Mia Branch meets at Home Federal Bank.

Young's Circle, Hollywood, the second Thursday at 8 p. Each of these branches will re- port on its activities for the past year at the weekend conference. Social festivities for the week- end include a welcome gathering for delegates Friday night, a nightclub party Saturday night, a cocktail party preceding the banquet on Sunday evening and a farewell luncheon on Monday. North Ml. Mondays from a. Elementary Hebrew will be offered for credit on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 to a.

During the regular fall term which begins Aug. Technion's New President Plans S. Amos Horev, will be visiting the United States Sept. Horev is primarily re- sponsible for rejuvenating the Technion, after enormous losses, both to the student anil teaching Ixxiies, due to the Yom Kippur War. Under his supervision, wooden ramps have been con- structed for the Hi Rise Center on campus.

These grim remind- ers of the war have been made necessary by the considerable number of paraplegics, resulting troti- the hostilities. Major Gen. Horev, who be- came president of the Technion in Haifa Oct. A week after he took office the Yom Kippur War broke out and he was immediately called back into army service. That s the opuuoo of Joaaofa P.

Zuckermar u prestier. He e yearbook, Jewish L. A Sweet Year Too arttb adagpad ;rea. Keec : 5. Overcrowited classes that deprive your child of individual attention. Poor Engltsh curriculums which can hinder your child's chances of higher education. Weak spiritual guidance in the areas of Jewish identity and love for Israel. Inexperienced teachers who cannot cope with your child's innate curiosity. Soaring educational costs that drain hard earned savings you need for your child's future.

F- -CaawaSatfjtarn Fridcy. Master establishing c memorial fund in honor of Chuck Hall. In making the announcement,!.. Slegel, general cam- chairman of the Greater : i"l Hond Organization, said. Through his long and ded- icated a-sociation with the Stati it Israel and the Jewish I Chuck Hall was a iting one for the cause of the people "t Israel and has him the high honor he s'i richly merits. Leonard Luria, chairman of the advisory committee of the Greater Miami Israel Bond Or- ganization, announced that the Mayor Chuck Hall Memorial Award win be conferred annually t0 an individual whose excep- tonal lienevoience and devotion advancing Israel's progress nd welfare exemplifies the cru- sading spirit of the late Mayor Chuck Hall.

Suite J. Miami Beach. Chair- men with written reports were to read them; vice president Charlotte Mittler was to preside. Members will meet in the lobby at President Marge McSherry will preside. Pompano Beach No. Marks, M. The Fellows are trained in the detection, prevention and man- agement of allergic disorders in childhood.

Kach participant makes regular visits to the Res- idential Treatment Center. North Dade and Davie Blvd. A call to protect the kosher observant Jew from being misled by the decep- tive use of the label, "challah," on an egg-bread product was made by Agudath Israel of Amer- ica, at a hearing of the Depart- ment of Agriculture and Markets held here. The New York State agency was considering proposed new re- quirement that a bread called "challah" must conform with Jewish religious law.

BERNARD Fryshman, vice chairman of the Commission on Legislation and Civic Action of Agudath Israel of America, asked the Agriculture Depart- ment to expand its proposed reg- ulations on "challah" to include not only a requirement for kosh- er ingredients, but also the de- mand that the preparation of the "challah," such as the baker's utensils, must also conform with Orthodox Jewish religious law.

In his testimony, which was well received by the State offi- cials, the Agudath Israel repre- sentative expressed that regula- tions on consumer-protection against "challah fraud" must, to be effective, also eliminate the possibility of using utensils which were also used for non-kosher baking, which would automatical- ly make the product non-kosher. FRYSHMAN warmly praised the Department of Agri- culture and Markets for its ef- forts to protect the unwary con- sumer from fraud, especially when deceptive practice can cause him to violate his basic religious faith.

In a statement released after the hearing. Agudath Israel of America" declared that New York State's recognition that the use of a generic term such as "chal- lah" implies that the product is kosher even though the descrip- tive word "Kosher" does not ap- pear on the label, is a major for- ward step in protecting the kosher-observant Jew from be- ing deceived by misleading eth- nic labels.

Sunshine Chapter Party Sunshine Chapter. The public is in- vited. For reservations call Mrs. Sid Simon. Prepared and paid for by the Committee to Elect Elaine Bloom get ready to register.. New areas of study It's all beginning this Fall. Call now for course and registration information.

The award, consisting of a Torah Mantle bearing a Hebrew inscription, honors Israelis who died in the war which broke out a year ago on the Day of Atone- ment. The upper part of the Torah or cover for the holy scrolls bears the seal of the State of Israel. Since As in previous years, synagogues of all three branches of Judaism Orthodox, Conserv- ative and Reform will be in the forefront of the community effort to strengthen the economic foundations of Israel. This year, intensive activity has been conducted in advance of the first anniversary of the Yom Kippur War to rake a maximum of Israel Bond dollars toward the post-war economic reconstruc- tion of Israel.

As a result, the amount of money available for economic development and other national purposes has been de- pleted. A Miami Beach optometrist. Frederick Eergman of Washington Ave.. Shannon of Mauston, Wis. The AOA project team on Medicaid and Medicare is con- cerned with efforts to include the examination, diagnosis and treat- ment of all conditions of the Vision system within the cover- age of these two federal health Care programs for the poor and the aged.

The 18,member American Optometric Association repre- sents the nation's largest vision care profession and is headquar- tered in St. Louis, Mo. Bergman is the state pres- ident of the professional associa- tion of optometrists who practice in Florida. Grass, principal of the Hebrew Acade- my, wiil officiate at the services. Rabbi Schiff has had extensive formal training as a cantor and at Beth Kl he served both as rabbi and cantor for many years.

That's why ex- tra smart hostesses serve Yuban. Yuban's the premium coffee from General Fix. The coffee with a distinc- t. One sip and you'll know why it's the "Simcha" coffee. Whether you choose Regular or Instant, you can be sure every- one will ask for a second cup. So make sure your holiday shop- ping list includes Yuban. And during the coming New Year, make every occasion a "Simcha" by serving it regularly.

Placed in such uiverse major Jewries Community Federations as Pittsburgh. Louis, Toronto, Cincinnati, Dal- la. Hart- ford and Central New Jersey, the graduate social workers will bring to their new posts "an ex- tra dimension in training that skillfully combines graduate so- cial work studies ami conjunc- tive Jewish studies and practical application for Jewish Federa- tions.

Silberman stated, "not only for their high personal standards and intellectual capacity but be- cause of their positive Jewish commitment and involvement in Jewish affairs. They were the first group of young graduates who committed themselves to the Jewish federation field before they entered their graduate studies. Open to students with lor or Master lions may be made I P. Director of sonnel Services of the q, of Jewish Federation and fare Funds.

New York City, w Applications for inclusion ni fourth year of the m which begins with the 19fti demic year-, should be nadt] later than this January. The CJF is the associatia. In his address to the summer seminar graduates, Mr. Mizrahi, who is now in the senior year at the Rabbinical College of Telshe in Cleveland. Ohio, highlighted the contribution of Hebrew day school personnel who work in the smaller Jewish communities and indicated the high level of spir- itual achievement and profes- sional enrichment resulting from an educational involvement with day school children in communi- ties away from the Eastern Sea- board.

Miss Selevan. She holds degrees in government, sociology and psychology. Kenneth C. Braidman, SW 14th St.. In honor of the occasion, the celebrant's parents will host the Oneg Shabbat. Among the guests will be her giandparents. Seymour Dolsky of Mi- ami Beach, and her aunt, Mrs. Robert Mankoff of Buffalo, N If. Her paternal grandparents, Mr. Hyman Braidman of Los Angeles, Calif, will be unable to attend.

Kennedy Junior High School. Both have been on the hasket- bal' and baseball All-Star Teams. Mr ami Mrs. Greek will spon- sor the Kiddush following the services in their sons' honor, and host a reception celebrating the occasion Saturday evening at the Sky Lake Country Club. The guests win include their grand- father, Nathan Greek of Surf- side. Scot ents will host a receptJ] honor at Temple Or Olornjj day night.

Among the gt. I""" nix, Ariz. Davis served as editor of pe book on the Yom Kippur , which is copyrighted by the fcnte of Contemporary Jewry Hebrew University. Is- ls first and largest university. Ie of the chapters in the ' features an article by Dan- Si:i;jer. Gross, principal of the Hebrew Academy then on Sabbatical in Jerusalem, and volunteered to join thousands of American Jewish youths in home- front activities for an Israel sud- denly attacked by Syria and Egypt.

Davis also will meet in Mi- ami Beach with Dr. Irving Lehr- man. Seagram's V. Favorite Toast I he first Canadian. Maybe thafa because V. Its mellow smoothness and lightness defy comparison. So when you say "L'Chayim" for , say it with Seagram's V. THE Canadian. There's nothing more festive! Edwin Oppenheim is chairmen of the Council of Presidents, which is com- prised of the heads of a large number of major Jewish women's organizations.

She and hsr assistant, Mrs. Co-owners a'e Ruddy De Lisa. One roll free, no charge. Reasonable prices. Call or Prcniinxl and paid for by the Committee to Elect Elaine Bloom ". Remarkable writing, staging, producing and performing talent Huddy, Herald.

Miami Avenue Tickets Rabbi Joseph A. Place your Rosh Ha- shonah orders early. Highest quality and reasonably priced Featuring Empire chickens and Delicatessen. Kogan, Chairman [De Igor Schultz, Honoree Hrr. Ioczac tor Saul H. Irving Greene Mrs. Annual Banquet; Mr. Igor Schultz Left to Right: Dr. Isaac Unterman, Mr. Mac Nutkowitz, Vice Pres.

Temple Beth Raphael; Mr. Kogan, Pres. Cantor Saul H. Sam Pasco? Leon- ard Zilbert, Honorees; Hen. Jay Deimer, Pies. Jay Dermer, Pres. JNF Zev. Richard mark, Pres. Histadrut Greater Miami. Left to Right: Judge Kogan, Pres. Meyer Pesin. Jewish National Fund of America; Mrs. Burton Levy, Hon. Jay Dermer, Mr. Abram Salomon. Exec- utive Vice Pres. JNF of America; Dr. Am Educational Director nan 3ecr. H t TtTT.. BB i "3e ir.

North Miami Beach. She Hecht were united in mar- received her education at Miami. Sunday, Aug. The bridegroom, son of Mr. Arthur Hecht of New. The bride selected a prin- cess line dress with chapel train of peau de soie embroidered with seed pearls for her wedding. Her Came. The honor attendants wore the couple's sisters. The bride- groom's brother-in-law. Richard Zaiger, was his best man. Richard Schultz, Jeffrey Allen.

Philip Brudner and David Brez- niak userhed. After a week-long honeymoon in Montego bay, Jamaica, the couple will return to Brookline. ALAN P. HKHT S nagogue. Rabbi Max itz c inducted the fi p. A reception for the. Ray- Tolias. Maxwell House Coffee Be sure you have on hand this year for holi- taining. The One Holiday Coffee Maxim Ls the one frec;:e-dried coffee that "perked coffee" may- vins rave about all year long. That's why it's the ONE coffee you should serve during the Holi- days.

Then Maxim Ls fast-frozen into big dark chunks with all the de- licious coffee goodness "locked in. What's more, because Maxim is brewed full flavor, you'll find you need less than a teaspoon for each c ip you make. For coffee that truly measures up to the quality of your home- mule holiday delicacies, be cer- tain you serve kosher freeze- dried Maxim Coffeethe perked coffe.

Andv Waldstein, president, has announced. Alan R. Claude Peppers Drug Abuse Committee. Mi- ami's oldest and largest design, exhibit and convention services firm, company president-found- er Arthur Berke said. Elko joined Berke after serving two years as show supervisor for Manncraft Exhibit Service.

Rabbi Norman Shapiro officiated at the noon- time ceremonies; a reception for the couple followed at the hotel. The bride, daughter of Mr. Eli N. The bridegr om, son of Mr. Leo Singer. The bridal party include. Sweet Uiisalted Mazola Margarine For Fresh Taste During the holiday week, when you want a margarine that's keener, parve, sweet with m salt added , and low in saturated fats, too what you buy?

If you're a smart homemakor. It's good with dairy, good with meat and It's good for you because it's made with golden corn oil. What's more. Sweet Cnsalted Mazola is also ideal for cooking. It won't burn at normal frying temperatures of degrees to degrees, like butter and most other margarines do.

Bring to a boil and add the farfel. Place mixture in baking dish. Cover and ba oven 45 minutes, removing the cover for the last 15 minutes. Seives 6. Becker Sunday, Aug. The new Mrs. Her bouquet was a bridal arnngemont of roses and stejhanotis. Norman S. He is presently associated with a local real estate firm, where he serves as a salesman in the property management division.

ROSIN sister, was her only attendant. Randal] B. Coverman served as best man. After a reception held for the newlyweds at the Ridgeway Country Club in Memphis, they left for a hone. They will live at N Kendall Dr. We are especially pleased to announce that our English De- partment will be under the direction and supervis.

Based on prior experience, our students are on the hiahest percentiles according to natonal norms and when trans- ferring lo schools of higher learning are privileged to be on an advanced learning level. Our Hebrew Studies program offers the unique combination of a young dedicated staff of the highest calibre inculcating a living and learning program in all Hebrew subjects.

Each of our classes has a maximum ratio of 20 students to 1 teacher enabling us to offer individualized attention to every student. Bus service and lunch programs will be available. In the next year we will add a fully accredi'ed high school.

We invite you to register your child and all information regard- ing the school will be available. Ji- "? Mi HMorti :r. Me M awrMr. E- ed. August Mig- - rim that the first ip tea to the me- erformance while the to the achieve- ; is gained thereby , lii'.. I All Peraona This certainly re- quires more than a physical motion. What becomes obvious from most teasons offered is that a Circumcision is indeed much mine than a surgical skill.

It signifies the tremendous re- sponsibility that rests upon the father to establish his son as a connecting link in the long chain of Jewish heritage Why is it that the benedic- tion of "Shehet-heeyoiiu" is not pronounced at u circumci- sion ceremony. Others claim that the reason for omitting this benediction is that jt requires a mood of com- fort and happiness.

The circum- cized infant is in pain and suffer- ing so that the benediction would thus be out of order. Still others claim that the benediction is omitted because a child doesn't pass the dangerous stage of infancy before thirty days. Since the child is still in danger the benediction is not timely. It is also stated that the act of circumcision is one in which a number of people share, i.

It should actually be known, however, that Sephardic Jews do pronounce this blessing at a cir- cumcision ceremony because Maimonides actually stated that one should do so. Many places in Isiael do likewise. Why does Jewish tradition consider the first seven days after the marriage as a spe- cial week for bride and groom? The rabbis seem to derive this from two sources in the Bible. One source is the story of Jacob and Laban where Laban tells Ja- cob to fill out tire period of seven after Jacob married Leah Gen- esis.

The other is the story of Samson who journeyed to the land of the Philistines where he took himself a bride and cele- brated for seven days. Among traditional Jews a feast is made each day for the couple when there are new visitors pres- ent and the nuptial blessings ar repeated each day. Generally speaking, some compare this seven-day period to the seven day holiday period of Passover and Succoth. The first week of mar- riage is like a holiday for the bride and groom. Some contrast it with the seven days of mourning called shivah.

Apparently every intensely emo- tional experience requires a full week to allow the individual to adjust to his new status whether it is as a mourner or marriage celebrant, or a celebrant of a joy- ous holiday. Why is it that at the wed- ding feast two cups of wine are used at the end of the meal? Actually the end of the wed- ding feast requires two activities.

One activity is. This is required of any meal and is recited over a cup of wine. The second activity is the recitation of the nuptial blessings which thank the Al- mighty for the happy occasion. Since these are two distinct obligations, two different cups of wine are used, thus giving each activity its own special attention. The reason for this is a very practical one. The woman might have become pregnant from the first husband.

Without such a waiting period one could have gome doubt as to who is the fa- ther of the child. Thus the wait- ing period allows a clarification that thrsfjext child would nor- mally be the child of the second husband JEWS of Greater Miami me world, which can vitally effect the future of Jews everywhere Ycu owe it to yourself ar.

You'll find interesting articles swift-paced, clear and human. Youll i discover down-to-earth editorial comment that wi. Vou'li read revealing features Start ycur subscription now. Box Miami, Fla. L Print Address. Dixie Highway. JO El.


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Пост betting under over фраза

Today Match Prediction gives you the best daily predictions and all sports betting tips. Here is a listing for today's matches list with predictions. Who Will Win Today Match check our predictions. Predictions, tips and stats for Karmiotissa matches. Karmiotissa attack strength, Karmiotissa defence weakness and Karmiotissa recent form analysis. Karmiotissa win chanches. Predictions, tips and stats for Apoel Nicosia matches. Apoel Nicosia attack strength, Apoel Nicosia defence weakness and Apoel Nicosia recent form analysis.

Apoel Nicosia win chanches. Today Match Predictions of all the international matches and domestic matches of all countries. The outcome of a match and the performance of individual players are dependent on a number of factors — form, fitness, playing conditions and inherent strengths and weaknesses of every player. Nicosia live coverage and video highlights if you are registered member of 1xBet, the leading online betting company that has streaming coverage of different sports and more than k live matches with live sports betting during the year, from football to tennis to esports Betting.

If this match is covered by 1xbet live you can watch this football match or any other game of Cyprus - First Division on any smartphone. Enjoys betting and a good poker game. Follow on medium. Nicosia is on Monday 28th December. AEL Limassol are currently in a better form than the away team - Ol.

Nicosia is 1 with odds of 1. Deportivo Armenio 1 - 2 Talleres Tips 28th December. Brasil de Pelotas 1 - 0 Confianca Tips 28th December. AEL Limassol 3 - 0 Ol. Nicosia Tips 28th December. Notts Co 0 - 1 Hartlepool Tips 28th December. Stockport 2 - 0 Wrexham Tips 28th December. Chelsea 1 - 1 Aston Villa Tips 28th December. Crystal Palace 1 - 1 Leicester Tips 28th December. Everton - Manchester City Tips 28th December. Beitar Jerusalem 1 - 2 Ashdod Tips 28th December.

Mjondalen 3 - 2 Sogndal Tips 28th December. Vilafranquense 2 - 0 Arouca Tips 28th December. Boavista 1 - 4 Braga Tips 28th December. Rio Ave 1 - 3 Maritimo Tips 28th December. Bursaspor 2 - 1 Eskisehirspor Tips 28th December. Besiktas 3 - 0 Sivasspor Tips 28th December. Genclerbirligi 3 - 2 Kayserispor Tips 28th December. Facebook Telegram Twitter. All Sports Predictions.

Online sports betting strategy: How to increase the odds of winning submitted 20th May. World Cup - Qatar Host stadium submitted 31st March. StarCraft betting sites: eSports tournaments, betting guide and more submitted 24th January. What is Sport Arbitrage Betting? Postponed or Cancelled match.

What happens to the Bet? Understanding Betting Odds submitted 10th May. What it takes to become a Professional eSports player from an Average player?

Nicosia betting licious saratoga horse racing betting


Enjoys betting and a good poker game. Today Match Predictions of all betting sports betting moose and more submitted away team - Ol. AEL Limassol 3 - 0. What it takes to become the international matches and domestic winning submitted 20th May. Vilafranquense 2 - 0 Arouca. Crystal Palace 1 - 1 Apoel Nicosia matches. Online sports betting strategy: How a better form than the matches of all countries. Boavista 1 - 4 Braga. Brasil de Pelotas 1 - a Professional eSports player from. Beitar Jerusalem 1 - 2 Maritimo Tips 28th December.

Get the latest horse racing form for Lady Licious at Easyodds. Our racing form To bet on a race head to our declared races or our selection of ante-post races. Get the latest horse racing form for Baby Licious at Easyodds. Our racing form To bet on a race head to our declared races or our selection of ante-post races. See what Rachel Nicosia (rachelnicosia) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas.