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Here is our unbiased list of the top 5 best CSGO gambling sites that work cs go best betting sites Play at the most trusted CSGO betting sites with generous free bonuses. We provide honest reviews to over 50 CSGO sites and update them regularly. When we say these are the best CSGO gambling sites inwe mean it. This was not some list we hastily put together of the best CSGO betting sites to play at. These rankings are based solely off extensive research and careful testing by our experts. The top-rated skin gambling sites listed above are the highest quality available sites today.

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Www betting promotion services

This online sportsbook is key for bettors looking for lines on football, hockey, baseball and basketball. Sports Interaction is a top-tier betting site that looks crisp on both desktop and mobile platforms. Sports bettors are in for an all-round positive betting experience at mr. This online betting site has a fantastic in-play betting platform, a wide range of sports and markets, and a number of bonuses and promotions.

Live betting is all the rage at Betway with their easy-to-use In-Play button. Besides their live betting and on-the-go wagering options, this online sportsbook has sport-specific bonuses and is available in a myriad of languages. Using their popular casino as a jumping-off point, Spin Palace created their very own sportsbook to give bettors another chance to win money.

Betting on sports is easy when you use an online sportsbook like this one. With multiple betting options, live wagering and numerous sports available to bet on, this is a sportsbook not to be missed. Known for their killer Welcome Bonus and refer-a-friend program, BetOnline. They also boast early lines and quick payouts, making them one of the most respected in the industry. With multiple bonuses to choose from, Intertops is your one-stop shop for betting on everything from soccer, football, baseball, tennis, basketball, esports and more.

This online sportsbook gives you over 4, daily wagers and live scoring so you can track your bets in real time. Plus, their mobile betting site is just as easy to use as their desktop version. This online betting site offers reduced lines and is known to be the leader in prop bet offerings. You can wager on football, basketball, baseball hockey, soccer, tennis and golf. There are also lines for NASCAR and in-game betting is offered to give you a chance to wager on sporting events as they unfold in real-time.

PowerPlay is the sportsbook for bettors of all levels. With everything you need to bet in one convenient interface and quick withdrawal times, this is your one-stop shop for wagering. With live betting available, this online sportsbook has something for bettors around the world. When you bet on sports online, you want to make sure your personal and financial information is secure and that you have access to the best odds for everything from a regular season Monday Night Football game to the Grey Cup.

The best sports betting sites in Canada that we have listed above are all safe and secure. You can trust that they are all run by valid betting sites operators. All of our recommended sites hold legal gambling licenses, and ensures your personal and financial details are secured safely. You can also choose to keep your winnings in your betting bankroll to play with in the future. The majority of betting sites that cater to Canadians provide a sign-up bonus.

This offer will match your first deposit up to a certain amount. Please read the fine print. There are always terms and conditions that apply. Each betting site has different stipulations that must be met before you can accept a reward. How does the site look on a desktop computer? Is it also easy to use from mobile devices?

Being able to communicate with the sportsbook at all times should you encounter a problem is very important. You want to be able to reach a client services representative easily to take care of things ASAP. Only the best Canadian betting sites make that possible. Most will offer customer service via email, phone, and live chat. Can you access the site in English? Not all online bookmakers have a French language option. In terms of currencies, the sites we champion let you bet in Canadian dollars.

You can also bet in American dollars and cryptocurrency, as we mentioned above. We use American odds but you can choose the style that best suits your sports betting needs. Betting lines and odds for all sports are comprehensive at the betting sites on our list. You'll also see live betting or in-play betting options offered at the best sports betting sites in Canada.

The best Canadian online sportsbooks offer live betting services, which means you get to watch sporting events while placing bets on them as the action unfolds. The best Canadian sports betting sites have nice platforms and packed schedules for live betting. You should be able to live bet all the NHL action as it happens, as well as inning-by-inning live betting in baseball. It would be a peaceful revolt with many apologies, but it would be a revolt nonetheless, if the most popular sport for Canadians was not part of the roster.

Entertainment betting is becoming increasingly popular and the sites on our list have odds on reality TV, awards shows Emmys, Academy Awards , and wrestling. Finally, political betting is offered allowing you to wager on impeachment odds, upcoming elections, and most world events. When you need a break from betting on sports, take a quick trip over to the game centre. The best sports betting sites in Canada have their own casinos where you can play a hand of video poker , try your luck at blackjack , or have some fun with interactive slots.

A number of Canadian betting sites also have horse racing odds. Since Betting Promotion focus have been on trading services, providing markets and liquidity on the most competitive market places in Europe and Asia. Annually we trade for hundreds of millions of euro of our own funds. Trading is done with our algorithm based high-frequency trading engine, tracking changes and adjust prices within fraction of a second of any price move in the market. Through the years Betting Promotion diversified into a B2B sportsbook provider.

The pricing information derived from our trading services is pushed to our B2B solutions and provide pricing for events and markets in the sportsbook feed. The sports betting industry today is fast paced where accuracy, reliability and speed are needed. Thanks to our low margin, high frequency trading services Betting Promotion can provide our partners with high quality odds and data.

A modern sportsbook is not only about boasting a huge offering and competitive prices. Sportsbook customers and fans today require a more engaging experience.

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Do you have any questions? Would you like to know more about a particular product? Click the button and drop us a message. Powered by Tain Since the dawn of online gambling, we here at Tain have been leading the way in developing full-featured solutions to the global gaming industry, providing comprehensive player management and content aggregations solutions to business of all sizes and markets. What We Do at Tain. Contact Us. An important part of any organisation is giving back to the….

The Tain Casino aggregation service is boosted today with the…. Malta, January 22nd Tain announces the launch…. About Tain Tain has been around since the beginning of Internet gambling. Currently, most ADWs accept customers from Wyoming. The act made it legal for horse racing venues to accept wagers at off-track betting locations provided that all wagers taken at OTB locations went directly to the prize pools of the tracks hosting live horse races.

Online horse racing betting received further legal protections in when it was specifically exempted from a law the UIGEA passed that year intended to crack down on illegal online gambling. Shortly thereafter, the first US horse racing betting sites went live.

Today, the majority of US states permit online horse racing betting apps. Betting at licensed US horse racing sites contributes to the domestic racing industry because all wagers placed online are pooled with those taken at the track. This means that not only do you get paid at full track odds, but your business contributes to racing purses and the care of horses. US horse betting sites are not limited to taking wagers on domestic races.

Congress passed HISA to bring uniformity to horse racing safety, medication, and anti-doping standards that were previously enforced at the state level. Under the old model, the horse racing industry operated under a patchwork of regulations that varied by state, which supporters of HISA argued was dangerous for horses and jockeys alike.

To improve the integrity and safety of horseracing by requiring uniform safety and performance standards, including a horseracing anti-doping and medication control program and a racetrack safety program to be developed and enforced by an independent Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority, and for other purposes. The Authority also has the authority to implement minimum safety standards at racetracks. A spate of deaths at Santa Anita Park over and brought the issue to a head.

People bet money on horse races year-round, but a big portion of betting action revolves around major horse racing events. The Kentucky Derby , Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes comprise the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing and collectively mark the high point of the thoroughbred horse racing betting season each year. The Derby is followed by the Preakness Stakes on the third Saturday of May at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, and this is where the equine racing world gets to see if here will be a Triple Crown contender as all eyes watch for the Kentucky Derby winner to achieve a repeat at Pimlico.

If one horse wins all three events, a Triple Crown winner is crowned for having achieved one of the most difficult feats in all of horse racing. The pinnacle of horse racing glory is to win all three events in the Triple Crown. It is exceedingly difficult to win a Triple Crown because every race is of a different length, and horses typically fare better at some lengths than at others.

Add to that the fact that every horse only gets one chance ever to win, combined with the grueling schedule involved in winning three races in short order, and it is no surprise Triple Crown winners are a rare thing indeed. This is your primer guide for placing all types of horse racing bets and wagers. The bets outlined below can be placed in-person and online via ADW websites and mobile horse racing betting apps. The best way to get started is to try basic straight bets at first.

As you become comfortable with how it all works, you can progress up to more complex wagers. In parimutuel betting, all bets on a specific race are pooled together. The racetrack then sets aside a percentage of that pool to keep for its own income and operating expenses.

The percentage taken out of the pool varies depending on the track and type of bet placed. After the vig is taken out, the rest of the money in the pool is used to pay out the winners. The payouts in a horse race change in real time up until the start of the race.

As new wagers are collected, the offered payouts change to account for the new betting action. This is why favored horses offer lower payouts. More people tend to bet on the favorite, so when the favorite wins, the portion of the pool assigned to that horse has to be split up among more people.

When a longshot horse wins, there tend to be fewer people backing that horse, so each bettor collects more winnings. There are all kinds of different bets that can be placed on a single race. The general rule is that the more difficult the bet is to win, the higher it pays. For example, a straight bet on a single horse to win pays pretty well, but a bet on the exact finishing order of the top 3 horses pays even better. There are three different types of straight bets. These wagers are pretty simple and act as a good starting point for newbies.

An across the board bet is actually three wagers in one. It is a combination of a win bet, a place bet, and a show bet all put on a single horse in an upcoming race. The end result is a combination of bets that pays for a horse that finishes anywhere in the top three:. In summary, an across the board bet provides a handsome payout if the selected horse finishes in first place but provides consolation prizes if the horse finishes second or third.

Exotic bets are more complicated than straight bets. In an exotic bet, you make multiple picks that include more than one horse and maybe even more than one race. In this example, you need the 1 horse to win, and then any of the other three horses to finish in 2 nd and 3 rd place in no particular order. What makes parimutuel different is that all bets are pooled together, the house takes a cut, and then payouts are divvied out to the winners.

Now that you have a grip on the basics of horse betting, you can apply that knowledge to betting on the internet. The only difference is that instead of talking to a cashier at the racetrack, you select your wagers onscreen using your mouse and keyboard. The next step is to fund your account. Then, you can choose from a number of deposit methods :. You pay cash for the Moneypak and then redeem that Moneypak online by typing in the unique number on the back of the card.

The modern-day equivalent of chariot racing, harness racing features a single horse pulling a rider on a two-wheeled cart. Major horse racing betting sites cover harness racing in great detail, including free race previews and picks, in-depth podcasts, and other educational content.

Online greyhound betting is governed by different rules than horse racing, but the basic idea is the same. In states that allow online greyhound betting, fans are free to use greyhound betting apps to bet on dog races. Numerous states no longer have live racetracks but still allow residents to bet on horse races held in other states over the internet.

The first odds to be posted for any particular race are the morning line odds , often abbreviated as ML. A track oddsmaker determines the morning line by comparing the horses slated to run and his or her expectation of the public betting action.

There are two important things to keep in mind when dealing with morning line odds. Secondly, the ML only serves as a rough estimate. As wagers start coming in, the odds will change to reflect the betting action. The actual odds are what the odds actually are at any given time based on public action. Remember, dog and horse racing are parimutuel activities. That means the payout odds are determined by the amount of money wagered on each horse.

After a horse is declared the winner, the pool is split among all people who backed that horse. To recap: the morning line odds are an estimated of what the oddsmaker thinks will happen that day based on the relative strengths of each horse and anticipated wagering activity. Actual odds are what you actually get paid after all the wagers have been taken in. The upside to parimutuel wagering is that it does not put you in direct competition against a highly-skilled oddsmaker.

The sportsbook does not care who wins any given race because it receives its commission regardless of the outcome. The downside is that you never really know for sure what the final odds will be until after the race begins. The basic idea of parimutuel wagering is that patrons bet with one another rather than against the house.

To put it simply, all wagers taken on a particular race are pooled together, the house takes a cut of the pool as commission and the rest is paid back out to the winning bettors. Note that this is a very simplified example, but it depicts the concept in action.

Now, imagine Horse B wins the race. Not all horse betting sites serve the exact same list of states. The licensing requirements vary from state to state, and not all racebooks have chosen to acquire licenses in the exact same set of states. The easiest way to see which ADW betting sites operate where you live is to see our state pages here. Each state page provides an up-to-date list of sites that are licensed in that state.

Alternatively, you can always just try signing up at one of the major horse racing betting apps. In other words, ADW requires you to pay for your bet at the time it is placed as opposed to being able to wager on credit with a shop that settles accounts at the end of the month. All horse racing betting sites and most phone betting operations are operated in the ADW format. You might be able to deposit with a credit card at a betting site, but the site itself will not lend you credit.

Not exactly. Florida voters approved Amendment 13 in the midterm elections to outlaw exactly two activities:. Florida residents may still bet on greyhound races held in other states through online betting sites. Greyhound racing is definitely an industry in decline, but Floridians do still have the ability to bet on greyound races held in other states. Major horse racing events draw impressive crowds to this day, but the sport as a whole has experienced a slow, steady decline over the past couple of decades.

Betting handle is down significantly since the s and many live horse racing tracks are suffering financially. One can point to a variety of reasons for the decline. Today, you can get the general public to tune in to the Kentucky Derby, but other races tend to be the realm of serious horse racing fans.

Racetracks first looked into adding other gambling games to their premises as a way to bump up revenues. We can see this with state legislatures opening to the idea of racinos and slot machines. The tracks that have managed to add slots have benefitted greatly from the new income. Likewise, tracks are depending more and more on off-track betting and advance deposit wagering — specifically internet betting. The horse racing industry still holds considerable clout in politics, and that is probably one reason why horse racing gambling received a carve-out from the UIGEA in Online betting benefits the tracks directly, and it gives smaller tracks access to a much wider audience.

This additional betting handle is a huge benefit to the industry, but we still have a long way to go before we see horse racing reach its glory days of years past. There are still concerns about PEDs, inhumane horse treatment, risks to racehorses and life for horses after racing.

Combine that with unique marketing strategies, such as what Churchill Downs has accomplished over the past few years, and there are bright spots in the future. Mobile racebooks accept a variety of deposit methods that are easy to use. Population options include credit and debit cards, PayPal, online bank transfers, and cash at the track.

Read more about depositing on our guide to betting deposits. Virtual horse racing betting is a form of gambling in which players bet on the outcomes of simulated horse races. The experience is similar to traditional parimutuel wagering, but virtual races occur every few minutes to provide fast-paced action around the clock.

Read more: Virtual horse racing betting. Skip to content. Review Play Now. Table Of Contents. Racebook Reviews. Claim Bonus. Online Racing. Alabama has two greyhound racetracks and no active horse racing tracks. California has five racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Colorado has one racetrack and state residents may bet online at: www. Delaware has three racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Florida is home to numerous horse and greyhound racetracks. Idaho has two racetracks and several fairgrounds that hold races on occasion.

Indiana has four racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Kansas no longer has any active racetracks but state residents may bet online at: www. Kentucky has six racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Maine has two racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Michigan has one racetrack and residents may bet online at: www.

Minnesota is home to two racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Nebraska is home to six racetracks but state residents are prohibited from betting online. All wagers must be placed in person. Nebraska Betting Law. New Hampshire no longer has any active racetracks but state residents may bet online at: www. New Mexico has six active racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www.

New York is home to numerous horse racing tracks and state residents may bet online at: www. North Dakota has two racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Ohio is home to eight racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Oklahoma is home to four racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www.

Oregon has one active racetrack and state residents may bet online at: www. Pennsylvania has three thoroughbred racetracks and residents may bet online at: www. Rhode Island hosts live harness racing at Plainridge Park Casino and state residents may bet online at: www.

South Dakota conducts horse racing on select days every year at two fairgrounds. Tennessee does not have any active racetracks but state residents may bet online at: www. West Virginia is home to two horse racing tracks and two greyhound racing tracks. Wisconsin no longer has any active horse or greyhound racetracks. Wyoming has three racetracks that hold races on select days every year.

Illinois is home to three active thoroughbred tracks and one harness track. Alaska does not have any active racetracks and online betting is not allowed. Alaska Betting Law. Georgia does not have any racetracks and parimutuel wagering is outlawed. Georgia Betting Law. There are no racetracks in Hawaii and state law forbids racing betting. Hawaii Betting Law. Maryland is home to four thoroughbred racetracks and two harness racing tracks.

Massachusetts has one thoroughbred racetrack and one harness racing track. Mississippi does not have any active horse racing tracks and online betting is prohibited. Mississippi Betting Law. Nevada does not have any active racetracks at this time and online racing betting is prohibited. Nevada Betting Law. North Carolina does not have any dedicated horse racing tracks and parimutuel wagering is outlawed.

North Carolina Betting Law. South Carolina does not have much of a horse racing industry aside from the annual Carolina Cup and Colonial Cup held at Springdale Racecourse. South Carolina Betting Law. Utah has a couple of minor racetracks that hold races only a few days a year. Utah Racing Law. Colonial Downs is the only racetrack in Virginia and state residents may bet online at: www.

Arizona has a couple of horse racing tracks but does not permit online betting. Arizona Betting Law. Iowa is home to one horse racing track and one greyhound racetrack. Louisiana has four racetracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Montana is home to two active horse racing tracks and state residents may bet online at: www. Washington has two horse racing tracks and 13 OTB locations. Missouri does not have any racetracks and online betting is prohibited.

Missouri Betting Law. Vermont no longer has any horse racing tracks. Arkansas has one racetrack and state residents may bet online at: www. Connecticut does not have any active racetracks but residents may bet online at: www. Texas has several horse and greyhound tracks but online betting is not permitted. Texas Betting Law. Alabama law does not specifically address online racing betting, but multiple ADWs offer their services to residents. Alabama Horse Racing. Alaska Horse Racing. Arizona Horse Racing.

Arkansas Horse Racing. California Horse Racing. Colorado Horse Racing. Connecticut Horse Racing. Delaware Horse Racing. Florida Horse Racing. Georgia Horse Racing. Hawaii Horse Racing. Idaho Horse Racing. Illinois Horse Racing.


Canada-facing online sportsbooks owe most of their popularity to the fact that they offer free bets. You will find several free bets and welcome bonuses at the online sportsbooks recommended at Betting. But we urge you to read the terms and conditions before accepting any of them. Accept free bets and welcome bonuses only at licensed and reputed online sportsbooks such as the ones recommended on this website.

We urge you to beware of rogue online sportsbooks that entice new players with enormous bonuses and then vanish with their hard earned money. As long as you stick to the online sports betting sites recommended at Betting. Here is a list of top free bets that you can grab anytime by just visiting the sports betting sites and creating a new account. You are going to come across many different online betting sites who will offer you free bets in an attempt to get you to sign up to their respective sites, in this section of the Betting.

Before you just start mopping up as many free bets as you possibly can get your hands on, we should point out that you really do need to stick to the premier online betting sites, and not just sign up and start wagering at the first betting sites you comes across simply to get your hands of their free bets and bonus offers.

Many online betting sites are neither licensed nor regulated and as such you will be taking a risk when you gamble and place your wagers at those types of betting sites. However all of our featured betting sites are fully licensed and have additionally been fully vetted by ourselves to ensure that their free bets are fair and genuine, and should you win with a free bet then they will pay you out your winnings without any fuss of hassle! If you have never claimed a free bet before, here are some step-by-step instructions to help you get started.

To claim the vast majority of free bets offered at our betting sites, you will first have to register a new account with that betting sites, make a deposit and then place a wager on any of their permitted sporting events or sporting fixtures. Once you have made this qualifying initial bet using your own money, then the betting sites will often instantly credit your account with a free bet which will be equal to the value of your initial bet amount, and then you can use this free bet credit to place a wager on any sporting fixture you like, subject to that betting event being listed in the rules of that particular free bet bonus offer.

Should your free bet be a winning one then you will receive your winning payout for that successful bet and can do with those winnings as you please, please be aware that some sites do not payout the stake amount of the free bet you only get to keep the actual winnings and not their initial free bet stake.

In regards to all free bets and free bonus offered by any betting site it will pay dividends for you to first read through the terms and conditions of the free bet or bonus offer, for this will enlighten you on just which sporting fixtures you are allowed to place your free bet on and also in those terms and conditions will be any additional rules, so always read through them! Canadian players can benefit from a range of Free Bet Bonuses that are offered by online betting operators.

Online betting is a competitive market and there are many operators that offer sports betting services to Canadians. Each of them is trying to find ways to attract more customers and keep the existing ones. In order to achieve that, operators employ a range of techniques. Offering bonuses and promotions is one of the most successful tactics and that is why at every reliable betting site you will find a range of them.

Most bonuses are offered as free bets. Free bets allow you to make a wager and eventually win, without risking any of your own money. In some cases, the withdraw turnover requirement might also include the initial wager that you have placed. Do I get both the stake and the winnings, or just the winnings? For some bonuses, you only get to keep the winnings and not the initial free bet amount.

If you receive such a bonus, it would be wise to place a bet at higher odds. If you place a bet at odds lower than 2. What if the operator allows me to keep both the stake and the winnings? In such cases, there will be other conditions. In most cases, you will be required to place a wager of higher odds. Most of the time, the free play bonus is only valid on your first deposit. If the bonus offer is strong, players should do all they can to get the maximum amount possible.

Some newer sports bettors may be under the misconception that a bonus is simply given to players for depositing funds at a sportsbook. This is not the case. If sportsbooks were giving away money to all the players who deposit with no strings attached , they would be broke in a matter of weeks. The rollover is the number of times a deposited amount and a bonus must be wagered before the bonus can be withdrawn.

Specifications on the amount that must be wagered may vary, but the above requirements are pretty standard for most rollover requirements in regards to terms. A 3x rollover is about as good as it gets in the offshore industry. Anything between x is above average and excellent, and bettors should have no issues rolling over the bonus and turning in some profit if they know which markets to attack.

There are several strategies that players use to clear free play bonuses. Of course, players may not need a strategy at all if they can find inefficient lines or have the ability to chase steam moves profitability. If the sportsbook simply is posting soft numbers, players know where to attack them, but combining these tips below may help them win even more. Want to know more? Read out our guide to sports betting sites rollover requirements.

Parlays are an excellent way to clear a bonus rollover. Parlays allow players to utilize the same free play more than once. They are the only types of bet that continuously places the stake and win onto the next selection. These bets would not have a positive expectation under any other scenario but are extremely valuable for free play bonuses.

Bettors will be able to apply the free play stake to three different bets, which maximize their chance or profiting. They are usually capped at several thousand dollars, which means betting larger parlays makes little sense since their winnings will be capped. When comparing this to a cash bonus or simply a wager from your normal account balance, there is one vital difference. Cash bonuses and wagers made out of your account balance will return your original stake, plus your profits on a winning wager.

For this reason, cash bonuses are preferred compared to free play bonuses , but as mentioned above, are much rarer. Sportsbooks may also offer reload bonuses at certain times of the year or as a feature for players if they lose their first deposit.

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Free bets allow you to make a wager and eventually win, without risking any of your own money. In some cases, the withdraw turnover requirement might also include the initial wager that you have placed. Do I get both the stake and the winnings, or just the winnings? For some bonuses, you only get to keep the winnings and not the initial free bet amount.

If you receive such a bonus, it would be wise to place a bet at higher odds. If you place a bet at odds lower than 2. What if the operator allows me to keep both the stake and the winnings? In such cases, there will be other conditions. In most cases, you will be required to place a wager of higher odds. Otherwise bettors will be able to place a bet at very low odds and then practically convert the free bet into a winning amount.

How do I claim a Free Bet Bonus? It generally depends on the operator and the bonus offer. In some cases the bonus is awarded automatically and you will see the free bet amount in your account as soon as you meet the criteria, in other cases, you will be required to opt in in order to receive the bonus, either by sending an email to customer service, or by using a bonus code. Are there any other restrictions on Free Bet Bonuses? In some cases, operators can specify their terms and conditions, which will in turn disallow certain bettors to claim a bonus.

For example, players who use a certain deposit method might not be eligible to receive a particular free bonus. Make sure that you read the bonus terms and conditions carefully and if you are not sure whether you are eligible, it is wise to contact the customer support team of the betting operator and ask them directly.

Also, it should be noted that some bonuses are restricted to just one bonus per player. Doug Hirdle Author Hey all! My name is Doug Hirdle, and I am the main author at Betting. However, watching sports is not my only passion, as I also love betting on Read Review. Can Canadian bettors claim free bet bonuses? Yes, if an operator offers betting services to Canadians, it is very likely that it will also allow them to claim free bet bonuses.

Once you register an account at an online sportsbook and log in for the first time, you will be able to see all the bonuses that are available to you, including the free bet bonuses. Are there different types of free bet bonuses? Operators can use different names for their free bet bonus offers, but generally we can distinguish three types of free bets: bet match free bet, no deposit free bet and money back free bet. What is Bet Match Free Bet?

This is a free bet that is usually awarded to players who made their first deposit and placed their first wager. What is a No Deposit Free Bet? In this case, you get a free bet without even having to make a wager first. Staying ahead of the curve ensures that our Sportsbook is equipped to yield maximum results.

With options that cater to all your needs — our solutions has hundreds of different markets available on an ever expanding number of sports, with both pre-live and live games. The offers increase daily and most importantly as the industry continues to evolve. Along our huge offering and reliable data Betting Promotion are committed to develop innovative features for our partners to keep their customers and sport fans engaged.

Since Betting Promotion focus have been on trading services, providing markets and liquidity on the most competitive market places in Europe and Asia. Annually we trade for hundreds of millions of euro of our own funds. Trading is done with our algorithm based high-frequency trading engine, tracking changes and adjust prices within fraction of a second of any price move in the market.

Through the years Betting Promotion diversified into a B2B sportsbook provider. The pricing information derived from our trading services is pushed to our B2B solutions and provide pricing for events and markets in the sportsbook feed.