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Asklipiou nicosia betting

Foreign partners came along, we cooperated with Iveco, and a company from China proposed the production of the electric vehicle based on our model. This cooperation was not a success and there we lost two or three years, this company from Shanghai did not have quality batteries. But, we. Three Vehicles Redone Three electric vehicles were made so far in Serbia? Yes, the batteries were installed on the chassis of fossil fuel vehicles.

This is not a big issue, basically. This is a model that is applied in neighbouring countries, there are auto shops that can redo your vehicles so it runs on electric energy. This is only the beginning, people are more prone to buying a new electric vehicle. We cooperate with German IFAS as well, the institute for electric vehicle development, one of the leading German institutes that is under the wing of the Ministry of Energy. By the way, we have developed an electric motor, with an optional adjustment of energy transfer from the motor to the wheels related to different requirements, primarily to urban micro vehicles, which is our main goal, the vehicles for public and utility green transport.

How much progress did you make? We have done a lot, we have invested a lot in development. In order to develop a car, in addition to adopting international standards, up to ten million Euros is the cost of reaching a prototype. We have done more, for we have developed a motor as well. I hope that we will be able to join domestic ambitious and innovative companies in one project in Serbia that can be a new project of the auto industry.

Who is backing this project? It is a private capital. How far are you from the mass production of electric vehicles? Both close and far. We have produced a car. It is a prototype that is tested in cooperation with our experts and the Institute. I think that by the end of the year we will have a mass production prototype. We are already identifying our public companies and potential buyers, what sort of vehicle they require, these are marketing preparations based on which we will produce. But, our main target is the foreign market.

We have potential partners in Germany for which we would manufacture urban vehicles. All components passing tests competitive to international standards and experience provide us with a chance to develop the production for foreign markets, to be competitive. Regardless of the situation in Serbia we will pursue production and sales on the markets where this is already in place. In Tel Aviv, the respective energy ministers of the four countries signed a joint declaration, committing to support the application for obtaining EU funding for the project under the Connecting European Facility programme.

Neighbouring Israel, mulling its gas export options, has been in talks with Ankara for a pipeline running from the massive Leviathan prospect to the southern shores of Turkey. At the same time, Cyprus, Israel, Greece and Italy have been discussing a subsea pipeline bringing eastern Mediterranean gas to the European mainland. In his own comments, Cypriot energy minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis said that Cyprus, as a transit point for gas but. As Globes points out, the high cost of the gas at the reception point in Europe remains problematic for the East Med pipeline.

Similarly tricky are the logistics, as the undersea route will reach a depth of 3. According to Globes, the four-way meeting in Israel this week is also taking place against the backdrop of the European Commission withdrawing its opposition to the construction of two additional gas pipelines for transporting gas from Russia to Europe. Also in Israel, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides is on an official visit.

Cyprus: Energy contract signed for block 10 Meanwhile, in Nicosia the government signed a contract with Exxon Mobil granting the latter an exploration. In a short speech after the signing, energy minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, welcomed the commitment of the companies picked to develop block 10 to conduct exploratory drilling within The government had decided to launch a third licensing round in February , and managed to complete it within a year.

The contract includes a commitment from the ExxonMobil-Qatar Petroleum consortium to acquire 3-D seismic data, drill two exploration wells in the first licence period and work with the government to build skills and strengthen understanding of the petroleum business through focused training programmes, the consortium said.

The companies have begun planning for drilling operations and intend to drill a first exploration well in Auxiliary services such as aviation, logistics and offshore service vessels to support the drilling operations have also been contracted with GSP. These approvals include NAMR and ANRE approvals, environmental and construction approvals and authorizations from local and national authorities, Transgaz approval as well as shareholder and partner approvals.

Although there are many regulatory challenges ahead, the partner group is targeting to obtain these approvals in Once this has been achieved then it will take further 2 years to build the offshore platform, drill the development wells, lay the offshore and onshore pipelines and construct the Gas Treatment Plant. Once this has been achieved, it will take further 2 years to build the offshore platform, drill the development wells, lay the pipelines and construct the Gas Treatment Plant.

The group wants to identify a potential single supplier for the design, procurement, and construction of gas production facilities in the Romanian Black Sea. The construction of the submarine facilities should take about three years. They continued to explore and assess the gas reserves in the perimeter.

The agreed production cuts were 1. No doubt, the November 30 agreement has produced significant results. In addition, global oil and gas upstream investment fell by a quarter in , followed by another quarter in Early this year, however, the oil price rally entailed by the production cut agreement incentivized an increased output among the non-OPEC producers, with an especially noteworthy rebound of the US shale production.

On the other hand, with insufficient global demand prospects to absorb such a production growth, a glut has built on the international oil markets. The Saudi Oil Ministry attributed the increase to technical reasons, including oil moving into storage.

At the beginning of April, Riyadh raised its official selling prices to the US for the month ahead, while cutting them to every other region, thus targeting US oil inventories. This was yet another bold step taken by Saudi Arabia to bolster its effort of rebalancing the market, albeit with the associated risk of irking its paramount customer.

Nevertheless, that price spike was short-lived, with no discernible concerns on the market that oil supplies would be disrupted on the longer term. Nonetheless, although there is no threat of oil supply disruption, the Syria strike raises worries about the future of coordination on oil policy between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Underlying this oil price volatility, a fundamental market indicator regards how the short-term oil contracts compare to the longer-term ones. Shortly after the November 30 deal on output curbs, short-term prices began to strengthen versus longer-term futures. Thus, over the course of January, frontmonth Brent deliveries narrowed their discount versus year-ahead futures, upon expectations that the supply curbs would tighten the market. A situation in which longer-term futures are more expensive than shorterterm ones is known as contango in market lingo.

When the oil market is in contango, storage becomes a lucrative, low-risk business of collecting storage. Contango has been the defining situation on the global oil markets since mid By mid-February , the front-month Brent contracts became only 16 cents less expensive than the seven-month futures.

A situation in which prompt deliveries are more expensive than longer-term ones is called backwardation. As oil inventories draw down, the price of prompt oil deliveries tends to trade above future prices. However, short of reaching proper backwardation, the spread between prompt delivery and futures has since widened again in favor of the latter, reaching in April about 80 cents between the front-month and the seven-month Brent futures.

OPEC itself included among the effectiveness criteria of the output curbs. When the oil market is in contango, storage becomes a lucrative, low-risk business of collecting storage fees and selling stored oil forward at a profit. In other words, can the market return to backwardation — and if so, would backwardation be economically stable, as the US shale producers and others are ramping up their output?

Some pundits are skeptical about such a prospect. As their argument goes, the increased oil production within OPEC from October to December and the output growth in non-OPEC countries thereafter, combined with the slowdown of demand growth in China and India make it likely that the global market will remain glutted — and in contango — throughout the better part of According to this line of thought, the odds are that oil prices will stagnate and even go through occasional slumps.

On the other hand, there are important market players which are already betting that the days of oil oversupply will soon be over and that, consequently, the. Since January, the top five global oil traders — Glencore, Vitol, Gunvor, Mercuria and Trafigura — have sold or have been trying to sell important parts of their stakes in oil storage firms.

Surely, they must be expecting that OPEC will extend its output cuts into the second half of , and that this will be effective, which would thus help draw down global inventories and bolster oil prices. Regardless of how decisive such a move by OPEC will turn out to be, it certainly makes sense for the global traders to hedge their previous bet on contango.

The Energy Policy Group EPG is an independent Romanian think-tank specializing in energy policy and strategy analysis, with a special focus on the oil and gas sector. EPG provides the following services:. Contact: Buzesti Street, 5th floor, Bucharest Email: office enpg. The actual tax rate in Romania was calculated as an average of royalties and similar taxes paid royalties from oil and gas, additional taxes and taxes on special constructions — pole tax , against the revenues of the main players on the Romanian market, respectively ROMGAZ The nominal rate of the tax on constructions fell from 1.

In Romania there are more than oil fields and more than 13, operating wells. The oil fields have a high degree of fragmentation and the identifying of new reserves often requires deep drills. Deloitte says that, according to statistics on the energy industry in the European Union, the upstream oil and gas in Romania has the largest number of employees compared to other EU countries 25, employees out of a total of 77, employees in all European countries.

In the last years, three European states adopted legislative measures to reduce the tax burden on companies in the upstream industry, in the context of oil price decline. In the UK, several measures were adopted, such as reducing the additional tax and the tax rate on oil revenues, while increasing deductions.

The actual tax rate fell from In Italy, the average observable rate of royalties and similar taxes fell from Italy applied an additional tax on the profits of oil, gas and energy companies. The nominal rate of the additional tax on the corporate tax fell from In Hungary, the average observable royalty and similar tax rate decreased from According to the release, following the parliamentary debate on the gas market liberalization beginning April 1, as per OUG No. The minister added that fears expressed in public media about household gas prices increasing substantially after liberalization are unjustified.

Energy Ministry officials said that the liberalization as of April 1 refers strictly to the natural gas procurement price, which is just one element of the final price paid by households, along with transport, distribution, supply and storage fees.

The first effect of the liberalization was already seen. The president of ANRE, Niculae Havrilet, said that the residential users are protected against major price surges on the free market thanks to the methodology designed by ANRE for the acquisition of natural gas for residential users.

That means the suppliers operating on this market will buy the natural gas at the current prices for one year. More specifically, demand reached 1,, kg in versus , kg in Increased demand for natural gas came as a result of the reduction in prices and Greek consumers becoming more familiarized with this alternative fuel, which has been used for many decades abroad.

In energy terms, it is. Economy and autonomy that cannot be missed Natural gas has been proven to be the most economic fuel. Natural gas vehicles travelled the distance AthensThessaloniki by exclusively using natural gas and refuelling through the extended gas stations network.

Autonomy with a full tank was about km. The cost of the fuel was about 4 Euros per km and for the total length it stayed under 25 Euros, a fact that makes natural gas the most economic fuel. Double fuel car models available in the Greek market In the Greek market there are passenger cars and professional CNG models using. The most well known models are sold in CNG versions, while their range is increased continuously with new models appearing in the international and Greek market.

A , the provisions of Chapter C of which regulated the question of reorganisation of the wholesale electricity market, in order that it complies with EU Target Model for the coupling of energy markets. In view of the advantages of the operation of a single internal electricity market, European Union has developed Target Model for the common organisation of the European electricity markets, including the operation of forward and day ahead markets as well as the operation of intraday and balancing markets.

The development of the Target Model requires a coordinated approach on the operation and allocation of the transmission capacity of interconnections. In addition, apart from consumers, European industry, and thus Greek economy, which is called to compete with economies of other developed countries, shall benefit. Course of reorganisation of the Greek wholesale electricity market The reorganisation of the Greek wholesale electricity market falls, therefore, within the framework of EU policy towards the completion of the internal European electricity market and the adoption of common mandatory regulations for its organisation and operation at European level, according.

In any European country with liberalised electricity market, physical delivery products, including reserves, are traded in different time levels, from long-term to real-time. Therefore, under the new framework, four wholesale markets shall operate, a wholesale forward market and bilateral OTC market, b day ahead market, c intra-day market and d balancing market. With regards to the time levels of operation of the abovementioned markets, wholesale forward market shall be first, day ahead market second and afterwards intra-day market and balancing market.

More specifically, within the wholesale market of forward power products participants trade on forward products of electricity with the obligation to physical delivery. In addition, there is the option of purchasing and selling forward products off-market, through bilateral contracts. With regards to the transactions through bilateral contracts, it is provided for that RAE is entitled to determine maximum rate for such transactions as a measure to counterbalance the dominant corporation i.

PPC , in order not to excessively restrict the liquidity of the day ahead market, which is called to provide the sign of prices of electricity corresponding to real conditions of offer and demand. In addition, RAE following three years from the start date of the operation of this market will have the.

The reorganisation of Greek wholesale electricity market in line with the terms and regulations applicable to all European countries is essential for Greece to participate in the integration of markets and make electricity import and export easier. Furthermore, in the day ahead market the participants trade electricity quantities to be physically delivered on the day ahead, with the only limitation that, for the producers, the quantity of electricity tradable is limited by the power of their units, whereas, for the load representatives, the quantity of electricity tradable is limited by the total load represented and the quantity of electricity purchased and within the wholesale forward market.

Within the intra-day market, participants trade remaining quantities of energy, limited by the power of their units, the quantities traded and sold at the wholesale forward market and at the day ahead market, and also limited by any restriction deriving from the balancing market. Pursuant to decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy dated Finally, balancing market consists of a the power balancing market, which is the market in which the power offered.

Participants are required to submit offers with the requirement of physical delivery of the total of the available power. It is considered that the operation of the four new markets shall a allow the participants to hedge their risk through forward market, by progressively readjusting their positions, in order to form more competitive products for the final consumers in the medium and long term, b through the participation in intra-day markets participants shall be able to adjust their positions and to avoid charges for non-compliance and, on the other hand, the value of the flexibility of units will be better reflected within the market, and not be determined solely with administrative acts through payment for the provision of ancillary services.

With the introduction of the new regulatory framework the question of coverage of the transactions deficit is addressed. Market Operators are responsible for the coverage, settlement and clearing of transactions, in order to protect the market from deficits.

For the fulfilment of this obligation, Operators may request participants to provide guaranties and also establish a joint guarantee fund financed with contributions of the participants. At the same time, Operators may propose to RAE that a legal person be certified as. Operators may also establish or participate in such legal person.

Due to the fact that the role of the operator for the settlement, clearing and coverage of market transactions is very important for the balanced operation of the internal electricity market, special requirements are set regarding the economic, technical and other resources required for the continuous and uninterrupted provision of its services, which shall be further refined through decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy.

On Such details remain to be further defined by the public administration through relevant Codes referring to the participants, their conduct within the markets, the cooperation framework between them and Market Operators, as well as the legal nature of their relations and the procedures of coverage, settlement and clearing of transactions. Such roadmap contained in the law would be useful as a recommendation to the parties involved to promptly proceed to specific actions.

Thus, the transition towards a low carbon economy is key for the achievement of global mitigation objectives and for allowing an adaptation response of future generation at a reasonable environmental, economic and social cost. The energy sector shows an increasing share of emissions from Today, the roads and motorways comprise the predominant mode of land transportation and provide essential links for freight and passenger mobility.

Despite some recent investments, the quality of road transport remains low and there is a considerable regional variation in term of accessibility to market and to basic services. The increase in the number of road vehicles, with about 4. The two documents, still in the process of elaboration, aim to define a pathway for the streamlining of the transport sector with the EU Acquis and standards, as well as to implement.

The Albanian Government is committed to introduce energy efficiency policies and practices as part of its National Energy Strategy, also aiming at promoting harmonization with EU requirements, as part of the wider pre-accession process.

Within this framework, a Sustainable Transport Plan STP is under preparation by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure MTI to help meeting the targets of reducing energy consumption and improve overall sustainability in the transport sector. Sustainable transport policies shall be focused on reducing the need for travel and shifting travel to the most social,. This means that transport policy should reduce the need to travel and shorten trip lengths, promote a shift to sustainable modes, and improve the sustainability of all modes, using technologies that are more energy efficient.

A detailed program and a definition of a potential financial budget is developed for most of the proposed measures. Strategic priorities for road transport are about legal and governance conditions, completion and modernization of Albania primary and secondary network, in order to strengthen regional cooperation. The general approach is to reach a road transport market in line with EU standards.

Strategic priorities for rail transport are related to set up an open market for investors and increase visibility of SEETO South-east Europe Transport Observatory area. Sustainable transport policies shall be focused on reducing the need for travel and shifting travel to the most social, economic, and environmentally efficient mode, as well as putting technological improvement of vehicles and fuels in the spotlight.

Concerning air transport, the development of a new airport infrastructure in the south of the country should be instrumental to increase tourism; a more competitive market with liberalized air service, implementation and unification of international air standards as well as a reduction in travel fees for passengers are the priorities for the period of validity. The documents spells out each of the above strategies in specific, detailed policies, setting milestones, indicators and targets.

The thirty-nine Policies Priority Actions identified for the fiveyear period are deeply interlinked, striking a balance between soft measures and investments, and have been selected in order to define a solid National Transport Strategy and Action Plan. The total cost for implementing the NMAP is estimated. Most of the funds are needed for the Transport Sector with Energy and Agriculture requires respectively 9.

In the total funds needed to implement the measures related to the National Mitigation Action Plan, the state budget contribution is about The funding gap is This gap is planned to be covered by donor funds as well as by the state budget. The funding gap to be covered belongs mainly to the transport sector, in fact the source of funding for some measures in the transport sector is not identified.

Due to this reason, the costs are considered as a gap seeking donor funding. The successful implementation of the NMAP is likely to face challenges due to specific risks, which should be taken into consideration so as not to create real difficulties in the process of implementation.

It specialises in the exploration, production, refining, marketing, and distribution of oil. The business is divided into four core sections: Exploration and Production; Refining, Marketing and Distribution; Petrochemicals and Power Generation. It specialises in the exploration and production of oil and gas, petroleum refining and marketing textiles, retail and special economic zones.

The company is also involved in the marketing of petrochemicals, polyester, plastics and chemicals. Reliance Industries is also very popular on social media with over 2. The company, which was founded in , is headquartered in Moscow. Gazprom has a gas transmission system which is more than , kilometres long. This makes it the largest gas transmission system on the globe. The company has employees in excess of 93, people on average and it produces the equivalent of three million barrels of oil every day.

The company manufactures chemicals and petrochemical products. Total is known for its exploration, development, production and marketing of oil and gas. It is an energy company which offers administrative, financial, management and tech support to the United States and other international subsidiaries that engage in fully integrated petroleum operations, chemicals operations, mining operations, power generation and energy services.

The company employs over 61, people. The business is also involved in the refining of crude oil and petroleum products, production and marketing of primary petrochemical products, derivative chemical products and other chemical products. The company was founded on the 5th of November, and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Rockefeller in making it the oldest company on our list and is headquartered in Irving, Texas. Exxon Mobil Corp is involved in the exploration, development, and distribution of oil, gas, and petroleum products.

It operates through three main sections, these are: Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical. We make the products that drive modern transportation, power cities, lubricate industry and provide petrochemical building blocks that lead to thousands of consumer goods. However, the EV market is larger than its most successful passenger cars.

The future of transport is electric — here are four vehicles or vessels ready to usher in the low-carbon era. It even has its own Wikipedia page. However, French automaker Renault thinks it has come up with the solution to the problem — and its name is Zoe. Renault claims this is the longest range of any mainstream electric vehicle. And all that power comes with some added weight, too. The battery weighs almost double what it did in the original model, which had a range of roughly miles.

Scania electric highway Transportation accounts for more than one-third of carbon dioxide emissions in Sweden, and nearly half of these originate with freight transport methods. This summer, the Scandinavian country decided to put a new method of truck transit to the test on a 2km stretch of motorway north of Sweden. Electric roads offer this possibility and are an excellent complement to the transport system. The trial of the technology will last two years. Last month, Silicon Valley-based EV manufacturer Proterra debuted its Catalyst E2 vehicle, which boasts an impressive range of to miles on a single charge.

This means that the Catalyst E2 will be able to travel almost every US mass transit route without having to stop to recharge. Proterra has already sold over of its earlier electric bus models to 35 different municipal, university and commercial transit agencies across North America. The vessel, called Ampere, is propelled using battery technology developed by German manufacturing giant Siemens.

One lithium-ion battery is stored aboard the ferry itself, with two more fixed to the respective piers at either side of the crossing. The vessels will have a cargo capacity of cars, 12 trailers and precisely passengers. The new ferries will commence operation in Siemens will again install an integrated electric power and automation solution aboard both of the ferries.

The ferries will also benefit from an integrated alarm and monitoring system and an energy management system. Demot 24, , Brussels, Belgium Tel. Lagjja Kastrioti, Rr. Vasil Pecuke, Fier Tel. Donika Kastrioti Str. Bulgargas 47 Petar Parchevich Str.

Rakovski Str. Milanov str. LLC Makarios Ave. Christos M. Triantafyllidis 2, Evagorou Str. Rokas , Dragan Tzankov Blvd. Makarios Avenue, Nicosia Tel. Lazarou Str. Gladstone Str. Electricity Authority of Cyprus 11 Amfipoleos Str. C of the Republic of Cyprus 53, Strovolos Ave. Lambrou ec1. Lukoil Cyprus Ltd 11, Limassol Ave. European University of Cyprus 6, Diogenis Str. Noble Energy International ltd. Synergas Dhekelia Rd, Larnaca Tel. Soutsou Str. Protergia S. Public Power Corporation S.

DEH 30, Halkokondili Str. Petroleum 26, Kifissias Av. Averof Str. Atrina Center, 25 Marousi Tel. Venizelou Ave. Revoil S. Sofias Avenue, 26 Athens Tel. Dimitriou Str. Sofias Str. Mamidoil-Jetoil S. Motor Oil Gas S. Robert Bosch S. Greece gr. Law Firm 5, Tsakalof Str. Allouminion Ellados 8, Artemidos Str. On one thing everyone — government, municipality, residents and shop owners — are all agreed: road upgrades are essential for the area. But those living and working in the area vehemently oppose the four-lane road, including bus and cycle lanes, roundabouts and central divisions that the government is insisting on.

Businesses also argue the proposed on-street parking bays are dangerous because they are so narrow that car doors will open into the traffic. Most importantly, they say, the works will not even reduce the current traffic problems that they were reassured by the municipality was the purpose of the road works to begin with. And in the shorter term, businesses and residents face months of roadwork chaos with limited access to shops, schools and homes.

What concerns Andreou not his real name is that customers will still not have easy access to the shops even after completion of the project. She said the roundabouts will allow drivers to u-turn back onto the opposite side of the street to access the shops.

But none of these points address the original issue which, locals say, was to reduce traffic in the area. Kikis Evripidou, owner of Twice as Nice cake and pastry sho p, has run his small family business on the road for the past 22 years. People will lose jobs. Now you even struggle to access the few remaining shops because of the division separating both sides of the road.

A small business owner, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Sunday Mail how their year-old family business was forced to close when road works began on Prodromou Street, Nicosia in We continued to pay the two rents for two years in the hope that we could move back upon completion of the road works. But we never could because there was no longer enough parking.

Some of the shops in Prodromou Street have now moved or shut down as a result of the road works, with almost all having suffered big financial losses. Anglantzia mayor insisted that the authorities would do their best to minimise the disruption of the roadworks. The building of bus lanes is a particular bone of contention with businesses saying they are unnecessary and have only been added to the plans to secure EU funding. Despite the obvious looming disruption any talk of compensation for loss of income has been vague.

Legal experts say winning compensation for businesses affected by public works projects is notoriously difficult and usually ends up with individual businesses having to go to court. Meanwhile members of the committee set up to oppose the project say they have received no response to their emails or calls from Cortas since May The post Two years of chaos, and then what?

Pivo Microbrewery, a bar with a real difference. Pivo is the place for both beer fans to revel in the professionally prepared rich and naturally flavoured ale, and for imminent beer converts to succumb to the charms of the pint alike. Off I popped on a Wednesday night, dragging myself and reluctant partner in crime to a beer bar. Barely open for two weeks, I anticipated few customers and little atmosphere. Impressive, funky, professional, spacious, bright and European were words that initially jumped to mind.

It is a dapper venue with excellent beer, food and service. I offer genuine congratulations on all accounts. Owners and staff are always on hand to chat with you and explain the brewing process, which you can see while sipping a cold brew. Much attention to detail has been placed on everything and it is a delight. The menu was simple. Plus your basic soft drinks. The food looked and smelt simply divine. I watched salivating as huge and attractive platters swept past me carrying schnitzel with mashed potatoes and coleslaw, salads adorned with rich and creamy cheeses and juicy mouthwatering towering burgers.

I tasted all of them. There was not a drop left by the end and both of us were pleasantly surprised. As the evening unfolded, my taste enjoyed picking up hints of coffee, mango, banana and kidney. My favourite was the Weis beer; a Bavarian type, golden honey coloured with a strong white frothy head that enticed with the smell of banana.

Christos confirmed my banana suspicions, explaining that all of their beers use only barley, malt, hops, water and yeast; nothing else whatsoever is added to it. The extra flavours and scents come out in the fermentation and brewing process. This is clear, smooth and bitter.

Dark lager, a Pilsen style consisting of dark, Munich and caramel malt, has hints of coffee. And finally my second favourite brew, the Red IPA American style beer called hoppy; a smooth bitter bursting with fruit flavours, especially mango. Pivo is most certainly a hit for me and it seems with the customers too, as it was pretty full by 9. Probably worth booking a table! Pivo Where: Asklipiou 36, Nicosia When: Brothers Alexis, Christos and Angelos Alexiou, along with their cousin Thanasis Polynikis, possess very different characters and interests but unite collectively in the push for making top quality, fresh beer.

Unlike commercial breweries, microbreweries can offer a fresher beverage, as the beer is made onsite. After discovering home brewing in the Czech Republic, the men made it their three year mission to turn a joint dream into a reality by launching Pivo Microbrewery. With identical twins Alexis and Christos studying computer science and chemical engineering respectively, their younger brother Angelos a professional volleyball player for Omonia and Thanasis a fulltime maths teacher, their commitment to beer production took quite a while to ferment.

It began in , when Alexis flew to the Czech Republic to commence his studies. It was everywhere. It was the beginning of a calling which the other three became equally submersed in. Every house was almost its own brewery. They have access to excellent raw materials there and each home has its own brewing style. Angelos and Thanasis visited often, joining in the experience. Initially, the four men had wanted to open a microbrewery in the Czech Republic.

However, following a recent beer revolution there, a sudden explosion of new breweries, microbreweries and pubs helped change their mind. According to Wikipedia, the Czech Republic came first in , consuming Cyprus is not in this top 50 list. This over saturation of breweries, navigated them to bring their knowledge, skills and their recipes to Cyprus, as yet an unsaturated market where they can potentially introduce the relationship with beer that Czechs have had for centuries.

They chose their specialist equipment and shipped it over. After much work and experimentation, Pivo have come up with four signature beers for all year round: Sitarenia Weis beer, a Bavarian style wheat based ale, Blondie Bohemian Pilsner style lager, Noir dark lager and Hoppy an IPA red, i.

Indian Pale Ale. The beers are brewed onsite for customers to view, smell and receive informal brewing tours. We decide the colour of the beer, how bitter it will be and the flavours we want to come out. Alex refers to a periodic style table showing varying beer styles.

To get a specific beer style, there are specific requirements that need to be followed. For all of their beers, the men brew their raw materials for approximately 12 hours, which they leave for a week to ten days to allow for the fermentation process to occur. Yeast is added and the sugars created turn into carbon dioxide and alcohol. At which point the liquid turns green and smells of fresh fruits.

Their beers then need to be consumed within three months. Pivo Microbrewery nestles in the old streets of town near the green line in a recently renovated Ottoman building, with a big garden showcasing ancient ruins under thick glass. Wafts of brewing beer travel throughout the upstairs areas where the competitions, galleries, tasting and trainings will take place.

Downstairs people drink and eat whilst watching the alchemy of the brewing process. A walk-in glass fridge houses several barrels living through their maturation period, whilst others wait to be drunk. The post Sharing a passion for beer appeared first on Cyprus Mail. Crimson Peak is an intense, claustrophobic and seriously atmospheric horror film that is definitely worth watching, once.

However, with the stunning musical score, eerie cinematography and excellent attention to detail in the period costumes, houses, furniture etc, that can well be forgiven. It opens with the end scene, showing a willowy Edith against a blistering snowy back drop, telling us that ghosts are real. Although her book does involve a romance, it is a ghost story, where the ghosts are just metaphors for the story, or so Edith keeps repeating.

The same could apply for the ghosts in the film. Although they frighten, they are merely metaphors for the film, they reflect a decaying society and its customs, merely offering a helping hand to drive the narrative but not much else. The plot centres on Edith as she falls in love with a mysterious, tall, dark, handsome Englishman whom her father does not approve of. Charmed by his charisma and sensitivity, she marries Thomas and sets off to Cumbria, England to escape her childhood and recent trauma, leaving her childhood admirer behind.

Everything changes once she arrives in the imposing mansion owned and inhabited by Thomas and his mysterious sister Lucille, members of the aristocracy who possess nothing except their good name and decaying mansion. After all, she has been able to see ghosts since the death of her mother when she was a child. The camerawork, sets, costumes and effects are second to none; Del Toro has excelled in this department.

Her sister in-law Lucille, a sly, sleek character, does not try to hide her disdain for Edith and Edith faces challenges of both the paranormal and deeply twisted human kinds as the realities and dreams unfold. As the winter deepens, the crimson soil bleeds through the white snow, symbolically linking death, the house and the people who pass through it.

Del Toro spreads symbolism throughout the film thickly, using red as a motive for the misery and death and open doors for the spirits. Sharing ties with Peace Players Cyprus PPCY — a bicommunal sports peacebuilding association for young Greek and Turkish Cypriots — the family have been exposed to the island and its history since Seeing this as an opportunity to explore another culture, offer their professional services voluntarily and educate their children on matters of the world outside of Norway, they decided to pack a few possessions, and along with their three young children and little dog take the giant leap into the unknown.

Together as a family unit, they discussed at length the prospect of this change, just as they discuss every other decision together that affects the family, and came to the unanimous decision of taking a year out in Cyprus. When we decide something, we work hard to get it. They live in a small town called Nesodden just outside Oslo which is reached by ferry.

The area is peaceful, hilly and surrounded by beautiful greenery. A more typical past time for the family, Roar, Camilla and Williamskiing in Norway. Roar is a lawyer who specialises in conflict resolution, negotiations and mediations. His job is to try and resolve situations before they go to the courts. Both of their careers involve bringing out the best in people.

Finding reasons for it and then seeing how things can be resolved via communication in a humanistic way. The political situation here in Cyprus interests him; an island which has seen much conflict throughout most of its history and is still currently divided. I also love working with kids.

She agreed and in April 12 boys from Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities went to Norway for a week to participate in a Norwegian basketball tournament. Its purpose is to teach children responsibility via working on individual projects related to contributing to their society. When not working on these projects, Roar carries out research for his book on conflict resolution by speaking to people and listening to their points of view on the Cyprus problem.

And in their spare time, they continue part-time work for their jobs back in Norway, exploring the island, making friends, swimming, cycling, hiking and spending quality family time. The slower pace of life here allows them to drop their children off to school and head up to Troodos with their pooch for a quick 7km run, before returning home to work, eat lunch and pick up the kids, or to pop to Protaras for a morning swim.

The children are also part of the local basketball clubs; Kristian plays for Apoel and William and Camilla for Keravnos Junior teams. All three children have taken to their new life like fish to water, the bubbly threesome brim with enthusiasm about their new home whilst playfully showcasing their sociable knowledge of Greek. They work, communicate and make decisions together and then act upon them.

Many people may talk about making such a move. They talked about it, and then took action. The post The family gap year appeared first on Cyprus Mail. Pan, simply put, is a wonderfully old fashioned fantasy adventure for the whole family to enjoy. A cinematic experience that transports you to a magical world where vintage cinematography meets the brand spanking new; where Avatar converges with Pirates of the Caribbean and invites Oliver Twist and Charlie with his chocolate factory to come along and play.

So it is setting itself up to fail by potentially disappointing ardent fans. On the whole, Pan has not been broadly accepted, and it has been criticised for not capturing the essence of Peter Pan. This may be true but Pan is a film that can stand pretty well on its own.

It is unusual and refreshing as far as prequels go, as it does not put the onus on established plots, motifs and typical Peter Pan symbolism. After the infant Peter is left in a blitz torn London orphanage to be raised by nuns, the film continues darkly in a typical Oliver Twist fashion. Here Peter discovers a letter from his mother stating that she will return to find him whether in this life or another.

Filled with hope and dreams of finding his mother, Peter attempts to sleep, however Blackbeard an almost unrecognisable Hugh Jackman and his pirates have other plans, as they drop down from the sky in their flying ship to kidnap the sleeping orphans. And so the fantastical journey begins, full of adventure, excellent CGI animation, energy and huge splashes of colour.

He discovers his parentage, confidence and ability to fly. Yes, it is far fetched, but it works well and draws you in. Over all, the visuals are phenomenal. The inventive camera work and animation are often taken from unusual angles making the whole experience more alluring, while simultaneously creating exciting 3D effects. The pirates are fun, encapsulating a perfect balance of evil and campness.

Adam Jones Bradley Cooper is a genius and highly temperamental super chef around whom Burnt centres. After two years free of alcohol, drugs and womanising, self destructive Jones decides to get back into the culinary game and pursue an elusive third Michelin star in London.

However, turning over a new leaf may not be enough to prevent the consequences of his actions catching up with him. Although it is no Ratatouille, it is an immersing watch. Although Jones is well on the mend, it seems that both his tarnished reputation and string of disasters left behind in France follow him to London challenging his every step towards atonement.

Many people he knew from France also follow him and not all of them have his best interests at heart. Determined to succeed, Jones pulls together a culinary dream team. Bringing in several past Parisian colleagues including former sous-chef Michel Omar Sy , whose career and restaurant Jones sabotaged during the inebriated dark times.

As well as new chefs like Helene Sienna Miller, a talented sous-chef and single mother whom he manipulated into working with him he also bumps into and enlists the assistance of Simone Forth Uma Thurman , the snobby food critic — a guest appearance and unusual choice of casting for this minor role.

His obsession with the Michelin star drives him relentlessly, pushing his team to the point of near breaking point as he strives to create food that will leave people speechless. However, his dated skills and extreme arrogance stand in his way. Brimming with arrogance, egos and haddock, Burnt is an interesting foodie film.

It has the unusual ability of being both dramatic and underplayed. Burnt is more about atonement, personal journeys of growth, dealing with mistakes of the past, trust, facing vulnerabilities and the pursuit of perfection. It manages to keep everything together and flowing, making it an easy and a very watchable film. It also likes to tap into some serious cheesiness but pulls away just before the completely predictable happens. There are no large surprises but it is well acted and Cooper convinces as chef.

Each year the easyJet founder gives cash awards for joint Greek and Turkish Cypriot bicommunal projects, most of them small businesses. It was a clever PR move on the part of the foundation, but totally justified. But that you can win because there are so few such relationships reveals just how far Cyprus has to go. None of which is lost on the two year-olds who know they are one of only a handful of such bi-communal relationships in Cyprus.

In they met as colleagues in the United Nations Development Programme where they worked. In they become a romantic item and in they wed in a civil registry service. You fall in love with the human being, not their history or nationality. In their son Denis was born. They would be lying if the couple claimed no apprehensions about the potential publicity the award would bring them. After all, they belong to a minority group in this country. Still, there is progress. The Stelios Foundation claims that this year it received four times more applications than previous years.

His grandfather was part of EOKA. University helped open his mind. As their relationship grew, so did the inevitable realities and difficulties facing such a union. Initially they told only friends and cousins who readily accepted their situation. Concerned questions were asked by both set of parents: what would society say?

What about the religious differences? How would society accept a mixed child? They were told to stop their affair but after two years together, the couple chose to stand their ground. On eventually meeting Michalis, all their concerns up to that day became history; they totally supported us and embraced our decision. Religion was a big obstacle for the families but the couple agreed to a registry wedding, allowing each other to hold onto their own religious beliefs.

His biggest fear is his son having to do national service — for both communities. The forward sighted couple have not always shared the same visions on Cyprus. As young 24 year olds, they clashed in their ideologies. In the professional arena, they addressed these issues in a politically correct way but in the personal arena, they often differed heatedly on culture, history, inherited stereotypical beliefs and the problems of Working with the Turkish Cypriots and getting to know them is ultimately what changed Michalis and others.

We share the same culture, the same needs, interests and mentality. We are a militarised island. We were brought up with fear. Then they got to know each other and now meet up regularly making kebabs and drinking Zivania together; like a regular Cypriot family.

He said that this had an impact on their extended family and the chain grew and continues to do so. The post An award-winning marriage appeared first on Cyprus Mail. In a city saturated with bars and eateries, the Pyxida Group has managed to identify a well needed niche in the market: the Oyster Bar. The first of its kind in Nicosia, Pyxida Oyster Bar oozes class, brims with taste and excites refined and burgeoning palettes alike.

As well as its deliciously plump oysters, Pyxida Oyster Bar prides itself on its superior alcohol range. A couple of doors down from its sister Pyxida Fish Restaurant, the Oyster Bar balances snazzy with comfort and top quality products, where the onus is on great taste in a pampering environment. The bar area stretches from one side of the room to the other and is equipped with high, comfy chairs where you can sit and choose from the display of drinks or fresh fish.

With products like the wax sealed bottle of Armagnac Laubade ; a sweet smelling caramel vintage Armagnac, you can cradle a glass in the outdoors area with a nice cigar; if you so wish. There are also some classy cocktails, with my favourite being the dirty purple delight called Aviation, with Beefeater 24, Wenneker Marasquin and Bitter Truth Violette Liqueurs — a balanced sweet and sour violet aromatic scented drink, it was a real discovery.

There are other food options to help the drinks go down but the oysters are second to none. Pyxida Oyster Bar offers five different types of fresh and deliciously plump Ostreoidas flown in from renowned oyster farms in France. Like most former soldiers who fought in a war, year-old Daniel Nugent speaks of his years at the battlefront with an immediacy, clarity and detail that belie the distance of time. It also brought loss. Born illegitimate in Dublin, Nugent was sent to an orphanage aged five, worked for both the Irish and British army and nearly lost his life in the Korean War.

He then spent years at sea with the merchant marines. She no longer recognises him. It made me want to show that I was wanted, that I could do something, to show people that I was capable. So she packed her son off to an orphanage to be brought up by nuns. I never knew my father. At age 12 he was sent back to live with his mother, step father, half brother and half sister. He was not well received in this already unhappy home and soon enough his stepfather went to England to work and was never seen again.

His two half siblings were sent to the same orphanage where he had spent his early years. Again, he was unwanted. He was miserable; a small and scrawny boy forced into heavy manual labour. One morning as year-old Nugent was feeding the lambs, he decided to take charge of his life. He dropped his bucket and ran away, finding another farm job, where this time, he was treated well and paid.

With nothing and no one to his name, he joined the Irish army armoured corps aged Ironically, he found safety in the army. However, Nugent wanted to see the world, so went to Northern Ireland to join the British army. His short lived security soon ended in October 10th , when he was marched off to the Korean War as the driver of an armoured car and wireless operator.

Nugent, however, felt lucky. Eastgate took Nugent under his wing; introducing him to his family where Nugent received much kindness. Unfortunately this was not to last. Some British soldiers were killed and wounded, missing or captured. The enemy lay in the hills a few miles up the river. Both sides were pushing each other back and forth over the existing dividing line, conquering and losing land repeatedly.

They attacked the unprepared British army on the lower Imjin River. They were on a hill when the Chinese came and surrounded them for three days. There was no way out for them. With Nugent car-less, another driver took the job. They were trapped, surrounded for days, being pushed back south by the enemy until tanks came to the rescue, pushing through and creating an escape route. Eventually, the war began to wind down and Nugent needed to work out his future. With no one waiting for his return, he went to England where he was awarded a scholarship for his services, attending a resettlement course to become a marine radio officer.

On graduating, he left the army and joined the merchant navy, then Marconi a private merchant shipping company. Always looking for ways to improve his lot, in , Nugent saw an opportunity when radars exploded onto the scene and ensured he received training. Tired of sea life, he began an 18 year career with the British meteorological office, which finally brought him closer towards his ultimate life goal, having his own family. Aged 37, he was sent to Cyprus. At last, working for the RAF at the meteorological offices at Nicosia airport, he stumbled across a pretty Greek Cypriot girl from a Troodos mountain village and fell in love.

Anastasia married the blue eyed Irish man and the couple had three sons. Finally, Nugent had found stability and people to call his own even though Nugent was forced back onto the ships to support his brood. In he found work in Akrotiri and in , an opportunity arose in the Cypriot meteorological services; Radiosonde station.

Utilising his experience from the RAF met office, he turned his knowledge to help Cyprus advance its systems. Retirement eventually shipped 60 something Nugent permanently to what he called home, Cyprus. The resilient octogenarian Nugent insisted on caring, cooking and cleaning for the both of them alone, until help became inevitable.

His legacy is one of determination, resilience and optimism. Maybe there was a little luck of the Irish after all. The post Finding a family appeared first on Cyprus Mail. The dig which took place revealed a settlement of 11, sq. The department of antiquities commenced excavations under the direction Dr Despo Pilides now the curator of antiquities and revealed a settlement, dating back to the sixth century BC.

Pilides spent over two decades committed to this project, excavating until , then finding the funds to create a site museum and landscape the area. We know that the cities have Hellenistic layers below the Roman ones and this is a difficulty. Roman houses were built on top of the Hellenistic ones, obscuring the evidence for the Hellenistic period.

It was critical for those involved to find a way to preserve and promote the site. With over artifacts on show, the museum will open its doors on the site in early spring, exhibiting architectural and archaeological artefacts found on site. There will be audio guides, explanation panels, walks around the site, photos of the excavation, an interactive learning system and ongoing lectures. Whilst digging on the site they found objects from as early as the Neolithic period such as obsidian, tools and stone grinders that are earlier than the Chalcolithic era, but no remains of this period have been preserved due to the continued habitation on top.

The earliest architectural remains — a circular building on the east bank of the river Pedieos — date from BC or from the Chalcolithic Period. This occurred both in the 4th and 3rd century BC when the settlement was rebuilt. Through this we can see the different historical events that changed the political scene, such as the dissolution of the city-kingdoms and the involvement of Cyprus in the wars between the descendants of Alexander the Great, the annexation of Cyprus by the Ptolemies etc.

In spite of these events, the settlement still continued. Then again, we have another phase under the British rule with the building of the first Anglican church on top of the hill and the stone built houses of the same period. The hill of Ayios Georgios was an excellent location for the early settlers. One reason they stayed so long, was the hill top location and the nearby river; an essential water source.

They also benefited from a very central position on the island, strategically situated in between the two very important harbour towns of Salamis and Soloi near Morphou. People crossing between the two harbours stopped off to trade and worship at one of the many sanctuaries here.

From the sixth century BC, there is strong evidence that this was an important centre of worship with many communal and domestic shrines. There is evidence that the people from this area worshiped Aphrodite, Arsinoe and then Agios Georgios as well as other deities of the time. Several figurines portraying a seated Ram God have been discovered; a man with a human head and horns sitting on a throne decorated with heads of rams.

The ram seems to have been an important find, possibly symbolising fertility. Nicosia was in a very fertile plain and agriculture and rearing animals was an important economic activity, as was metal smiths and textile production. Two very important historical finds from the site will be part of the exhibition, a hoard of 36 silver coins with the names of kings and the name of an unknown mint.

This find has assisted in the identification of other coins found years earlier that had never been identified. Pilides explains that there is a possibility that these coins may have actually been minted in this area. They were royal issues, meaning issues minted by a king. This in turn gives a further indication that Nicosia may be identified with the city kingdom of Ledroi.

Traditionally, it was believed that Nicosia was the site of the missing kingdom, but no excavations had proved that a settlement existed at that time.


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The rapid expansion of urbanization and the ever-increasing influence of technology on our daily activities is the reason for this transformation. This year, the BMW Group celebrates its th anniversary by focusing not on the past but on the future.

Individual mobility will remain a fundamental human need and it will interconnect all aspects of our everyday lives. All our brands offer top digital connectivity services which provide the highest level of driving comfort and safety connecting the driver with the external environment. Furthermore, at some point in the not too distant future, automobiles will act as digital chauffeurs and compan-. For the BMW Group, intelligent energy management that reduces emissions and maximizes performance contributes significantly to a sustainable environment.

This new drive system technology is being applied in all the electrically powered vehicles from BMW i and the plugin hybrid models of BMW. BMW eDrive is an important element of the BMW Group EfficientDynamics strategy, as it delivers the highest standards in driving dynamics with intelligent lightweight design and optimized aerodynamics.

As engineering technology and digitalization are rapidly evolving on a global scale, it is of pivotal importance for our country to be aligned with these major changes. BMW Group Hellas will continue the success of the BMW Group by offering premium products and services that will not only add value and high satisfaction levels to the customer, but will also contribute in establishing a more sustainable and cleaner environment for the future. Today, PPC is active in an increasingly competitive market, as it is being aligned with EU directives in electricity generation and supply.

The monopoly status has been abolished for more than 15 years now. The international developments and more so the developments in the EU electricity sector are rapidly evolving. Environmental requirements, targets relating to climate change, Renewables technology and EU institutional interventions shape up a new environment, completely different compared to the past.

I would like to point out the EU policy for energy integration of the member states, based on which regional markets are going to play an important role. For the integration of this regional market, PPC is willing to meaningfully contribute by providing any support necessary to the electricity authorities and operating entities of the countries in the region. Within this framework, the development of the relations in the electricity sector between neighboring countries such as Greece and Albania are absolutely essential and certainly beneficial for both countries.

At the same time, the appropriate and timely investments in generation plants, among which hydroelectrical and RES plants, have a leading role and will contribute not only in the security of electricity supply of our countries but also will constitute an exceptional competitive advantage in the framework of the under development market in our neighboring region.

We fully acknowledge that the adaptability in changes and flexibility are conditions for sustainable growth. We work intensively towards this direction. We consider Albania as a friendly country of strategic importance for the expansion of our activities. We want to develop trustworthy and long-term cooperation with state and private companies in Albania for investments mainly in building hydroelectric and RES plants, across all technologies and consequently for their operation.

It goes without saying that our cooperation will be based on solid principles for mutual benefit and with full respect to the institutions and traditions of your country and of course aiming at the creation of new jobs in the sector. Hard and focused work by everyone next to a stable financial environment is needed, in order to revive the economy of our country. Economic growth is inextricably linked to the energy sector and our future is dependent upon reliable, affordable, equitable access to energy.

Today, the Company is one of the largest Distribution Corporations in EU, according to the number of its customers 7. For the effective implementation of this strategy, HEDNO realizes total investments that exceed million euros annually, aim-. During the last years, HEDNO aims to evolve in to a modern Electricity Network Operator, able to face the new challenges imposed by the rapid transformation of the electricity sector in a decarbonized economy.

The advantages of Smart Grids for the operational efficiency of the System are almost too numerous to list, but it is necessary to emphasize the great economic benefits for the customer and their significant contribution to environmental protection. Using Smart Grids technologies, HEDNO can provide electricity to consumers with higher reliability at a lower cost, exploiting the potential of RES Renewable Energy Sources based dispersed generation and the active participation of consumers.

Moreover, given the economic climate in our country, it is important to highlight that Smart Grids can significantly contribute to economic development by creating new jobs, new business opportunities development of new applications, solutions and technologies and by providing opportunities for innovation by the Research and Development sector.

This is the reason why we have managed to establish ourselves as the leading Greek exporter of pharmaceutical products with strong presence in over 50 countries worldwide. This is our active substance: promoting our country as a global business leader. The nine companies of the Group operate in state —of-art building facilities responsive to the latest European Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice.

Today we serve pharmacies in daily basis nationwide while pharmacies purchase our monthly offers. For this reason, we continually invest on software and hardware, mechanical equipment and automated systems, which gives up the ability to fulfil many orders in less time avoiding mistakes.

Secondly, to succeed strategic cooperations with huge pharmaceutical companies in order to enter the field of promoting pharmaceutical products, especially otc, in pharmacies. To sum up, I would like to underline the fact that the combination of good organisation along with optimal equipment and the security system applied in our country in order to prevent the entry of falsified medicinal products into the legal supply chain, makes VITAFARM a trustworthy cooperator, not only for Greek pharmacies but also for 30 major pharmaceutical companies abroad, especially in EU.

Greek enterprises operate in an increasingly challenging environment. On the one hand, the imposition of capital controls has resulted in businesses facing major liquidity problems. On the other hand, domestic consumption is worsening, driving a number of Greek enterprises to penetrate foreign markets. Greece has long been the EU member state with the lowest export share in GDP resulting from an introvert economy that does not promote competitiveness.

And this situation has improved marginally, during the financial turmoil, with Greek exports lagging behind the recovery of other countries that were subject to Economic Adjustment Programs. In addition, the chronic absence of investments in the primary and secondary economic sectors of the country as well as the lack of a consistent national export strategy plan, that should divide product sectors, need to be addressed.

Greek entrepreneurs should adopt a truly export-oriented approach focusing on generating continuous demand for their products instead on realizing random, fragmented sales. A well-organized strategic export plan based on thorough market and consumer insight research is therefore crucial. Equally important is the creation or adaptation of the appropriate product portfolio and packaging which will meet the needs of every target market, as well as the needs of the supply chain.

Therefore, a holistic approach to marketing is indispensable for an effective development, differentiation, promotion and positioning of the Greek products to the foreign markets. On a larger, national scale, collective initiatives and synergies undertaken both by private and public bodies are considered useful and necessary.

The strengthening of the national brand name which will act as an umbrella for Greek products, giving prominence to quality, is an indicative step to the right direction. Furthermore, the adoption of the appropriate policies and regulatory frameworks that provide incentives and reduce barriers for Greek exporters will certainly boost performance. For instance, the new pending Greek tax legislation should focus on the taxation of the business profits and not of their productive resources, in order to prevent an increase in the operating costs of the Greek enterprises.

Needless to say that, the State should encourage such endeavors. Only then, can Greek exports contribute to the successful solution of the growth puzzle. Apart from its invaluable experience and expertise in those fields, DK Consultants has developed and applied appropriate, innovative business tools, that assist Greek and foreign companies to compete successfully in the global marketplace and achieve growth.

All those saw the Church as their only support and they have never forgotten, never disdained Its offer and Its sacrifices. The Church has never forgotten through history to care in every possible way for fellow humans, it has never stopped looking for ways to comfort the hungry, the hurt, the disabled.

It has never stopped continuing its operation after the Mass, on the curbside of every church, all over this country. Many have tried to disdain Its role and have not managed to. Many have fought it and were defeated. Many have slandered it and have been outargued and isolated in a small, forgotten niche of history, expecting their redemption through the history itself, this time written with another pen, a humble, historical and true one.

Today, the Church feels the agony of hundreds of thousands of impoverished people. It feels the agony of the unemployed, who have lost their job suddenly, family people, people with dignity. It feels the agony of the physically disabled, those that.

Today, when everything is distorted and devalued, the Church is vigilant. And it is vigilant through Its body, and Its body is the human being, the head of this body is Jesus Christ himself. Jesus Christ vitalizes and takes care of His body with His own blood, and, therefore, the body reacts and acts.

And one member takes care of the other in such an admirable way that I can say with all the strength of my soul that, yes, humanity is still alive in Greece. In Europe, it is dying slowly, because the Greeks have learned a lot from mother Church. You, the business world of the country, are all worthy of congratulations, you budget and balance your financial data. Yes, humanity is still alive and will stay alive in Greece, in contrast to Europe. Our people has strength. All of you here, all of us have the strength and the content, and this is the message.

This is the optimism and comfort in the problems we have been facing. This is my wish, too. If we stay united, there is nothing to fear. Our Vision, is to be a recognized performance leader of the chemical industry.

Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance. Megara Resins S. For over 40 years, Fanis Megara Resins S. It is by nature large-scale, employing thousands, generating associated revenues and tax income. DEPA with its long presence in the Greek market is a modern and competitive group of companies with a dynamic presence in the energy sector and substantial contribution to the development of the Greek economy, the protection of the environment and the improvement of the quality of life of the local communities.

With the continuous expansions of the natural gas pipelines DEPA Group is bringing natural gas to more and more regions of the country. It sources gas from a number of suppliers through long-term supply contracts and covers a major proportion of the total domestic demand. The company develops the natural gas network near the cities that are around the high pressure piplene area.

Depa as a leader in the natural gas market and through infrastructure projects and international internships has managed to create a large and adequate pipeline network. That increase can be explained by a number of factors such as the economic recovery in some countries France, Czech Republic and Slovakia and hence a rise in industrial gas demand.

Lower gas prices also saw more gas used in UK power generation than in , whilst Italy and Greece used more for summer air-conditioning. The old and energy-intensive buildings in most European countries increase the gas demand mainly for heating and cooling.

The overall rise in gas use was also mirrored by a rise in LNG imports. Greece has developed a basic infrastructure that covers the energy needs particularly in the eastern part of the country. It therefore follows that there is a lot to be done in the field of development in Greece in order to be aligned with the European standards and to meet the growing demand for the domestic use.

While gas is a lower carbon fuel than coal, the implication of such a massive new investment in gas infrastructure is that its use will continue for decades to come. At the same time, Greece is securing its role as a regional energy hub. The company participates in main gas infrastructure projects such as:. A study by the Center for Global Development CGD , found that the greater use of natural gas for electricity could help lift some countries out of poverty by providing greater access to affordable and reliable power.

IGI Poseidon S. The natural gas benefits Since other energy resources are fast depleting and conventional fuels are more expensive and more polluting, the natural gas is the green fuel that allows the transition to a low-carbon economy. Europe and especially Greece can take significant steps toward and beyond the initiatives of energy independence and conservation. The expanding market of natural gas can create millions of jobs, help fuel local.

Natural gas plays a key role in ensuring European countries are able to meet our energy needs of the future for many reasons. Natural gas either in liquefied or compressed form is used to fuel vehicles, transit buses in urban areas, ships. To this end, the directive focuses on particularly low-emission fuels, giving compressed natural gas CNG and liquefied natural gas LNG key roles to play alongside electric power.

EU Member States are now required to establish a minimum infrastructure as well as develop a general strategy for providing better support and marketing of alternative fuels in the transport sector. Depa has made all the important steps in the development of the institutional framework for implementing the infrastructure of gas stations. DEPA currently operates 7 refueling stations in various cities all over Greece while more are under construction or licensing phase in many cities.

Industrial disinvestment together with high unemployment remain the most obvious aspects of the economic crisis in Greece, as well as key recovery factors. The devolution of the Greek productive base has been dramatic in terms of fixed capital formation. Despite the fact that negative fixed capital formation has also been witnessed in several other countries during the crisis e. Italy, Cyprus, Portugal ; none of these countries compare to the Greek case, whose figures are far worse.

This is a figure multiple of NSRF funds approx. It is evident that we are not dealing with a typical disinvestment problem that can be reversed with traditional investment promotion tools. Instead, the Greek economy asks for game-change initiatives, far beyond the reach of traditional state-aid benefits and outdated tax incentives.

Comprehensive policies that will expedite growth and create jobs for all, is desperately needed. To accelerate growth, Greece asks for a new investment paradigm which will counterweight over-taxation, contribute to new jobs, enhance the exporting capacity of Greek companies, shift focus to tradeable goods, innovation and synergies between small and large enterprises.

To enhance gross value added, SEV proposes a new investment strategy to be developed in five pillars: 1. A simple yet very effective tool to encourage investments, builds on ex-post reward for capital expenses capex that turn into profit and jobs thus additional tax revenue and social security contributions. Towards this end, over-amortization of capex e. Such tools can achieve two key growth objectives simultaneously. Firstly, they may leverage funds currently seeking opportunities internationally but do not reach Greece.

Secondly, they may contribute to the restructuring of the Greek economy towards added value production and services as well as sustainable new jobs. Industrial sectors increasingly become technology oriented,. Enterprises comprising an innovation potential, broad-based global business activities and an active participation in production networks, act as front-runners and trigger significant economic multiplier effects.

To facilitate the rapid commercialization of innovation, incentives for bridging the gap between companies and research should be provided. Another simple but also very effective tool to do that, employs tax breaks on profits that emerge from commercializing innovation. Such centers typically employ skilled personnel and ask for a fixed tax rate e.

Greek companies are striving to remain competitive internationally. But to achieve this, all barriers that undermine the cost-competitiveness must be addressed swiftly. However, SMEs typically present reduced resilience during financial turmoil as well as difficulties in maintaining access to international markets.

Hence, it is important to direct investments to setup value adding networks of SMEs around large and export oriented enterprises. This will strengthen the resilience of SMEs but will also provide economies of scale and flexibility to larger enterprises. Greece desperately asks for a contemporary policy mix to mobilize private investments rapidly and create new jobs. Game-change tools and mechanisms can be leveraged to counterbalance over-taxation and tackle barriers in the business environment.

The challenge for the public administration remains on how to integrate them properly in the National Development Plan, and of course, to implement them, in order to quickly reach the European objectives in the context of European industrial policy and Industry 4. ASBC is a premium advisory group committed to create bespoke solutions that allow our clients to maneuver through emerging challenges and critical objectives.

With justified in depth experience on highly significant sectors including among others financial planning and wealth management, business development and brand ambassadorship, real estate and asset management, commerce and trade, energy and infrastructure, shipping and defense, ICT and biomed — and with key financial and management skills, our experts are deployed in a worldwide network of fullservice offices delivering local insight and influence on a global scale.

In ASBC we administer over 10, corporations and trusts, providing cutting edge services with regard to their legal obligations, compliance requirements, tax efficiency structure, corporate and trust. At the same time, our position allows us to bridge our clients with key opportunities and forge strategic partnerships in the broader regions of Britain, EU, Middle East and China.

In ASBC we critically support our clients to overcome the complex spectrum of policies, financial, tax and auditing regulations and obstacles associated with international businesses, partnerships, JVs and crossborder trading, by providing comprehensive services that fulfill the statutory obligations of the companies and trusts we administer. The key to the successful outcome of the solutions we provide lies on the values and principles that our team shares, that define our services and allow us to forge enduring relations with our clients.

The two companies comprise a retail network of c. Hellenic Petroleum is a leading player in SE European markets. Hellenic Petroleum is the sole petrochemicals producer in Greece, mainly active in the propylenepolypropylene value chain. Contact Details 8A Chimarras str. Hellenic Petroleum is also active in the power and gas sectors. It is about being able to foresee, or even invent, an operational architecture which not only satisfies needs, but also evangelises positive change.

Being the architect and the evangelist of outthinking boundaries in business, he continues to pursue operational, commercialization and consultation standards to aid and abet corporate development. They engaged with 32, businesses in 33 countries across Europe. The leading infrastructure player in Greece with an increasing international presence Ellaktor is a holding company with a history of nearly 60 years of activity and long-term investment in the following sectors: construction, concessions, waste management and environment, energy from renewable sources RES and also real estate development.

Concessions is another sector that affords the group several comparative advantages. In addition, Ellaktor holds a number of minority stakes in selected stronggrowth areas with a short- to medium term investment horizon, offering value opportunities to shareholders. Contact Details 25 Ermou St. Efforts to establish and expand the firm globally, as well as its gradual transformation into a regional player have already begun to bear fruit with the undertaking of projects, mainly in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Such projects are being selected carefully both in terms of the type of projects themselves and on a country basis. The high backlog of construction activity exceeds 3. Concessions In the concessions field, the group holds a leading position among domestic competitors in cofinanced projects with major stakes in projects including Attiki Odos Highway Olympia Odos , in addition to its active participation in several other concession projects parkings, marinas, etc.

Macedonia currently under construction and also operates the largest landfill biogas facility in Europe 25MW. Energy ELTECH Anemos SA, another Group subsidiary, operates in the wind farm sector, which through an initial core of engineering partners, is now staffed with specialized experts and knowhow in the complex procedures of design, evaluation, licensing, construction and operation of RES generation projects, mainly wind, which is its primary line of business.

Today, the Group operates several wind farms of a total installed capacity of MW 14 wind farms, one photovoltaic station and hydroelectric station , as well as another 57MW under construction. The Group is also highly active in the thermal energy generation segment via Elpedison SA. Over the past five years, the firm concluded the development of two shopping and leisure centers in Patra and Athens, as well as a pioneering residential complex in Pallini Attica.

Through its various facilities nationwide which include 25 production lines, it produces and distributes a unique portfolio of quality products meeting the needs and much loved by Greek consumers. The broad portfolio comprises of 15 brands and more than products, with more than million liters of product sold. For 47 years now, the company remains focused in its strategic commitment to create value in the country, and contribute to its growth and development.

We are contributing to growth and employment, with 1, employees and thousands indirect jobs nationwide. We have a robust, committed presence in Greece and have consistently invested in our operations. We are creating value for the Greek market via partnerships with more than 4, Greek producers and suppliers.

We have built long-term, trust-based relationships with more than , customers. Our annual purchasing costs. We are committed to environmental protection. Water is a key ingredient of our products and a vital good for all. Since we have installed 3 drinking water units and 53 rainwater harvesting systems on 29 Aegean islands, helping to save more than ,, litres of water per year.

Due to this program, we are helping improve the lives of more than 49, residents in areas affected by water shortages. Sustainability and corporate responsibility is integrated into every part of the business, aiming to build long-term value for its stakeholders. Halcor, a Viohalco subsidiary, is a leading group of companies that specialise in the production, processing and marketing of copper, copper alloy and zinc rolled and extruded products, and cables.

Halcor products are known for their high quality and highly innovative features. The Company maintains a consistent focus on quality and environmental protection, and a strong commitment to the principles of sustainable development. Halcor Group — product range Halcor offers a wide range of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. These products are suitable for marine applications, for the defense, petro-chemical, electrical, nuclear and medical industries, as well as for machining and special tools, cooking utensils, art and decoration.

Novartis Group is a leader in the Greek Pharmaceutical Industry. The group is active in the country for 20 years with an expanded portfolio which provides innovative drugs Novartis , treatments for Eye Diseases Alcon and generic drugs Sandoz. Our mission is to help people live longer with a better quality of life through research and innovation.

Novartis has adopted the philosophy of doing business sustainably and seeks to build its prosperity in the long term, following high standards of compliance and integrity. Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of its business strategy and its commitment to all its social partners, for the creation of the greatest possible value in its every activity. Its approach is holistic and focuses on four main pillars: Patients, Business Ethics, People and Environment.

The company invests more than Also, through recycling programs, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the rational use of natural resources, we aim at limiting our energy footprint. DELTA produces milk, yoghurt, chocolate milk, dairy desserts, concentrated milk, PDO cheeses feta and kasseri , as well as juice and energy drinks and iced tea.

It operates responsibly and contributes to the sustainable development of the society. The company implements vertical integration for milk collection, animal feed and veterinarian control. It ranks as the largest. DELTA has invested more than million euros since in the milk production primary sector. As a result, DELTA daily produces high nutrition value products that consumers distinguish and choose to offer to their families.

During the recent years of the tough economic environment in Greece, Delta supports the society and people in need, in collaboration with leading organizations and foundations, giving priority to children. Furthermore, in cooperation with Universities and Schools, it provides practical training to young scientists and students and supports initiatives that aim at a wider education and training of young people.

Actually, it is the only Greek yogurt range that has all of its variants awarded by iTQi. The Cablel Hellenic Cables Group represents the cable production and marketing segment of Viohalco and is one of the largest cable producers in Europe. The Company started its activities in as a Viohalco plant and in it was incorporated as an independent subsidiary under the name Hellenic Cables, expanding its production and trade operations.

With a strong export orientation and focus on development of value added products, such as high and extra-high voltage cables and submarine cables, the Group makes significant investments towards enriching its product portfolio and enhancing its sustainability profile. Technical know-how is combined with continued investment in state-of-the-art machinery to ensure levels of efficiency and quality which meet the strictest standards.

Commitment to quality and sustainable development has been a key factor in enabling Cablel Hellenic Cables Group to. The Cablel Hellenic Cables Group aims to constantly improve its offering and respond swiftly to changes in customer needs around the world with reliable, safe products, based on environmentally-friendly technologies. At the same time, the Group places strong emphasis on the development of its people and the creation of value for its shareholders, partners and the communities in which it operates.

Looking ahead, the Group plans additional investments in technology and innovative cable solutions as a way of contributing to the creation of a sustainable future for its stakeholders. Turnkey solutions Cablel Hellenic Cables Group has the necessary knowhow to develop and offer turnkey solutions that meet specific demands of its customers. From prevention to treatment, Sanofi transforms scientific innovation into healthcare solutions, in human vaccines, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular solutions and consumer healthcare.

Medicine has made great progress in the last century. The average life expectancy of people worldwide has doubled in that time, thanks in large measure to the development of innovative treatments for serious diseases. At Sanofi, we have a clear and resolute line for action: to contribute to the continuous advancement of health. As a company, and as individuals, Sanofi and its talented employees have always striven to advance the cause of health by developing treatments that prevent and treat diseases, while enhancing access to healthcare for the people around the world.

The expertise we have developed along the way has had a profound effect, particularly in the developing world. We have developed the first vaccine for the dengue virus, which infects million people each year, and whose range is expanding due to climate change. Since the beginning of the year, first vaccinations campaigns have started in the Philippines. Thanks to systematic vaccination campaigns, we are close to eradicating polio; while over the last decade, sleeping sickness treatments have saved more than , lives.

In addition, we provide innovative treatments for global killers like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Yet, there is much to be accomplished. And providing health products and services is just one part of the solution to tackle health inequalities that threat human development. As a responsible leader, we must adapt the way we operate to meet our commitment to health. We also must continue to uncover innovations to be shared widely among those in need. To do so, we know that the solution will emerge by listening to our stakeholders, and with a collaborative approach.

Finally, our commitment to health goes beyond medicine, in part through our corporate responsibility approach and our dedication to make a real difference in the lives of people every day. Contact details Vouliagmenis Av. During these years the firm has managed to carve out a successful track record in the Greek automotive market, creating a sense of security and confidence to customers of the popular Volkswagen and Audi automobiles.

In it took on the representation of Bentley, while in it was designated as the official Repairer of Lamborghini and was selected to represent Bugatti Automobiles S. KOSMOCAR philosophy is based on transparency, friendly relations, proper and honest treatment of customers, in conjunction with the highest standards of customer service. This philosophy, fully in line with Volkswagen brand, has set a successful course in the Greek automotive market, with the great contribution of the network of Authorized Dealers and Service Partners, by creating a strong feeling of reliability and trust to all customers-owners of Volkswagen cars.

Volkswagen has set its sights on offering the most technologically advanced cars to all drivers, based on its core values for innovation, high-quality and reliability. Volkswagen is present in all key market segments with more than 40 different models and defines the benchmarks in the core segments with its superior vehicles and services.

Volkswagen democratizes innovation and consistently places needs of customers at the center of its action. Corinth Pipeworks is one of the largest steel pipe manufacturers in Europe with a leading position in the global energy industry. Corinth Pipeworks began operations in and has since established itself in the production of medium and large diameter steel pipes for the transmission of oil, gas, and water, as well as the manufacturing of hollow sections for use in building and construction.

The company offers reliable and technically sophisticated energy and construction solutions to demanding customers worldwide. Corinth Pipeworks vision is to further reinforce its leading position in the global steel pipe industry, to be acknowledged as a premium manufacturer and reliable solutions provider, to offer a nurturing environment to its employees, to contribute to the development of the local communities and to ensure maximum return for its shareholders.

In line with this mandate, the Company maintains a strong focus on quality and innovation to meet or exceed customer expectations, an ongoing commitment to health and safety in the workplace, and a strategy that fully incorporates the principles of sustainable development. Corinth Pipeworks product portfolio Corinth Pipeworks produces high quality steel pipes for oil, gas, CO2, water and slurry pipelines, as well as casing pipes for drilling operations.

The Group also produces a wide range of structural hollow sections for the construction sector. The product range offered for this application has been expanded by the installation of the new LSAW mill. Contact details 1st km Koropiou-Varis Ave. NIREUS Group is the largest producer of Mediterranean fish species worldwide and holds a top ranking position in all of its core business. Since its establishment in , the company is setting the industry standards for category-leading product guidelines, innovation and customer focused solutions.

NIREUS, as a vertically integrated producer, controls the entire value chain of all of its products, ensuring that every stage of production complies with the best industry practices. Nireus is among the leading employers, with a headcount of 1. Our people are offered the opportunity to work in a business environment that highly values integrity, health and safety, constant training and motivation. One of the fundamental drivers in our activities is that the future of our industry can be ensured only by operating responsibly.

Leading food retailers, distributors, processors and farmers are capturing the growing market demand for healthy and sustainable food with NIREUS products. Having two large production facilities and high-quality livestock farms, it has become the biggest pork producer in the country.

Creta Farms aims to lead in the global trend towards healthy nutrition, producing innovative products that reinforce the profile of Greek businesses worldwide. In , Creta Farms launched the first fresh meat protein snack globally. Working with passion and devotion leads Creta Farms along a path of development that has taken it beyond the Greek borders.

A leading Greek copper alloy producer with significant international presence Fitco is a subsidiary of the Halcor Group, that constitutes copper processing and marketing segment of Viohalco and a leader in the Greek copper alloy market. With experience spanning more than thirty-five years, the Company invests in research and innovative technologies, aiming to stay ahead of the competition in terms of productivity, product innovation and quality.

The Company focuses on responding reliably and rapidly to changes in demand with the aim of achieving total customer satisfaction. Nowadays in the virgin land of Rodopi more than families of farmers produce for generations the exquisite Rodopi milk.

For these people milk stands above all! Rodopi is based on a company-owned plot of land with production facilities corresponding to At present, the Dairy employs 86 persons on a full-time basis. Top quality and safety are the objectives of all employed at the firm. The advanced technological level of machinery used by the firm these days demands a highly trained team of employees, while also requiring and ensuring on-the-job training.

The firm includes pure milk and other traditional dairy products. More specifically, the firm produces fresh and highly pasteurized milk, as well as long-life milk, goat milk, organic milk, chocolate-flavored milk, milk cream, fruit juices, traditional yogurts, Greek authentic strained yogurt, feta cheese, a white local cheese and a variety of other white and yellow cheeses. In , the group posted sales of ,, euro.

In Greek Dairies S. Takeda has a long corporate history of years and is one of the most successful companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Since , the Takeda Group has targeted in its global expansion, aiming to become one of the largest global players in the Specialty Care and today consists of companies.

In Greece, Takeda Hellas has been operating for more than four years, focusing more on specific therapeutic areas such as Oncology and Gastroenterology. With this decision, Takeda is stating its support to Greece, a country with a great history and culture, strategic geographical position and significant growth potential despite the difficult conjuncture and to the qualified executives of Takeda Hellas.

Takeda Hellas is implementing the European Takeda strategy for specialization in IBD and Oncology, as well as the production and distribution of specific new innovative products which improve the quality of life, especially of patients with cancer and idiopathic inflammatory disease. In this context, Takeda Hellas has proceeded in strategic partnerships, with a view to exchange expertise and to improve patient access to innovative medicines. Moreover, Takeda Hellas shows its social profile by supporting vulnerable social groups, promoting health, physical activities and environmental protection by collecting clothes and medicines for refugees, offering medicines and funds at patient organizations, participating in recycling programs, participating in professional workshops for medical students, sponsoring health events, such as the 1st Charity Road Race, organized by the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece KEDE.

Contact Details 38 Sorou St. In the years that followed, Rontis made the strategic decision to expand its operations from distribution to in-house production of medical devices. Along these lines, it invested heavily in two manufacturing plants and managed within a short time frame to build a brand name associated to innovation and credibility.

Rontis Corporation is proudly represented directly or through affiliated companies in 58 countries with the most recent one being the USA, where Rontis just obtained FDA clearance for an innovative medical device in the interventional radiology field, which presents a unique combination of key characteristics!

Rontis organization is committed to expanding its pipeline actively — for this reason we are investing on average more than 6. Over the years, Rontis Hellas has reached a leadership position amongst the suppliers of the Greek public and private healthcare sector. Over the years we have built a strong track record of supplying quality bloodline products, that are manufactured and sterilized in-house and distributed to the majority of the Greek haemodialysis clinics.

Last but not least, Rontis is one of the primary players in Greece in the field of providing blood processing technology to blood banks, hospitals and therapeutic applications, while most recently we have expanded our presence in the blood bag market segment. At Rontis we are deeply committed to give back to society and vulnerable groups.

Persistence and Commitment to the goal. Insight of the Future Market. Panteleimonas, Kilkis Tel. Based on those 3 principles, in the year , Mr. Dimitrios and Mrs. A flexible aluminium extrusion industry focused on providing custom made solutions in aluminium profiles. A long-term investment plan is initiated, of over 50 mill.

Euros, which involves the relocation of ELVIAL in new facilities with cutting-edge mechanical equipment and the application —for the first time globally- of intelligent robotic systems in managing and handling of aluminum profiles. ELVIAL evolves from an intermediate and geographically limited enterprise, in a modern, technologically advanced, vertically integrated, client oriented and without borders company.

Panteleimon Kilkis, it allocates more than In this context, ELVIAL concludes long term cooperations with world wide companies, developing together new materials which improve the product features. A Total Quality System TQM is applied in all production process, including quality control laboratories at each stage of the production, providing, also all the necessary Production Quality Certifications.

Simultaneously, ELVIAL has developed even more its extrovert profile and penetrated the demanding Central and West Europe markets mainly in the sector of high end industrial custom made products. Despite lower oil prices, profits have increased and the company has been able to exploit the disappearance of OW Bunker, by stepping in and expanding the reach of its business in locations such as the US Gulf and west coast, Hamburg and St Petersburg. The demise of OW, mainly an intermediary, will benefit physical suppliers and AMPNI is the largest independent physical supplier in the world, not counting oil majors and state energy companies, with the largest fleet of dedicated bunkering tankers — 63 of them in about 15 different markets around the globe.

Altogether, the company says it physically serves 27 markets and 60 delivery ports. Recently, it has been rebalancing its mix of products where it can to emphasise higher return products such as low-sulphur fuels and blended finished products. It has also expanded to include cargo sales, a potential new low-cost revenue stream for the company. HEC also recently opened its new state-of-the-art collection centre in Piraeus. Mr Melissanidis plans to expand in other locations using the plant as a model for further collection and treatment plants.

Mr Melissanidis was listed in the Top in , and The group activities started back in in Piraeus-Athens Greece. Contact Details P. In the company expanded its business to the production of paints and varnishes. VITEX brand was born! Today the group has operations in different parts of Greece and the neighboring Balkan States of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. The Group consists of employees in sales, production, exports, marketing, quality control, product safety and research. It is one of the biggest of its kind in Greece and has been the recipient of a significant number of prestigious awards.

VITEX is the largest Greek manufacturing company concerning decorative paints in terms of sales and production. Headquarters of the group are located in the latest industrial site of Aspropyrgos finalized in , near Athens. The production sites and buildings of the group are company owned sites, a sign of the high capitalisation of the group.

On this production site,. During the past decade a substantial investment in modernizing the production included the establishment of a state-of-the-art color production plant for VITEX paints. This made the group strong and flexible to face off the challenges presented by a continuously changing business environment.

Believing in the potential of penetrating more markets, the group has drawn up an action plan for the expansion of the company in several countries, in an effort to make their Greek trade mark internationally known. After focusing in the expansion to neighbor countries like Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, the group is now aiming to use the positive experience gained and the available production capacity to expand to other countries, although we are already exporting to Albania, Georgia, Russia, Cyprus, India, and recently to the Czech Republic, Canada, Belgium and other countries.

Also, all products and production are fully harmonized with the corresponding European Legislation. Until the company operated as wholesaler by importing and distributing pet products to more than 1. However, in the interest of the owner turned to retailing. Since then, the company managed to become the leading specialty retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets in Greece.

There are currently 50 company owned stores — plus 6 that are under construction - in the area of Attica with Live animals are imported, including kittens, birds, parrots, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles and around 1. Thousands of fish can be found in the nearly 2. The largest stores offer expert veterinarian care. The company owns a Veterinarian Center in Glyfada, which is equipped with the latest medical facilities, providing a full range of health care and emergency services.

Pet City has also constructed an e-shop offering high-quality product at reasonable prices. Contact Details 44, Lavriou Ave, P. Kourtakis S. His entry into the company was accompanied by fresh ideas, youthful drive, and plans to conquer new markets outside Greece.

The company adopted cutting-edge winemaking methods and engaged in the production of a new range of non-resinated wines. In , the company launched its Apelia range. The thrive of exports expanded over 32 countries around the world.

Also the company has entered the spirits business, selling and distributing the premium Greek distillations of ouzo and tsipouro from Babatzim. Contact details 20 Anapafseos St. The latest successful deal was concluded in March Retsina Malamatina is the most renowned white Resinated Wine. An authentic Greek wine. At the same time, it allows the fruity aromas of these varietals to emerge and gives a pleasurably remaining flavor of acidity and along long — lasting enjoyment.

The quality of Retsina Malamatina is assured by the state-of-the-art winery facilities, which are fully automated with mechanical equipment of the latest technology. We are the largest wine-producers in Greece, and we are also certainly one of the biggest wineproducing companies in Europe. Our facilities have the capacity to produce Our brand has become historic in our culture and our yearly growth is evidence of this.

Our brand philosophy focuses on excellent quality at a very competitive price. This is the reason for our long running success, it is a product of mass production and mass consumption, a product considered to belong to the people! Ca as well as Retail and Private label segments. Ioniki is expanding by transforming export sales to long term win-win collaborations in countries of Northern Europe and Middle East.

Substantial investment plan is on process. We are committed to the value of placing people first, our staff, our clients and of course consumers worldwide. Contact Details 1st km Neochorouda Oreokastro P. It was established in as an homonymous subsidiary company of a German group, the beer brand of which was launched in Greece in In , the German parent company undertook the development of its brand in Greece and a year later it acquired its plant at Atalanti.

Right after, the company was reconstructed and renamed as Hellenic Breweries of Atalanti S. In the Greek businessmen participating in the company began to buy out te shares of the German company and in the procedure was concluded, leading to the complete localization of ownership.

The Atalanti plant, located in the centre of Greece, operates in harmony with the natural environmnet using for the beer production the spring water of Parnassos Mountain that is of excellent quality and composition. It produces high quality malt product using as raw materials chosen varieties of summer Scarlett and Prestige barleys and aromatic hops from Hallertau, Bavaria and Saaz, Bohemia.

Meanwhile, it has developed international marketing of recognised brands, among which Krombacher and Gulden Draak. The company has been very competititve in this type of packaging, investing to the required equipment that it provides to the retailers with loan. At the same time, it expands its collaboration with Super Market chains for the introduction of private label products, which are distinguished not only for their quality but also for their taste.

Medochemie Hellas, which is a subsidiary firm of Medochemie Ltd, is a fast growing, dynamic company in the Greek Generic pharmaceutical area. Medochemie Ltd, a multinational pharmaceuticals firm based in Cyprus develops, licenses, manufactures, markets and distributes branded generic and super-generic pharmaceutical products since This year Medochemie Ltd celebrates 40 years of successful business activity!

The business activities of Medochemie Hellas, which employs more than 50 associates, are focused on the areas of generic prescription pharmaceuticals in both hospital and private sector. The firm offers a range of over 30 products mainly in the categories of central neural system, cardiology and pathology. Medochemie Hellas is based in its privately owned premises in Athens center. Vision During , Medochemie went through a massive reform and a vision was formed in which all employees believed and took active part in.

Contact Details 37, Pireos Str. Colocotroni Bros, which played an important role in the industrial history of modern Greece. From , the company develops its main activities in the pharmaceutical industry.

It obtains the name ADELCO and becomes one of the fastest growing Greek industries, immediately gaining appreciation and recognition throughout the medical community, with very strict quality standards, it effectively ensures until today each formulation created. In Adelco introduces OM-OR shampoo, the first shampoo to be produced and marketed in Greece, and also Adelco toothpaste, the first fluoridated toothpaste offered in Greece.

In , Adelco focuses on modernisation of facilities, purchase of new production machinery, developing new products and expanding activities internationally. The production of specific pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products currently represents the most important activity of Adelco.

Nicosia Prediction. AEL Limassol v Ol. AEL Limassol. Date : Monday 28th December. Over the course of their most recent ten matches at this level, Ol. Nicosia have secured three draws and suffered seven defeats, so life has been proving tough for the away outfit. AEL Limassol may not have been hitting the heights that they did earlier in the season during the last few months, but 11 wins from 16 home games is still a formidable record. Nicosia have been in incredible form recently, collecting some points from a possible 27, and it is noticeable that all nine of their matches during this period have served up three goals or fewer.

The same is true of each of the most recent nine AEL Limassol home games at this level, so it would come as a major surprise were this key battle not to serve up under 3. When Ol. Expert's Suggested TIP. Suggested Tip:. Best Bookmaker:. Bet Now. Nicosia Ol. Betting Overview. AEL Limassol - Ol. Here on Feedinco, we will cover all types of match predictions, stats and all match previews for all Cyprus - First Division matches.

Feedinco Suggestion From all statistics and latest matches data, our professional advice and experts suggest to bet on a 1 which have odds of 1. We also suggest the best bookmaker which is Bet9ja which have better odds on this type of bet. Nicosia, we have analysed all last 5 matches and winning rate analysis.

AEL Limassol are currently in a better form which they will be playing on their statium as home team, which gives them a slight advantage over the away team - Ol. Nicosia on Live Streaming. Nicosia LIVE! Nicosia live coverage and video highlights if you are registered member of 1xBet, the leading online betting company that has streaming coverage of different sports and more than k live matches with live sports betting during the year, from football to tennis to esports Betting.

If this match is covered by 1xbet live you can watch this football match or any other game of Cyprus - First Division on any smartphone. Enjoys betting and a good poker game. Follow on medium. Nicosia is on Monday 28th December. AEL Limassol are currently in a better form than the away team - Ol. Nicosia is 1 with odds of 1. Deportivo Armenio 1 - 2 Talleres Tips 28th December. Brasil de Pelotas 1 - 0 Confianca Tips 28th December. AEL Limassol 3 - 0 Ol.


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Commercial Director Apostolos Komnos Email: komnos trimpublications.

Asklipiou nicosia betting Energy and Agriculture requires respectively 9. So far, the state was not involved. Sincehe is heading the unit in charge of Sustainable Developments Goals Strategy in the department for Environment. We are a militarised island. The other Shish Lounge Bar offers a more elegant affair, with tall cushioned chairs, high ceilings, a baby grand piano and a romantic setting for small and larger groups. You fall in love with the human being, not their history or nationality.
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Top binary options signals services Since January, the top five global oil traders — Glencore, Vitol, Gunvor, Mercuria and Trafigura — have sold or have been trying asklipiou nicosia betting sell asklipiou nicosia betting parts of their stakes in oil storage firms. Mamidoil-Jetoil S. Sustainable transport policies shall be focused on reducing the need for travel and shifting travel to the most social, economic, and environmentally efficient mode, as well as putting technological improvement of vehicles and fuels in the spotlight. The Victoria Hislop comparison has also been made. The regulations must be amended. The major problems identified by the sales experts are related to the prices and the infrastructure for electric cars.
Bet deals on shaving supplies Asklipiou nicosia betting musical talents including the Amalgamation project, Sound of Thieves and Ethnic Jazz ensemble, the musicians only serve to heighten the atmosphere. Everything about the place is relaxed. Of course, there is the issue of environment preservation, that is priceless for a healthy living and noise reduction. Last year, the Romanian electric car market had new registrations. Cyprus is not in this top 50 list. The Energy Policy Group EPG is an independent Romanian think-tank specializing in energy policy and strategy analysis, with a special focus on the oil and gas sector.

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The outcome of a match and the performance of individual players are dependent on a number of factors — form, fitness, playing conditions and inherent strengths and weaknesses of every player. Full time result The most common football bet is on the match result — 1-x In that kind of bet the player has to predict the end-result of a game. The match preview to the football match Olympiakos Nicosia vs Ermis Aradippou in the Cyprus Division 1 compares both teams and includes match predictions the latest matches of the teams, the match facts, head to head h2h , goal statistics, table standings.

These facts should all be considered to place a successful bet on this match. Betting Tips Today is automated sports predictions platform. With our system predictions you can strengthen or weaken your bet decision. The player predicts whether the result at the end of the normal game-time will be one out of three options: a win for one team, a win for the other team or a draw.

In a football match it can be seen as 0. Here as well, the score at the end of the normal game-time is taken into account. There are many possible score lines for a match so in this bet type you can often find quite high odds. AEL Limassol has scored an average of 2.

AEL Limassol has won Nicosia has scored an average of 1. Nicosia has won Tennis Betting. Free Bets Best Betting Sites. AEL Limassol vs Ol. Nicosia Prediction. AEL Limassol v Ol. AEL Limassol. Date : Monday 28th December. Over the course of their most recent ten matches at this level, Ol. Nicosia have secured three draws and suffered seven defeats, so life has been proving tough for the away outfit.

AEL Limassol may not have been hitting the heights that they did earlier in the season during the last few months, but 11 wins from 16 home games is still a formidable record. Nicosia have been in incredible form recently, collecting some points from a possible 27, and it is noticeable that all nine of their matches during this period have served up three goals or fewer. The same is true of each of the most recent nine AEL Limassol home games at this level, so it would come as a major surprise were this key battle not to serve up under 3.

When Ol. Expert's Suggested TIP. Suggested Tip:. Best Bookmaker:. Bet Now. Nicosia Ol. Betting Overview. AEL Limassol - Ol. Here on Feedinco, we will cover all types of match predictions, stats and all match previews for all Cyprus - First Division matches. Feedinco Suggestion From all statistics and latest matches data, our professional advice and experts suggest to bet on a 1 which have odds of 1. We also suggest the best bookmaker which is Bet9ja which have better odds on this type of bet.

Nicosia, we have analysed all last 5 matches and winning rate analysis. AEL Limassol are currently in a better form which they will be playing on their statium as home team, which gives them a slight advantage over the away team - Ol. Nicosia on Live Streaming.

Nicosia LIVE! Nicosia live coverage and video highlights if you are registered member of 1xBet, the leading online betting company that has streaming coverage of different sports and more than k live matches with live sports betting during the year, from football to tennis to esports Betting. If this match is covered by 1xbet live you can watch this football match or any other game of Cyprus - First Division on any smartphone. Enjoys betting and a good poker game.

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Directions to Asklipiou and Lefkonos (Δήμος Λευκωσίας) with public transportation The Most Popular Urban Mobility App in Nicosia. All local. Directory for Nicosia – Larnaca – Limassol – Protaras – Pafos. Asklipiou is an asphalted street in Strovolos. Diagnostic Center, Mega Bet, Bellá Pierra Cosmetics, Islandex, Onan, Nicosia Bus Stop - Kantaras to Agalma.