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Vig on a bet

The question is: How much should they take? The good news is that today with online sportsbooks, bettors can easily shop around for the spread or money line that has the smallest amount of vig. Vig is not going anywhere. It is not only their fee for doing business, but it also assures them that they will make some cash on all bets.

So shop around, find the best vig, and work to get the best return on your wager. Vig and the Spread Vig can easily be seen in point spreads. Money Line and Vigorish Contrary to what some people believe, you cannot get around paying the juice by betting the money line. Is It Fair? Here to Stay Vig is not going anywhere.

The vig is set into the odds as overround, as such, bettors must remove the vig from the bet in order to understand how the bookmakers actually value the probability of a certain outcome. We have a wide range of guides written to help our readers better understand all aspects of gambling and online sports betting.

The experts here have guides on a variety of topics from basic moneyline betting to matched betting. Vig betting is essential for sportsbooks, in order to ensure the money comes in on either side of any wager. This explains why the odds change as we approach an event.

The aim is to attract more attention to the action on one side of the line, offering a higher vig percentage to guarantee profit for the provider. Calculating the actual probability not only gives you a clear picture of how much the sportsbook has inflated the price on a specific wager, but it also gives you an understanding of the handling fees each sportsbook has. This is a good gauge of how much vig is added to specific sports by each sportsbook provider.

As we mentioned before, removing the vig from sports betting odds is a good idea to calculate and understand the actual probability of certain wagers. There are a few calculations that need to be made in order to establish this.


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Both sides of the bet wagered with a vig in this situation. The vig was taken out of his winnings. Free Newsletter: Receive wiseguy plays, betting strategies and special promotions! What is Vigorish? Share this article with friends:. Quit wasting your hard earned money! Make the switch from to odds today You'll be so glad that you did! Click Here! NFL Betting Reduced Juice - Loot explains how reduced odds football betting works and where you can find this valuable asset. What is a Point Spread?

We explain what the spread is and how it works. Football Bets - All the different types of wagers that you can make when betting on football games. What Professional Handicappers Do - Learn the tricks of the trade and increase your odds of beating the books! Key Numbers - The article that bookies don't want you to read! Super Bowl 52 Predictions - Loot gives his preseason picks for which teams are most likely to win "the big game" along with middle of the road and a longshot that is sure to surprise you!

Loot also gives tips on betting on teams coming off byes. Check out who went where right here! Each position has it's own dedicated article! Best Quarterbacks of All Time - Joe Montana heads our list of top 10 QB's, however, Tom Brady is a sure bet to give him a run for his money by the time his career is said and done.

The order may be debatable, as Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and Walter Payton all brought something special to the gridiron. Football Lingo - One must be very familiar with all of the terms, slang and jargon associated with this game to win at football betting. You can convert negative moneyline odds for the favorite to a probability by extrapolating the figure and using it in the following formula:.

Therefore, at , sportsbooks are giving the Chiefs an You can convert positive moneyline odds for the underdog to a probability by extrapolating the figure and using it in the following formula:. That means you can bet either the total combined score at over or under that line of The sportsbooks have set the line at a point where it should draw an equal amount of bets on the over and the under.

If there is heavier betting on one side, a sportsbook will move the line to incentivize people to bet the other side until there is an equal amount of betting on both sides. Remember, for a totals bet including a half-point, there are only two possible outcomes and only one side can win.

That means the over wins. There really is no difference between vig and overround in gambling. Although the number might be expressed differently, both the vig and overround are how sportsbooks make money. Whether you call it an overround or a vig, it is still the profit margin sportsbooks factor into the price, or odds, of any bet. What is the Vigorish in Sports Betting?

How do sportsbooks make money? Sportsbooks earn money by collecting a commission on bets. This is the vig. How is the vig calculated?

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Whether bettors want to wager on Patriots In most cases, oddsmakers will offer each side at The higher the juice, the higher the break-even win rate becomes:. Betting without accounting for the juice can be the difference between winning and losing. Smart bettors understand that value derives not only from the number of the spread but the vigorish being taken by the bookmaker. Using the previous example, taking the Chiefs 3. Bookmakers go in with an advantage over bettors in every market.

It is an advantage, though, that can be overcome. Unlike casino games, in which the rake is constant in every market, sports bettors and horse bettors can beat the house. One of the first steps to doing so is by being aware of the juice the bookmakers take and knowing you have to win more to succeed in the long run. Matt Chaprales is the head of content for PointsBet. What is the juice in sports betting?

Understanding the vig By. Headlines View All. For an updated breakdown of Thursday's If an absurd amount of money is bet on one side of a wager, the sportsbook will most likely adjust the line to entice more people to bet on the other side. They receive enough money from the juice instead. Increasing the juice on one side even just a few percentage points will do two things.

First, it will entice people to bet a certain way, just like a line change. Next, an increase in juice will always net the sportsbook a higher profit. Being aware of the juice under these scenarios can help new bettors save, or net, a few more bucks. Juice will also change as the odds change for something to happen.

Obviously, the chances of a baseball game going into extra innings if the score is in the eighth inning are slim. This is true all throughout any bets. Why Does Juice Matter? Understanding the basics of juice are essential to understanding how to be an effective bettor. In fact, everything written above is important to understand before even thinking about more complicated facets of betting.

Juice affects how much money the bettor will receive in return from a wager. Juice can change what side a bettor wants to bet on. Juice can even be a signal for prospective bettors that an entire line shift is coming. Consider it a fee for betting. Of course, sportsbooks win big off of stupid bettors. But juice is why they stay in business. Always have an understanding of why juice exists in a bet. If the juice is crazy high, then the bettor might want to look elsewhere for a bet. As mentioned, if a sportsbook changes the juice, it could be a signal of a future line change.

As a bettor, use that information to know, or at least guess, when the best time to place a bet is. If a line change does seem imminent based off of the juice, either bet immediately to receive good odds, or wait if the odds will be improved! Juice is a key concept for people new to the sports betting world to understand.

Get to know it, and use the knowledge accordingly! Alex Altmix is a featured writer at BettingPros.