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Fm13 tactics goals galore betting betting prediction dota 2

Fm13 tactics goals galore betting

Hobbs - A rock in defence. Dominant in the air and made some great interceptions. Acceleration and Pace improved over the season as he stayed healthy. Pohjanpalo - He didn't set the world alight but 10 goals and 6 assists in the league made him my top scorer and gave valuable wins. They didn't play badly as such but I expected more from Michu and, after January, Sau. Michu got 2 goals and 1 assist all season and as with forwards and wingers I'm starting to see agility as being vital for the middle now too Michu has 11 with FM13 collision detection.

Sau has already been outlined, I'd simply hoped he'd get more goals. Hopefully with a stronger squad all-round next season I can find a way to utilise both better and improve performances. Hobbs - As mentioned, a rock in defence and makes great interceptions. Pace a slight weakness against top teams but playing deep then to help with that. Chester - Almost as solid as Hobbs on the ground but his 12 jumping is a weakness as I conceded quite a few in the air from Chester being beaten.

Cooper - Went out on loan as he never played, Hobbs and Chester stayed fit all season. Will be sold. Dudgeon - Had a couple of ok games as backup left back but Del Grosso started most matches. Low pace and agility hurt his game and he'd move on when his contract expired at the end. Cairney - Rotated in and out after I dropped to 2 central midfielders, used mostly as a deep playmaker in the middle but did have some good games at left midfield with his good dribbling, balance and agility.

Lacks the pace to burst past players there but can make space with skill on the ball. Quinn - Was my preferred left midfielder, not the flashiest but worked hard and didn't give the ball away too much. A position to improve on, though. Aluko - Struggled in the Premiership on the left wing as his 14 pace isn't as good here as in the Championship and at only 10 agility he struggles to weave past defenders. While he has some good technical stats, that weakness and low work rate saw him get benched.

Stewart - Played on the right when Femenia got injured and did surprisingly well. Bursts past players with pure speed and gets behind defences. Weak on the ball but can exploit his pace. Struggled to get into the after switching formations due to low creativity.

Fryatt - Did ok as a deep forward supporting Pohjanpalo but struggled to score much and his low pace showed as defenders caught him to waste many chances. Decent for support but won't plan to keep long. Proschwitz - Low pace and agility really show at this level, as his height doesn't give the same edge it did in the Championship. Didn't see much use and will be sold. And that's about it. My 35 goals scored were almost lowest in the league and the reason for many draws and 1 goal losses so I'll look to improve the attacking side of my squad in the summer.

Better attacking play should also give me more of the ball and pressure opponents to reduce some goals, though if I can improve my defence I will fullbacks being the main weakness currently. Not entirely sure which formation to start next season with as it depends who I can bring in but hopefully I can improve the squad and get more points, likely with less original players to comment on as some will be sold to make room.

I'm posting again quite quickly but I just hadn't posted the end of last season when it happened, the past couple of days have just been spent micromanaging the summer transfer window and preaseason with quite a few changes made. With money flooding in due to the small wage bill the board agreed to upgrade both training and youth facilities which is nice, though I can't persuade them to expand youth recruitment at this point.

Might look at buying the stadium soon as the balance is good. Along with facility upgrades I made some key staff changes, securing a Head of Youth Development with a great professional personality Dave Parnaby and good new Reserve and U18 Managers, along with a couple of 0. Not many out so far then as most of the squad remains intact. To add to those staying I signed the following:. Valmas, Pablo, Comis and Pufal are all youths to go in the U18 squad and see how they develop over the next few years.

Kakuta was cheap and has weaknesses but he also strengths I can look to exploit. With that agility and his technical ability I'll look at playing him as an attacking midfielder roaming around the edge of the box, and he may have some more potential to improve.

Fast, able to jump and at 17 still room to become quite strong, I have hopes he can develop into a strong all-round forward. Diagne completed the signings as a strong all-round defender, a bit stronger in the air than Chester coupled with good pace.

That gives me 3 decent players there, as Sergi Gomez is too weak to rely on if one of the others gets injured and my new youth Valmas still needs development. Getting Williams instead of Fletcher allowed this extra signing. With the squad I have now I'll start the season based around a but I have versatile players to try different shapes and ideas if needed.

The depth chart will look something like this:. Will also rotate a few positions as I have forwards who can interchange too. A base of will be likely for tough away games, with central mids dropped deeper to 2x DMC for extra cover.

Not exactly an active thread but I'll update anyway Things started nicely with 3 wins putting me top of the table but it wasn't long before a mid-season slump saw me drop to top 10, then top 15, and with around 12 games to go I dropped into the relegation zone. The had picked up a few nice wins including those first 3 but it was leaving me open too often, though the deep was doing well against top clubs with nice wins against the likes of Man City and Tottenham hitting them on the counter.

I made a few squad changes in the January window as the season unfolded:. Gomez simply wasn't needed with Hobbs, Chester and Diagne all playing well ahead of him and as he wouldn't develop further I moved him on with youngsters ready to provide backup. Karabelas I'd only brought in 4 months earlier but he was a backup complaining about not starting so I let him go and kept Dudgeon for cover. Hansson was similar, he wasn't starting ahead of Andukar in goal but constant complaining could unsettle the team so I let him go too with the youngster Kadu improving in training for cover.

For some reason his club in the United Arab Emirates released him, despite rating over 7. I figured he'd add some much needed creativity to mix on the wings with Femenia and Kakuta, as I lacked talent there if either of them was injured or needed a rest. After dropping into the relegation zone I put the away and stuck with the in all games, though with new changes to make it less defensive at home. The changes worked and I finished the season in great form, stringing wins together to finish in 13th, two positions higher than least season with much better goal difference and 6 more points as a result.

Sau finished as my top scorer with 14, joint 7th for the league, and played well as a creative AMC behind a young, pacey striker. Marco Sau was fantastic after being disappointing his first 6 months with me last season. With his creativity and technical ability he adapted to dropping deeper into AMC well and even got a hat-trick from there in a thrashing of West Brom.

A much improved season for him and he adds that ability on the ball my young strikers don't have yet. Jack Hobbs was a rock once again, and back to club captain. Chester and Diagne were both great too but I saw little errors with both of them that Hobbs didn't seem to make and he edged it as strongest of the three in a good defence.

Gael Kakuta started the season unfit after Chelsea never used him and picked up two niggling injuries to slow his progress early on but once he came back after January, got to full fitness and stayed healthy he added a spark I'd been missing on the left to help bring the team to life.

Without a doubt, Michu once again. It's mostly down to his PPM of 'Shoots from Distance' as he can be in good passing positions but throw it away with a rubbish shot from range, even with long shots set to rarely. He just lacks the ability with long shots to use that PPM and rather than hitting them with power to force rebounds they mostly trickle along the ground towards the corner flag. He won't unlearn the PPM either so he ended up on the bench by the end of the year and I may look at selling him and moving on.

Pohjanpalo was another disappointment this season, though it was bad luck. After being my top scorer the previous year and developing well he tore a calf muscle and was out for 4 months, with more time after to regain fitness.

He's still not bad technically but he's lost that bit of pace and may need to adapt to a deeper role now. To help anyone starting a Hull save, here's my ongoing assessment of players I still have from the start Hobbs - As mentioned, still a rock in defence.

Leads the team in interceptions, makes key tackles and is a good captain. Resolute personality also great for tutoring youngsters. Chester - Still going strong too. That slight weakness of his height can show when up against tall forwards but aside from that he's up there with Hobbs. Rosenior - Did ok when called upon but didn't play much in a backup role as my first choice RB stayed fit.

He might go this summer as his contract is up and I have some youngsters coming through. Dudgeon - As with Rosenior he did ok when needed as cover but simply won't become a first choice player. I might keep him while his wages are low for extra depth but as soon as I'm happy with new youth players I'll let him go. Evans - He'll never be a flashy player but he plays a simple game well. Let him sit deep, collect the ball from defence and pass it on to more creative players. Reliable without being world class, he's still good for rotation.

Also a good tutor with a Resolute personality. Cairney - Still a good squad player, he rotated with Selnaes this season as both are very similar. Quinn - A broken leg and 5 months out really hurt Quinn this season as he dropped speed along with other attributes. While he was a decent backup before, now he's come to an end of being useful. I'll let him go as he can still be a good player at a lower level.

Aluko - A backup this season and did ok when needed but doesn't fit my system now. He has some pace but lacks agility so can't turn defenders the way my other wingers can and when played deeper he has the technique to pass the ball nicely but lacks decisions to do so at the right time. I'll probably let Aluko go soon too.

Stewart - Developed a bit but will always be one-dimensional with great pace and not much else. Can destroy lower league teams in cup games but struggles at this level. Fryatt - Another original player who now has a bit-part role. He didn't stand out when I did use him and lacks the pace to play as my fast, advanced forward.

Can't drop back to AMC in the way Sau can. With my youngsters developing nicely, Fryatt may also be on his way out soon. That's about it then. A good season overall finishing 13th and I'm liking how my new system is coming along with players starting to fit it well. Will be pushing heaviliy towards youth development now I feel I have a decent squad base to work from. Facilities improving nicely too with the following all improved this season:.

The only thing I haven't had the option to ask for yet is expanding Youth Recruitment Network, but hopefully soon. Looking forward to next season as I have a bunch of youngsters with good potential on the way and a couple of free signings I made for the first team but I'll show them in the update at the start of the new season. All in all a good season of consolidation and setting myself in position to develop the squad with youth to push on.

After two seasons consolidating my position in the Premiership 15th and 13th , and gaining the financial rewards, I'm happy now that I'm in a stable position to build for the future. Facilities are constantly being upgraded, the bank balance continues to increase and I'm ready to push on now.

No more being happy with avoiding relegation, it's time to make a top half finish the minimum and work on pushing for Europe. I hadn't planned on a new keeper but Costil has slightly better stats and is younger than Andujar who's now in his thirties - I couldn't say no. In addition I signed 16 youth players aged 14 - 16 so my U18 squad now has players developing in every position.

Some won't make it to the first team, others might, but I got them all pretty cheap and I enjoy development so I'm happy with having plenty to work with there. That's a long list but as mentioned most are youths and the total spent isn't much more than I received for selling a few players. I won't post screenshots of all the youths as that would be too much spam.

With the new players on free transfer arriving in the summer I had surplus players in certain positions to let go, including several starting Hull players. Hadn't performed well for me. Several youngsters who either have club home-grown status now or can't get it Brazilians signed too old have also gone on loan, with options to recall if needed or they don't get games. With the new signings I'm quite happy with my first team now. I have 4 wingers all good on the ball, strong central defence, good depth in the middle and up front a couple of pacey young strikers constantly improving backed up by a couple of creative players.

I'll be basing most games around my with the ability to shift to when I want to be more open and attacking. I'm looking at this first team squad, with youngsters either developing or out on loan with recall options if needed to cover injuries hopefully not! DC: Hobbs - Chester - Diagne. I forgot to update my save in here, and since I'm on the year I'll post some images regarding what has happened during those years.

So my way to the top was to spend money on youth and upgrading facilities once I got to the PRM. That's the reason why my success took a lot longer then it usually has in my previous Hull saves. I also let a lot of players from the Hull U18's get their chance for some first team appearances. Once I had built up a pretty solid team I came in 2nd place 3 times in a row, by then I had won the EC and Club World Championship a couple of times and had started signing players for a lot higher transfer fee's than I had before.

As you can see, Hull is the best club in England and in the world. But Barca has higher reputation than me. My best player, yet he only became a regular for the English national team when he turned 27, he had won the World Golden Ball even before that. Some sort of bug it seems. Trashing R. Nice status you have Hull at now Tyler. Nice to see Pohjanpalo had a good run with you, and Knockaert looks to have been a great purchase.

Some of these regens you have now are insanely good, looks like players develop better long-term at AI clubs in FM13 rather than Man Utd etc. Good to see. My updates won't continue the same way too much longer as I'm getting low on original players and there's no point in me making lengthy posts here as I get full of regens. Half way through Season 4 so far and sitting nicely in the top 6, ahead of expectations, though I have 7 away games in a row now which might be tricky - great scheduling there.

The free transfers have been brilliant Fabbrini in particular is destroying teams and the added talent has really helped Cairney to shine too. Amusingly Stoke have a front strike pair of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Villa in my game and got a Champions League spot with them last season, though in their mid-thirties now they don't have the physical side to be as good as they were.

Tom Cairney was there until he turned 32, then I sold him. Jack Hobbs also stayed until he was 30, then I managed to sell him for 6m, Hobbs even managed to get 3 caps for England while he played for Hull. I also managed to get Boaz Mhill back for 2 season, then I replaced him with my current regen Aspinall. I've been buying young players a lot, but now since I'm making such high figures I usually just buy one good players that's under 23yrs for m, thats how I got Collins and Peagram.

And yeah I tried to always have the best youth facilities, junior coaching and youth recruitment that my reputation allowed. It brings me a good player that will get into 1st team football about every 3 years. I find it a little low but its better than the older games. Might head over to Spain and build up a club there. Fun fact; Only one of my player mad it to the top 5 goals scorers charts in the PRM, placing 5th.

And that player was out for 2 months. Blimey, that's one hell of a goal difference! Safe to say you're dominating world football now - except the League Cup. I wanted a top half finish and got it comfortably, exceeding expectations to finish 5th.

It went down to the last day for 4th place and I drew against Burnley when a win or better would've seen be ahead of Spurs on goal difference. Disappointing to miss out on the Champions League when so close but I'm still very happy with the season and the Uefa Cup will bring more money and reputation.

Squad sorted by minutes played. Mostly played the variant pictured in a previous update, though I used , and at times when I felt them better suited to handle opposing formations. A number of great performances through the season - Kakuta very good again, Cairney contributing a lot more in the middle and my regen striker Williams developing well but it has to be Diego Fabbrini.

A great signing on a free transfer. It has to be Jack Hobbs , but not for playing badly. After two solid seasons as my captain I expected the same again and sure enough he was on 7. Then he got a nasty inury tendonitis keeping him out for the rest of the season. With the long time out he's declined with some bad attribute loss. I'll see what I can do to help him regain some but I fear he's no longer my top defender, particularly with a number of regens pushing for a start.

Not many left now with several leaving before this season started, but along with the stats above here's a brief note on each still with me. Jack Hobbs - As mentioned he started the season great, was solid as ever until his long injury. Had he stayed fit he would've stayed in the team but this second lengthy injury may have derailed his career. Resolute personality will still make him a good tutor if he can't regain lost attributes to reclaim his starting spot next season.

James Chester - Started as 3rd choice behind Hobbs and Diagne but stepped up to a starting role after Hobbs' injury, and as Vice Captain with Hobbs out he captained the team every remaining match he played. Played decently against most teams but his aerial weakness as always was a concern against teams with big forwards like Carroll.

Corry Evans - Played roughly a third of possible gametime he was backup defensive midfielder. As with previous seasons he did a good job when called upon without being spectacular. Still a reliable squad player and good tutor with Resolute personality. Played the most out of the original players this season and is my midfielder best suited to that role currently.

Sone Aluko - As you can see he only played 1 game, and his 7. I simply didn't need him, and the only reason he stayed was that no one wanted to buy him. With his final year of contract coming up I'll do my best to sell him this summer. That's about it. A good season, European competition next season and only a handful of original players remaining.

Will see how long these last players stay with me with a number of young regens developing. Well i have got back into my Hull save, where i won promotion in my first save. Just spent a very busy summer, i have ended up with a smaller squad than i thought and i have had a huge overhaul. In the long term i think i will appreciate it, however short term i don't think i can expect anything more than surviving. Most of the players i have signed should stay with me for a while, but with quite a lot of foreign players its going to take time to settle, and personally i will give them that.

I am yet to choose the system i am going to play, i have a lot of players who are strong centrally so i may take advantage of that. Still looking forward to the next patch before starting my Hull City save. Lots to think about with this overstocked squad.

I wonder if it may be wise to cash in on some players at the start of the game who will be out of contract of surplus to requirements if promotion is achieved in the first season. Rosenior and Dawson are prime candidates as their contracts are due to expire and they are old.

This leaves the squad bereft of full backs, but these can usually be picked up on loan from Premier League clubs. I think with a few sales you can put out a that's strong enough for promotion and contracts are tied up to do it in season 2 if not :. Strong in all positions except full back and a lack of cover for the striker if you sell Simpson. Mclean could be recalled? I am of course forgetting the two new Egyptian players on loan. Fathi is probably the best option at right-back, leaving McShane in reserve.

Gedo would provide the extra backup for the striker. So just left-back where options are short if Dawson and Rosenior are sold. Might want to spend some of that money raised on a permanent goalkeeper. I personally kept Rose because he has pretty decent acc and pace. As far as i remember he is only Olofinjana i sold for free and promised to the buying team to pay half of his wages untill his original contract with Hull ran out. This way i saved about k on his wages.

Faye,hobbs,chester are good on DC, Ditch faye after 2 seasons. Keep Chester and Hobbs. I'd recommend concentrating on improving Hobbs quickness as he is very slow. Stewart has 20acc and 20 pace and he is beast on the right wing and he will develope even further. Fryatt is good all-around player as striker and you can use 4 or 5 different roles for him, Proschwitz is best used as target man. Biggest weakness with Hull is the left back position as dawson is slow and pretty old and Dudgeon just ins't up to the task IMO.

I'm more looking at who can be cashed in on at the start of the game rather than having players who won't get a game in my squad for a year then run out of contract. Rosenior is good but it means renewing his contract and keeping him in the Premier League while he gets to 30 and loses some pace.

I've firmly got my eye on season 2, achieving promotion in the first season! Having thought about it, I'll probably keep Koren to help me get promotion, but give Cairney as much game time as possible as he's the long term bet. Koren can be sold after promotion is achieved. Wau, i started a new Hull City game because i got corrupted save game in my 3rd season. Now that we have the new updated match engine im actually strugling to get consistent results with any tactic.

Preseason went really well scoring lot of goals and only conceding 2, now that the season started i've been strugling really hard and my team morale is going down the toilet. Hey Andy, what tactic you've been playing with? I was thinking about swapping Wingers for Wingbacks and stacking more players in the midfield to help with the posession football.

I'll post a screenie later. Hi Niksa, at the moment it's all in my head Planning how I will set my team up when I start a new savegame, but I'm waiting for the data update. I'd be interested to hear how you get on playing wingbacks. However, I'd be concerned moving these players out of their natural positions and asking them to defend.

I'd rather they just do what they're best at, which is attacking, and use specialist full backs. Dang, definetly a posession footbal. My team is totally dominating in the final 3rd pulling through balls and getting loads of chances.

Hull going all-out Barca! Sadly im really prone for counters. Since quality of the players are not so high i decided to ditch this approach and save this formation for later use incase i can get super awesome pacey DC's at some point. After bad string of results i had pretty aggressive team meeting and lo and behold Scoring as much as 4 or 5 goals a game. Biggest suprise being Alex Bruce, whom was supposed to be backup DC is now in my starting 11 with whooping average rating of 8.

Despite the bad attribute this guy somehow is better than anyother DC in my team. It really doesnt make any sense but ill take that kind of form with open arms. I've been changing tactics before every game, im basicly trying to counter what my opponent is throwing at me formation wise. So i've been using flat , , , Even though i've been changing the formations alot.

This was my first season in Europe after finishing 5th the year before so the Uefa Cup brought extra games. Rotation wouldn't be a huge issue though as I have many youth being developed and in need of gametime. All in all it went rather well, top 6 in the league all season and after a bit of bouncing between 3rd - 5th I finished 4th to secure Champions League football for next season. The Uefa Cup went ok, dominated my group but lost in the first knockout round to Sevilla on away goals - their 89th minute goal to go from to at our ground in the return leg was gutting!

No silverware then but a productive season and the focus is on youth anyhow. For games I felt comfortable winning I played to make use of my strikers but utilised other shapes when I felt it was needed, such as to counter strong teams with quality players at AMC. As I have a large squad full of regens I won't spam all the stats so here's the top 7 in the table plus brief stats of my top 6 attacking players for the year.

As Fabbrini and Kakuta my two first choice wingers are both available from the start as real players rather than regens I'll show them both quickly as they're now hitting mid-twenties and reaching their full development. Very happy with both of them. There aren't many of the starting squad left with me but here's a rundown of where they stand after this season. Tom Cairney : Still my preferred central midfielder for the attacking role when I want my strongest squad.

As I have 3 young central midfielders being developed, plus Duricic as the other senior player for the position, Cairney doesn't play every game but always performs well when he does. Will stay in the squad as first choice until a regen becomes stronger. Corry Evans : Didn't play much this season as I was mostly playing with Cirigliano Captain the first choice and Ngoyi seemed a touch stronger as 2nd choice but Evans was used when I played a setup, sitting deeper as a DMC to cover the back four.

He made a decent backup captain when Cirigliano was injured but definitely lacks the ball skills to be a regular starter, particularly in a 2-man central midfield. He's now a fringe player, useful as backup and for tutoring with his Resolute personality but will find himself pushed out when regens develop further and surpass him. James Chester : After being a regular every season he's now been replaced, his 11 Jumping and 9 Agility making him a liability, too easily beaten in the air and turned on the ground.

He ended the year in the reserves and will be sold in the summer as I now have 4 stronger regens for the position and he'll be entering his final year of contract. Jack Hobbs : He was unable to regain any attributes after the two lengthy injuries the previous season and now, as with Chester, is simply inferior to my regens. I'd kept him this year to tutor youngsters with his Resolute personality but now he's also entering his final year of contract he'll be sold in the summer along with Chester.

A good year securing Champions League and a lot of regens developing nicely. Hopefully I'll be able to start winning things soon. Cairney remains a strong first team players and Evans a capable backup but they'll soon be the only two original players left with me when Chester and Hobbs move on in the summer. Andy: Did you get a save going after the data update? It'd be interesting to see how it goes with the liked of Meyler and Gedo available now.

Niksa: Sounds like you're doing well. That shape you posted is one I used to great effect around 10 years ago when the game was commentary only. I haven't had the courage to try it since! Did you get promotion? Going well in the Premier League? I'm currently 'testing' my plan before starting a new game proper when the data update arrives! The injuries throughout pre-season Fryatt, Evans, Olofinjana, Rosenior, Dawson, Hobbs look like a niggle to get everyone fit for the opening weeks of the season, but otherwise it's a very strong squad.

Aha, I was thinking the data update was out before today Good luck now it is! While I'll be continuing my existing save hopefully the mention of youth wage demand changes will mean I can spend a bit less paying my youngsters before they've even played a game. Playing a bit risky in Season 6.

Several senior players had contracts expiring so I sold them rather than wait for them to go on frees - but now I'm relying on youths to rotate in to fill the squad rather than buying new seniors. Only 10 players older than 20 now but it should allow more room for player development. Could hurt my Champions League campaign though, only just scraped through qualifying against the Portugese champions with an 87th minute goal to reach the group stage!

I wasn't expecting to get quite so many serious injuries and suspensions so I've revised my thoughts on how to start the game a little. I will now keep Liam Rosenior to be first choice right-back, with Fathi and McShane covering this and a couple of other positions and Rosenior also an option at left-back. Simpson will be my only sale. Decided to start as Hull a few weeks back and I don't regret it one bit. Quite sad that i'm not on the latest update but I can't seem to bring myself to start again, having too much fun at the moment.

Well I'm doing fine, but it looks like I'm about to lose the title race for the first time in 8 years. Unlucky I guess. It's also time to say goodbye to some of the club's legends. I don't know how I'm going to fill up some of the spots they will leave empty. I'm already starting to notice a decreased success after their aging and declining in stats. Michael Aspinall - History - Bio. Micahel Aspinall has been a long serving GK, now at the age of 38 and the most capped English player of all time.

Retiering at the end of this season. He will be joining the backroom staff room though, as a GK Coach. Although he is not listed as a club legend GK's never make it to that list he truely is one. Femi Adebola - History - Bio. Femi Adebola was signed to add some creativity to the attack. His high Passing skills and Technique were the main reasons for him being signed.

He holds the club record of most assists in a season, at an amazing 39 assists. Mitch Pendleton - History - Bio. Mitch came trough the Hull Youth team, and became the heart of the defense at the age of Him and Terry Lee were a great combo as CB's. Jadan Collins - History - Bio. Collins has been the best player in the world 6 years in a row. Only now for the first time did he not win the Gold Ball, at the age of 34 he is still proving a worthy asset to the team.

And his scoring days are far from over. Terry Lee - History - Bio. T erry rose through the Hull Youth ranks and proved to be a loyal and a good CB. Never fails to please and still has a few ears left in the game.

Hull's Trophy Room. W ant more info of my game? Feel free to ask. Still not managed to qualify for the Champions League. Only Cairney remains although Hobbs left on a free at the end of the previous season.

Hobbs has managed to get a bench slot in the team of the season for me on three occasions. Quite a remarkable achievement given we'd not placed in the top 4 of the Premier League. I'm on the 'lite' version so unsure whether I can even get stadium upgrades but I did have an embargo last season as the Allems moved on. Tyler: Some great players you've had. Did you retain your title in the end and replace the old players?

The stadium has been bought but so far the Allams don't think there's enough demand to expand. Andy: Cairney is actually the only starting player I have left in my 7th season, after I sold Evans in the summer. I'll post some info up on him soon for you. Early on I was using him as a Deep Lying Playmaker primarily in a 3 man midfield so to make him a bit stronger in that deeper role I focused specific training on his Strength from 9 to 13 , Positioning from 8 to 12 and Marking from 7 to I also wanted him a little more agile to help avoid being tackled so boosted that from 12 to You can see in those first couple of seasons he didn't score and only had a few assists as he played deep and controlled possession but he did what I wanted for that point.

I didn't have anyone in the squad to tutor him at the start so his personality stayed the same. I then got stronger defensive players to sit back as DLP so was able to push Cairney higher, playing as a Box to Box MC though his long shots were usually set to rarely as I do with almost all my players , sometimes in a 3 man midfield and other times as a pair in a From there he started scoring, and playing higher up the pitch his assists increased too.

From around he reached full development and though various attributes increased by 1 or so his main development was during the first 2 seasons as I focused on the attributes mentioned above. After my early specific attribute focus, when he seemed to stop developing further I switched to Box to Box role training to maintain those areas. When Cairney has played it's been as the AP but he's now more of a backup player as I have high potential regens I've been developing and now passing Cairney in terms of quality.

You can see from his career stats how appearances are now dropping back. As for his attributes, the screenshot is with him just returning from a couple of 2-month injuries that have seen his attributes drop slightly across the board eg.

Technique down to 15 from 16 but when he regains fitness and plays some more games he should get a few of those back. He's slightly below his peak attributes after the injury but not lost too much. At this stage in my save playing in Europe every season, pushing top 4 in the league each time he's a versatile squad player - he can play AP in the middle and cover at DLP if needed, and has even played some games at left midfield if I've had bad injuries there.

He's not a first team starter any more due to the regens I mentioned but he rotates in and out. He'll stay the rest of this season but in the summer I'll look at potentially letting him go if he hasn't played many games. I'd like to keep him longer but with the group of regens I have he keeps dropping down the order. Since then he's gradually played less due to my focus on youth development but as said, my only original player remaining.

Thanks Chris, that's much appreciated. Sounds like he's been a tidy player without ever being a match-winner. You achieved some really important attribute increases, was that just through attribute focus in training and game-time? Or role training?

FM Hull City - the year of the wing back. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted November 6, I'd stick with them for the first season and depending on where you finish either purchase a new No1 for season 2 or a back up to Jakupovic should you think he will be good enough for the division you are in Full Backs Andy Dawson Joe Dudgeon Liam Rosenior Ahmed Elmohamady Conor Townsend Max Cl ark Danny East Henry Gill The full back slots have plenty of competition.

He is out of contract at the end of the season so unless you plan to keep for a couple of seasons it might be an opportunity to increase your transfer funds None of the youth team full backs have the potential to make the first team. Depending on whether you will play 1, 2 or 3 up front you could decide to cash in on one of them or Aaron McLean who finds himself in your reserve squad at the start of the game Cullen is at Bury on loan for the first season but possesses enough pace to be a decent option for a bench slot to come on and potentially offer you something different towards the end of a game.

Link to post Share on other sites. Reserved for future use. SRL88 Posted November 6, Nice work. Additionally, there were selection issues due to injuries in the early stages of the season I play FMC as it suits me better.

Posted November 7, Typically, I don't want to offer them what they want and this edition of the game has seen the negotiations take on a stricter aspect From my squad list you can see I have rotated wherever possible Sordell is starting to score and for the first time I played Aluko as an AMC rather that wide left and he destroyed Wolves.

Is this a team guide or a FM Story? I'm confused Purefun 0 Posted November 7, Teamthread mate. Great posts imo. Keep it up. Posted November 9, He played 15 games for them and when they were promoted to the Premier League he moved to Donny on a free transfer Andy Dawson Andy left the Tigers to move to Donny on a free transfer. He is averaging over 7 for them so is probably in the right place for what will probably be the last season of his career Cameron Stewart Cam didn't really feature much when he returned from his loan spell at Burnley.

Jamie Devitt Devitt spent the first season on loan at Torquay. Joe Dudgeon Joe was released at the end of the 2nd season had had plenty of options for a change in club both north and south of the border. He opted for Hibernian in the end and has been an ever present for them this season Lewis Clarkson Lewis spend season two on loan at Barrow.

Mark Cullen Mark played for Bury for the whole of the first season. Nick Proschwitz Nick didn't really have the pace to play in my season during season 1. Paul McKenna McKenna was released at the end of season 1. At 37 he has appeared less this season with just 13 appearances 6 as a sub Paul McShane McShane featured prominently for me in season 1 32 appearances but due to his wage demands I let him go.

Seyi Olofinjana Again, due to wage demands, I released Seyi following promotion in season 1. With those stats though I'm not sure he will be snapped up any time soon Sonny Bradley Sonny was also released at the end of season 1. I'd have taken 17th again and whilst we were absolutely rubbish for many parts of the season we had a couple of runs that were pretty decent Jack Hobbs played amazingly well - so good that he made the subs bench for team of the season Marvin Sordell had a great season scoring Posted November 15, Ukchris 2 Posted November 23, Posted November 23, How's your save going, played another season yet?

Season 1: - Wolves pushed me hard but I just managed to hold on to 2nd position for the automatic promotion and not have to go through the nervy playoffs. Squad stats I sold McLean at the start as I didn't like his attributes and McShane was on too high wages for my liking. I'll run through the starting players with my own personal observations and recommendations. Goalkeeper: Amos was the clear number 1 for me with better communication and command of his area, he organised the defence well.

Left Back: A weakness for me, hence my signing of Grosso. Right Back: Rosenior is great for this level but as I mentioned above I wasn't happy with Elmo as the only real cover, as I planned to use him a lot on the right wing.

Central Defence: Chester and Faye are both very good for the Championship, particularly at the start of the season. Defensive Midfield: Evans isn't the most creative but has energy and is fairly solid, with the bonus of developing through the season. Central Midfield: Cairney and Koren are a good pair, both comfortable on the ball and able to create.

Right Wing: Elmo and Koren offer two different approaches to wide play for the starting squad. Left Wing: Aluko and Quinn are both good players for the left and again offer slightly different playstyles. Striker: Fryatt is the best forward in the squad, hands down. Ukchris 2 Posted December 8, Posted December 8, Start of Season 2: - After promotion I spent a long time looking through available players and putting bids in.

Andy Dawson Released - Old, slow, never played. Habib Beye Released - Old, slow, was a short-term backup. Seyi Olofinjana Released - Ageing and on silly wages. As replacements I signed the following: Transfers In: Summer van der Kolk is a 15 year old with great potential, will see how he develops as a possible future striker. Now the summer business is about done it's time to set about securing promotion!

White Rose 10 Posted December 9, Posted December 9, Hopefully we can get a few more playing as Hull Tyler42 34 Posted December 9, My tiny squad for this season; Transfers so far:. Posted December 12, Andy 23 0 Posted December 14, Posted December 14, Ukchris 2 Posted January 5, Posted January 5, Pep Guardiola was practicing in Barcelona "B" and was getting good results , when he received the invite to start his career at Barcelona "A", as first team coach!!

Agora, vamos falar um pouco sobre aquilo que nos trouxe aqui A filosofia esta muito muito enraizada desde os "pequenos blaugrana" ate a equipa principal. Quando Pep Guardiola veio para ser treinador do Barcelona, ele queria trazer de volta a filosofia para a equipa principal.

Pep Guardiola esteve a "praticar" no Barcelona "B" e estava a obter bons resultados , quando recebeu o convite de comecar a sua carreira no Barcelona "A", como treinador principal!! I can tell you that I was doing a very deep search to learn how this team plays and I realized that have amount of stuff that I just didn't imagine!!

Eu posso dizer que estava a fazer uma pesquisa muito profunda para aprender como esta equipa joga e apercebi-me que existe um monte de coisas que eu nem imaginava!! It's right, I found a lot of "tiki-taka's", because it's a very entertaining system and the FM players want to put their teams playing like that, but I can guarantee you: this one is too much different from the other ones! I didn't base my tactic in anyone else, beside the books and my research on internet, because seeing the game is different to understand him.

E' certo que encontrei muitos "tiki-taka's", por que e' um sistema muito divertido e os jogadores de FM querem por as suas equipas a jogar assim, mas posso-vos garantir: esta tatica e' muito diferente de todas as outras! Eu nao baseei a minha tatica em mais ninguem para alem de livros e a minha pesquisa na internet, por que ver o jogo e' diferente de entende-lo.

So, what this tactics is proposing to do? Simple, we want: possession of course , do a lot of shots try to avoid the long shots , high pressure and high defensive line, zonal marking This tactics fits in those parameters!! Entao, o que e' que esta tactica se propoe a fazer? Simples, nos queremos: posse de bola evidentemente , fazer muitos remates tentar evitar os remates de longe , pressao alta e defesa subida, marcacao zonal Esta tatica encaixa nestes parametros!!

Antes das SS, vou falar um pouco sobre a formacao. GK Sweeper - This man has to know what to do with his feet!! He must to be quick and good at one-vs-one! GR - Este homem tem de saber o que fazer com os pes!! Ele tem de ser rapido e bom no um-contra-um! But it's better if they have acceleration and pace! A good header and a quick one is de perfect combination. In attacking corners, this tactics doesn't take advantage of great headers.

Later, you will see why Centrais - O tradicional defesa centro. Mas sera' melhor se tiverem aceleracao e velocidade! Um bom cabeceador e um mais rapido sao a combinacao perfeita. Nos cantos ofensivos nao tiramos vantagem de ter bons cabeceadores.

DM Defensive Midfielder - One of the most important position on this formation! Great header, marking, tackling, pass, acceleration and pace If he has those attributes, he will look like a wall!! Medio Defensivo - Um dos jogadores mais importantes deste esquema!

Bom cabeceamento, marcacao, desarme, passe, aceleracao e velocidade Se ele tiver esses atributos, ele vai parecer um muro!! CM both Central Midfielder - The easiest way to describe those two men's?? Xavi and Iniesta!! Pass, First touch, technique You know them. Medios Centro - A maneira mais facil de descrever estes dois homens??

Xavi e Iniesta!! Passe, Primeiro Toque, Tecnica The reason why is simple: they are really open on the lines and ready to cut inside when the centre forward isn't there!! Also, put them so higher on the field, make the oppositor full-back to retreat a lot and follow them. If not, they will have a lot of space to create opportunities! Extremos Avancado Interior - Este dois rapazes sao cruciais na pressao alta, posse de bola, golos A razao e' simples: eles estao bem abertos nas linhas e preparados para vir para dentro quando o avancado nao estiver la!!

Alem disso, coloca-los tao subidos no terreno, faz com que os laterais adversarios recuem e os sigam. Caso contrario, eles terao muito espaco para criar oportunidades!

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The tactic is designed to create as many chances as possible, as there are no wingers in the formation the width comes from the wingbacks and outside CAMS who roam into space and the channels to spread the play and provide outlets. The aim is to play a high tempo, short passing game to create plenty of chances and ultimately goals. Join the discussion. More resources from boroboy Resource icon. Steam Workshop Klopp's Yellow Wall Recreating Klopps Dortmund tactics.

Won the domestic double with Haaland scoring 38 league goals. Unbeaten in the Bundesliga. Steam Workshop Orbit the Enganche. Possession based tactic built around the Enganche. The Protagnista Narrow A vertical Tika Taka system that controls the game through possession. Winning the Domestic double. Latest updates Punteggio Gratuito v2 So I decided to go back something more akin to the original shape and formation with the latest After the feedback and comments on the initial release of the tactic, I have set about trying to Read more….

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Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. This tactic is all about outscoring your opponent! Wolf 9 Oct, am. Il Duce 31 Aug, pm. Won league 1 by 30 points and broke 4 league 1 records with bristol city and currently in 1st in the championship. This tactic is fantastic. I'm 4 seasons in with my Hamburg team specifically chosen because I went on my stag do there. Credit where its due.

I did changed something, only player roles , wings changed it to Raumdeuter, middle of the pitch , instead OM, i pulled it down as a Box to Box, wingbacks support , central defenders to cover and stopper.. Raumdeuter scores plenty goals as my AF.. Surely someone can answer if it needs OI's??

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This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Description Discussions 0 Comments 51 Change Notes. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. Add to Collection. This item has been added to your Favorites. File Size. PaulHW Offline. See all 37 collections some may be hidden. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. This tactic is all about outscoring your opponent! Wolf 9 Oct, am.

Il Duce 31 Aug, pm. Won league 1 by 30 points and broke 4 league 1 records with bristol city and currently in 1st in the championship. This tactic is fantastic. I'm 4 seasons in with my Hamburg team specifically chosen because I went on my stag do there.

Credit where its due. I did changed something, only player roles , wings changed it to Raumdeuter, middle of the pitch , instead OM, i pulled it down as a Box to Box, wingbacks support , central defenders to cover and stopper.. Raumdeuter scores plenty goals as my AF.. Surely someone can answer if it needs OI's?? TheIrateOtter 13 Apr, pm.

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