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Guida betting exchange max

If you want to start betting seriously on Formula 1, you need to understand the tools that are at your disposal. Add to that, you will need a solid understanding of the sport that goes beyond casual viewership. With the right knowledge of the sport, you should be able to identify value bets and even predict race outcomes with reasonable accuracy. Here are some Formula 1 betting tips to get you started as a serious punter.

Stats are as important in Formula 1 as in any other sport. Even the smallest details can help you to find information which will help you beat the bookies over time. Some great sites for stats include:. Of course, these sources will also give you a tonne of news and other soft information , which you can use to augment your data-based strategy. Knowing how well a driver has performed historically on a given track or conditions will do a lot to help you estimate their chances of winning.

Weather, track length, speed and type all favour different drivers. Each Formula 1 car performs differently in different circumstances. Just as a driver can perform differently on different tracks, so can cars perform differently. Get to know your car's performance on straight tracks, bends, wet or dry tracks.

Of course, this can be hard, especially in the beginning of the season, since constructors usually come with new models and updates every year. But by the middle of the season, you should have enough data. Various sites offer race previews. These are usually written by knowledgeable journalists and racing experts. Some great sites for race news include:. Historically, the weather has often greatly influenced the outcome of a Grand Prix.

Unexpected rainfall has caused some of the most dramatic incidents in racing history. In , for example, the Belgian Grand Prix saw a downpour creating havoc, leading to the first every win for the Jordan team, and a one-two on top of it. Of course it does not have to be as drastic as that. Even minimal rain can drastically affect a race outcome, while smaller factors such as humidity and temperature can affect any vehicles performance.

One of the most determining factors in any race is the starting grid position. The further the a driver is from pole position, the more cars he will have to overtake in order to come close to a podium spot. This steals valuable seconds every round. On certain tracks, such as the Canadian Grand Prix, there are still enough opportunities to overtake. However, on tracks like the Monaco Track, overtaking is virtually impossible. Watching the qualifying sessions will give you a good indication of how a vehicle and driver will perform the following day.

F1 offers punters plenty of markets on which to bet. Bets are divided in outright wagers, like who will win the season and wagers on individual races. Live betting also plays a large role in Formula 1, and, since the races typically last more than an hour, you have plenty of time to select a winner before someone finally waves the checkered flag.

This award goes to the driver who manages to collect the most points over the course of the season. As the season continues, the odds will more clearly favour one driver over the rest. For the best value bet, choose your winner early on in the season. The second most prestigious prize is the Constructors' Championship. Since each constructor gets to have two cars in the race, the team with the best accumulative score over the season gets an award.

The most popular bet is the race winner. Betting on the race winner before the race starts often has higher odds than during the live race, when it becomes more clear who is winning. While the payout for Podium Finish will not be as high as for Race Winner, it is usually a much safer bet. As long as your driver ends in the top 3, you will win your bet.

With the popularity of inter-team rivalries, it is becoming very popular to bet on which driver of two will finish highest. These types of bets are offered for individual races, as well as the outright results. Another bet with plenty of room for volatility is the Lap 1 leader. As any Formula 1 fan knows, the first lap is prone to accidents and plenty of surprises. Look for value in underdog bets here. Every Saturday before race day, drivers try to set the best single lap in order to set their place on the starting grid.

This position is sure to give them a large advantage over the rest of the track. Formula 1 is full of fun odds on which to bet. Any driver can get the fastest lap, though this will not mean they will automatically win or even be able to finish the race. While winning the fastest lap does not come with any points, it is still a matter of prestige between drivers and constructors.

This betting option lets you bet yes or no on whether you think a safety car will appear. The Formula 1 season will consist of 23 races, each of which is being contested by 20 drivers. Being on the same team is by no means a guarantee of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The main goal of the F1 season as a driver is to finish with the most amount of points, but how exactly does this point allocation work? Out of the 20 starting drivers, the top 10 will earn points.

The team with the most points takes home the Constructors Championship. There are surprisingly few difficult terms and rules one has to understand when watching Formula 1. For the most part, it is 20 cars racing, with one car finishing as the winner and the next 9 finishing in the points. This is ideal for overtaking as it gives your car more speed, but it can only be used in the following scenario:.

The driver has to be chasing a car and be no more than 1 second behind him, and the two cars have to find themselves in a DRS Zone. Only the chasing driver can engage his DRS. There are in total 7 tyre compounds available to every team during the racing season. Every driver has to use two of the three selected tyres during the race. Many think of Formula 1 as simply being a race that lasts a couple of hours at the most. This is true, yet also remarkably false at the same time.

The race weekend starts on Friday, and it starts with the very first practice. In most sports, no one except the players and coaches pay attention to the practice. F1 is a bit different. There are no points or positions to fight for — this is simply an opportunity for the drivers to get familiar with the track and the changes made to the car. The final practice takes place on Saturday morning. After the morning practice, it is time for qualification. F1 Qualification takes place in three stages and follows a classic knockout system.

These drivers will fill starting positions in the race with the slowest driver starting last. A short break follows before stage two starts. Stage two lasts for 15 minutes and, as soon as the 15 minutes are up, the 5 slowest drivers will be eliminated, filling up starting positions This leads us to stage 3. Stage 3 is the high point of the Saturday as it sees the fastest drivers compete to start at pole position.

Q3 only lasts for 12 minutes, meaning the drivers have to be on their game in order to rack up the fastest lap-time. Finally, we have the race. The race itself always takes place on the Sunday, and the drivers start in the positions determined by the qualification the day before. All 20 drivers start in the same grid, meaning that even if you start in pole position, a good start is essential.

Starting first gives you an advantage, as escaping a potential accident with other cars is easier, but stalling or encountering issues can be race-ending, even for the car starting first. An F1 race is kilometres long — the only exception being Monaco, which is kilometres. Every race track is slightly different in length, meaning that the amount of laps will differ from race to race, but the length of the race will be the same.

Silverstone has 52 laps, Monza has 53, and Singapore has 61 laps. The history of Formula 1 dates all the way back to Yes, Ferrari has dominated for years and the amount of world-class Italian drivers is nothing short of staggering, but one cannot doubt the impact Bernie Eccleston, Frank Williams, Jack Brabham, and the entire McLaren team have had on the history of F1. Between and , Formula 1 had many big-name champions and the title changed hands regularly.

The one consistency, however, was the relative British domination. First things first, import the libraries that are used. In this instance I am keeping my certificate and key in the same place as the notebook for ease, but you can save them elsewhere and use an absolute address.

Here we are setting the URL that will be posting to, the request, and the headers. This particular request will provide a list of all available sports from Betfair. This has to be set up like below bet can be changed when in this format.

The method can be changed using the operations that can be found here. The json response is made up of Dicts and Lists, or more accurately a Dictionary containing a List of Dictionaries which contains a Dictionary. The results show the name of the market, the market ID which is used later on when filtering for upcoming matches , and the market count the number of available markets to bet on.

This will provide the number of markets that include inplay and upcoming, this can be set to show only upcoming or inplay which will be mentioned later. Below is the output of the above code. Below is an example of how to see the name of the event. Notice the aforementioned Dictionary with a List of Dictionaries which contain a Dictionary. If at any time you are unsure of what the dictionaries keys are use. Next, we will move on and find how to get the available markets available for a specific event that is currently inplay.

By using the listMarketTypes method the request is asking for all markets and with the addition of filters it can be fine-tuned to see markets specific to an event. The first filter used finds only the events for that specific id in this case it is Football using its id of 1. The other filter is whether it is inplay or not, if it is omitted it will provide both inplay and not inplay markets, this way it can effectively toggle between inplay and not.

The market types above can be used to find out what teams are playing with the selected market by using the listMarketCatalogue method. Sticking with Football as the event with the addition of the filter marketTypeCodes. Another addition is setting a time range.

This is set before adding it to the request as it is easier to add to the request with a single name rather than a large line. The response is sorted to display the first fixture to start and will only have 1 result. Note that max results will only accept a maximum of To see the teams playing in the fixture marketProjection is added.

From this point on we will be looking at Horse Racing. You can see that I have pulled a number of variables from the request, this is to make it easier if changes need to be made. The variables are the same as the above example with the addition of metadata and inplay. The result of this request will give all the races in the UK and Ireland over the next 24 hours. When checking each race, it shows the all the information associated with the race importantly the marketId, which will be useful later.

To explore further into this output it is the same as before. For this the horse from above will be used. The operations used can be found here. Note: You can only pass in one marketId and one selectionId in that market per request. To get the necessary Ids you can just look at the output and enter it in manually or you can set them as variables. This is the output if there is an invalid selectionId passed.

No odds are shown as there was nothing specific to get the odds for. This is the output if there is an valid selectionId passed. As can be seen there is now information connected to the selectionId used. It shows the Price that it was last traded at on the Betfair Exchange along with the prices that it can be backed at and the price that it can be layed against it. I will not get into what a lay bet is and for this example will only be looking at the first price available to back.

Now that the basics have been covered on how to get the Races in a 24 hour period, the horses running in the races and the odds a specific horse. The function that will be created will calculate the average of each horses form in each race. It will then determine which horse has the best average form and it will be added to a dataframe alongside the odds for the selected horse, race, and the name of the horse. A horses form is made up of the positions that it has placed in its last 6 races.

To combat this, you can weight these codes with whatever value you think is reasonable, which I have done below. This function is also intended to be the only thing need to be run that is why I have added the first part about getting the SSOID. The first part of the function is the declaration of variables and lists that will be used within the function, along with the creation of the pandas dataframe.

It is at this point where the form is averaged out, as can be seen this is a bit messy and requires some clean-up but for the time being it operates as required. As can be seen the averaged number is added to a list. This list is then iterated through and checked against the lowest average that was set to at the beginning. If the average at the current list location is less than the lowest average, then the new average is set as the new lowest average and the name of the horse and selectionId are appended to a list.


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A back bet is the same as a bet you would place at a bookmaker. The difference is that you choose what odds you like. A lay bet or laying is where you bet on something not to happen, basically you are acting as the bookmaker. You can choose your own odds and you want to lay as low as possible.

Better Odds — Exchanges tend to have better odds than bookmakers. For lower odds they would be close to bookmakers odds but for higher odds exchanges will almost always have superior odds. Trading — Trading is where you can bet and lay on the same market and manage to make a profit even before the event has started. You can also trade in-play. Big bets- As long as there is the liquidity, you place as big as a bet as you like.

You might struggle to get a couple of grand on a horse at a bookie, but that is not a problem at an exchange, as there are loads of people laying bets using their money. Multiple Betting accounts can really help you increase your returns and increase your chances of making a profit.

Only having one online betting account can. The Gambling Commission have announced tighter controls on online gambling. The new controls will have to be in place by 31st October and to. Home - Betting Exchange Guide. Betting Exchange Guide. Table of Contents. Exchanges display odds in decimal format as it is easier to read. The current odds showing are 2. For example, you dont think West Ham will win so you want to lay them. But, if you wish to place on price, lets say 1. In other words, you have offered someone to bet against you at odds 1.

Your bet will become valid in the moment someone else has matched your price of 1. If your "contract" isn't matched until the start of this event, your unmatched bet will be canceled and money reserved for this bet will be returned to your wallet. The same stands if you wish to place your bet on LAY , meaning if you wish to bet against France to win.

The price you can take straight away is 1. If you wish to lay a bet, it is normal that you want to lay the lowest possible price, this means that you will risk less money to win bigger amount. You have probably noticed from this screenshot that back price and lay price are pretty close to each other.

Good liquidity means that there is a lot of people interested in betting on this event and want to make their prices competitive enough to be matched by you. Good liquidity manifests in 2 ways:. There is a solid amount of money available to place on these odds.

Now, bookmakers would offer you odds 1. In is not strange if you see odds 1. Solid amount of money available to place your bet means that this match or market attracts such a high interest from other people that there is not only already a nice amount of matched bets, but also a good amount of money still to be matched at good odds.

Bad liquidity means that there isn't high interest from other users of betting exchange in this event and that your bet either probably won't be matched or there isn't anything to be matched from other users. If you read all this above 1 or 2 times more, it should already be much cleared how betting exchanges work and how simple it actually is.

Another thing that will help you better understand how betting exchange works is to open an account on one of the betting changes we recommend in our reviews section and risk to place small amount bets just to get more cozy with using back and lay system.

It is called sports trading simply because you trade prices of certain events with other people. Basically you buy someone else's odds and sell your odds. If you are selling your odds, then your odds can be bought or not bought by someone else, just as you can decide whether you want to buy someone's odds.

The ones that want to back an event obviously want to have the highest possible price because their returns are then bigger. The ones that lay some price want to achieve the lowest possible price because that way they risk less money to win some amount back. The higher lay price is, the higher is liability because in order to win 10 EUR from laying odds at price 10, you have to offer someone 90 EUR of your money. It is a well know fact that major bookmakers follow betting exchanges and also betting exchanges sometimes follow what are price changes at major bookmakers.

This is due to the fact that on betting exchanges, there is a lot of knowledgeable people that place their bets. Major advantages of trading at betting exchanges are:. Users of betting exchanges are not limited by bookmakers on which odds they will place a bet or which amount of money they will place, this is determined naturally by trade among users of betting exchanges.

Betting Exchanges will never ban an account, limit it on any way or refuse to payout winnings for winning 2 much money. On the contrary, they reward users that place and win more bets by lowering their commission. This is due to the fact that these users contribute more to betting of other users and liquidity of events they trade.

Over the years traders developed various techniques and automated trading systems on which you can win even large amount of money. Using these techniques and tools makes betting exchange similar to stock exchange and it is available for anyone to use. More and more people make a living just from trading at betting exchanges. Read about some of the most common trading techniques and trading tools in our other articles. The only price you have to pay to betting exchange is commission on winnings.

It differs from betting exchange to betting exchange and ranges from 1. This is used only to pay their salaries and keep the site running.