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Sportsbetting poker reviews super bowl betting list

Sportsbetting poker reviews

All deposit fees will be covered by Sportsbetting. Withdrawals, however, will have fees for every option available. Your personal information email, name, address, etc will not be shared or sold to other 3rd parties either. You can feel safe here.

Aside from bonuses, Sportsbetting gives you an additional bonus when you deposit with Bitcoin. It also accepts a number of other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash. There are no fees and deposits and withdrawals are always speedy. You can even use a QR code to scan and deposit crypto.

If you have any problems, the site has a Bitcoin to help you get your coins on the site. Like Betonline, Sportsbetting. This bonus can be used every single time you make a deposit. The bonus itself is a great value in terms of being able to use it over and over again. The rollover is standard, though, against most sites. Aside from the deposit bonus, Sportsbetting. They do award POP points for playing real money games, which can then be used to enter money-added freerolls.

One unique thing about Sportsbetting. It keeps all the players into one of two sections, which increases the likelihood that a game will be running. It looks alright and works. You can bet on sports from your phone though. No app is needed — just visit the site and log-in. Linux users will need to use an emulator or dual boot setup. In early it was bought out and rebranded by Lock Poker, the flagship site and company on the network.

We've followed US poker legislation and regulation for the last 10 years and consider ourselves experts in the industry. Our State pages provide a review of the laws as we see them. We do not provide gambling services. We do provide recommendations on where to play poker, however, these sites have gone through a rigorous review process. Please note - this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you need legal advice, we advise you to contact a lawyer. After releasing the mobile poker solution, SB.

You can log into it and take a seat using pretty much any modern web browser. Only seldom will you see more than two or three tables in this format going, but, hey, that's two or three more than you'll encounter at almost every other USA-friendly poker room. It's only possible to play at up to eight ring game tables at a time. If you attempt to launch more than this, you'll get an error message. Boost poker came to SB. This is a fast-fold cash game format, which lets you fold your hand if you don't like it and be transported instantaneously to another table to begin a new game round.

This way of doing things speeds up the pace of the game significantly. If you're curious about what the flow of the game is like in Boost, then be sure to check out our video of it below:. In December , Sportsbetting. AG introduced Windfall Poker , which adds a random twist to the traditional sit n' go formula. In a three-person Windfall, the system chooses a number between 2 and 2,, and that's how many buyins the prize pool contains.

Additional styles of Windfall, with altered multiplier amounts and frequencies, were introduced in March They're called Jackpot and Flips. The poker tournament schedule at this card room is weighted heavily toward the lower end of the price scale.

Recently, Sportsbetting. While the initial deposit bonus attracts newcomers to Sportsbetting. This is why the site offers a full rotation of promotional specials that are designed to put some additional cash into your pocket over time no matter what type of poker games you enjoy. There are three separate divisions based on blind level, so you have a chance to win every if you only sit in the lowest-stakes games.

All forms of cash game poker are valid toward this leaderboard, including Omaha games, Boost fast-fold pools, and Bad Beat Jackpot tables. The standings are divided up into two sections: one for Windfalls and another for regular sit-n-gos although double-or-nothing and heads-up games do not count. Each leaderboard period starts on a Sunday at noon and continues through to the following Sunday at a. Once you have done this, you will begin to accrue leaderboard points by paying SNG fees.

If you play on the Bad Beat Jackpot tables at Sportsbetting. The Bad Beat Jackpot pays out for every hand of quad Qs or better than goes to showdown and loses assuming that at least four players received cards in the hand and both players used both their hole cards at showdown.

Sometimes, the site reduces the minimum qualifying hand to something less than QQQQ. The rest of the table will divvy up another Throughout , the particulars of these payout arrangements were fiddled with a number of times, most often to the detriment of players. We didn't like this, and we made a Bad Beat Jackpot video pointing out the greediness of management in this area. It seems as though our concerns were noted because SB.

There's a smaller BBJ that's active in fast-fold Boost pools: one that typically only reaches into the hundreds or low thousands of dollars before being hit. In order to qualify for it, you need or better cracked at showdown. Even at the best-run companies, unforeseen circumstances sometimes develop. Whenever you have a problem or concern at Sportsbetting. Simply call the toll-free number, , or click on the Live Chat link on the website.

You can also direct your queries through email to cs[at]sportsbetting. We decided to test out the Live Chat support interface to see how good it was. We had deposited with a Sportsbetting. He knew what we were talking about and advised us that he was adding the bonus to our account manually. He also informed us that poker management would be crediting us our tournament money within 24 hours.

Although we would have preferred if the automatic SB. We've found SB. Most of the comments about Sportsbetting on forums are positive as you can observe below:. The good news for Americans is that Sportsbetting. Why do you ask? Because insofar as providing proof for your accusations, you provide exactly none!

Seriously man, if you want to be taken at face value, you will need to provide something for debate. A forum link, a database picture, some table stats, anything! We do not think that Sportsbetting ag, nor its parent The Chico Poker Network, is a scam, nor is it overrun by bots, and finally, it is certainly not rigged to steal your money or whatever you are implying.

Our staff at ProfessionalRakeback. We would not recommend them otherwise. Collectively our staff has played at over poker rooms and hundreds of online casinos and sportsbooks since We just do not see the same problem you seem to see. Are there bots in online poker? Of course. Are they infesting all the games and making them unplayable? Certainly not. We appreciate you commenting, even if we disagree. And if you can provide some statistical proof of this, perhaps email or Skype us. We would love to see it so that we can: A let the site know about potential bots to investigate and B write a story about it!

I have played at sportsbook. Though I don't think it is rigged I have seen some really shady hands go down always with the same player going all in with garbage and hitting a boat or straight or flush. I am personally responsible for outing 4 poker bots. I play pot limit omaha and there is always one bot at the table. Sometimes there are as many as 3 bots at the table, accounting for half the players. It does get unplayable at that point. I play while the bots are away and leave when they show up.

Bot shows up I just go find something else to do. The big problem is the site doesn't do anything about them unless you have rock solid proof which takes about 3 months to gather. Get rid of one and another pops up in it's place.

Just go to the site and sit down and ask the real players how many bots there are, then you will get the truth. If I lived in New Jersey I would play at a different site. Thanks for sharing a comment with some actual substance this time James. We appreciate that! Even if we disagree, we can at least start a meaningful dialogue this way.

We know there are bots in online poker. They exist on every poker site. Their prevalence is what we dispute. With that said, we appreciate your report on the level of botting you see in the games. We will of course continue to monitor the situation. They do it more slowly than you or I like, we can definitely agree on that point.

However, it does take time to conduct and investigation into an alleged bot. Furthermore, it takes this pesky little thing called evidence in order for the site to close an account, confiscate funds, and redistribute them to players who were wronged. We are happy that Chico does thorough vetting of its players.

This ensures there are no false positives.


The search feature by itself provides a seamless and very fast navigation. One of the key SportsBetting. They are just as secure as all the high-ranking online poker site out there — but this does not imply that it stops there. Customers can, therefore, enjoy stress-free gaming thanks to the guarantee that their information and money are safe from any threat. Mobile poker is a thing on SportsBetting Poker.

You can access the instant play platforms with a number of devices that run on Android or iOS. Just head over to the website through your mobile browser and SportsBetting will automatically adjust itself for instant play from any handheld devices.

If you are not entirely sure or in the mood to type up the URL, you can just scan one of the QR codes. Rake at SportsBetting Poker is very player-friendly. Depending on the stake and pot in the game, the rake will vary. Looking to land a little more profit along the way? Distinct yourself as one of the leaders on the platform, and earn more.

You will be allocated points which will place you on a leaderboard. If you manage to finish within the top 20 players on the platform you will be given extra money based on your account level. The Promotion section is full of awesome bonuses you can choose from. Lets just take a second and think about this. A player has days to clear the full bonus amount. This is a great incentive to keep exiting players happy, not just the new ones.

To start a game, there need to be 3 players. We have put a detailed guide that will walk you through the simple registration process. The highlight is to always provide the card room to avoid any issues later on. Managing your money at SportsBetting Poker is very simple. You are given quick access to a variety of cashing options. We do recommend familiarizing yourself with cryptocurrencies as they give you some flexibility when it comes to managing your funds.

Even if cryptocurrencies are not passion, rest assured that you will be able to use bank cards and e-wallets, or even bank wires to manage your funds. Customer support services at SportsBetting. Their staff are reviewed stringently and vetted thoroughly before being allowed to join their team — thus you can expect them to be professional, courteous and very friendly.

All player queries are also handled swiftly so that you can get back to your favorite poker table before you know it. US players from all 50 states are welcome to play at Sportsbetting. Adam Mason Senior Editor.

Updated February, Reading Time 15 minutes. Claim Your Free Bonus. The felt color has a few color choices, the carpet offers even more, and the cards have several themes. All of these can be set by the player. All of them look sharp and minimalistic. Custom avatar photos can now be uploaded by each player or you can choose from stock ones. These stand out compared to the old picture-less placeholders. It may sound strange and nitpicky, but do you know what I liked most about the new Sportsbetting Poker software?

The ditching of the anchored Blackjack game that literally used to live next to every single poker table. That was atrocious and a transparent attempt to tempt bored and frustrated poker players into house games. Another feature that caters to grinders and sharks is the Buddy List.

This allows you to track and join the table of anyone you add without their approval. However, this was one aspect I never saw the logic in. Sportsbetting Poker added some built-in options for multi-tabling with new shortcuts to either tile or cascade every table window. It also lacks advanced and fun extras like rabbit hunting, deal it twice, or showing one card. That was a missed opportunity.

Sportsbetting Poker added this, so you can make tables full-screen or smaller than default size without losing clarity. This is a sharper software client and is no longer a negative. As good as the deposit methods are at Sportsbetting Poker, I think every online poker site is only as strong as their withdrawals. Fortunately, this is one of the largest cashiers left in the US and the ability to receive payouts within a week is a coup in this market. I promise Bitcoin can be less painful than ripping a bandage off, with none of the sticky skin.

Several of the small poker-only operations have been struggling to meet processing demand. The result is extreme delays for players to receive just one method, usually paper checks. Sportsbetting Poker gives direct bank wires, paper checks, and cash transfers as options. Your payout is sent within a week directly to your bank account without the hassle of check depositing.

It seems like a basic concept, but telephone support is actually quite rare for online poker sites these days. Email support replies are currently taking about 24 hours at Sportsbetting Poker, which is about average in the current market.

Naturally, customer service is excellent for depositing players, with the support team excelling at finding a deposit alternative for just about anyone having issues with credit cards. One of the more impressive features of Sportsbetting Poker is the decent level of traffic, which is always tough to come by for new independent poker networks.

Player numbers have also steadily grown since launch, largely a feature of the easy deposits and US players looking for new homes after being shunted by the former market leaders. The total player count at Sportsbetting Poker is usually over 3, , although much of that is due to freeroll players.

The top tournaments usually draw between players, which is about average in the market. Most of the casual interest in poker is also in the quick action of tournaments, likely with edited TV coverage being their only foundation of game strategy. Sports and casino players used to immediate feedback or not forced to directly act to decide the outcome of a bet tend to play poker more for a quick thrill. Big bets and bluffs give them that over the disciplined grinding winning poker usually calls for.

Patient tournament players and those who want to save the rebuy fees can capitalize on the rush that seems to dominate the early stages. The same strategy of isolation and playing the opposite style of the rest of the table, which is almost always playing tight at a loose table at Sportsbetting Poker, can be used in the similarly-wild cash tables. Play at Sportsbetting Poker Now. Josh H Owner and Editor-in-Chief A lifelong poker player who moved online in , Josh founded Beat The Fish in to help online poker players make more-informed decisions on where to play and how to win once they got there.

He hopes to counter the rampant dishonesty in online gaming media with objective reviews and relevant features. Tech nostalgic. Both Sportsbetting and BetOnline are owned by the same company and are on the same poker network. That means they share the same tables and tournaments.

Does sportsbetting require a rollover of some type to clear? When you make your deposit you have to email Sportsbetting lame, I know to request the bonus and then it sits as bonus cash alongside your actual money in the cashier. At Sportsbetting Poker specifically, when you earn player points from either contributing rake at cash games or paying tournament fees you receive Comp Points.

Sportsbetting is decent that they give you 60 to earn as much as you can and their release rate is above-average. The Ultimate Sportsbetting Poker Review. Overall 3. Cons Tournament schedule could be better Software lacks advanced features Check payouts are quick, but high minimum.

Bitcoin will give much lower minimum payouts. No blocking of HUD users. Josh H Owner and Editor-in-Chief. A lifelong poker player who moved online in , Josh founded Beat The Fish in to help online poker players make more-informed decisions on where to play and how to win once they got there.

Hi Justin, thanks for visiting the site and leaving a note. Thank you! Thanks, Tim! Really appreciate it. Hope that helps! Get online coupon. Claim promo.

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This gives their members a little more money to work with when it comes to betting on those sports. From deposit bonuses to refer-a-friend bonuses and all of the other promotions in between, SportsBetting poker is definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to this section of their site. SportsBetting poker offers excellent customer service staff via telephone, email or live chat on the actual website.

If you call their direct line at , then you will immediately be connected with an agent live to help you solve your problem. At the same time, you could simply log on to the site and take advantage of their live chat feature by speaking with somebody there. Players across the board enjoy Sportsbetting poker for a variety of reasons. The software is slick and easy-to-use making your poker experience as smooth as possible. Most of all, players say that the games are soft.

There are multiple Reddit threads where players agree that games are pretty soft. Games are pretty soft not much variety in tournaments or cash games. Sportsbetting poker has a lot of players and is one of the top 10 sites in the United States when it comes to player traffic. During peak times you can find thousands of players on Sportsbetting poker across all its games. While there are some occasional guarantees and special tournament series that up the player count, especially in tournaments, most of the traffic comes from the cash games.

The peak hours are afternoons and nights and traffic picks up on the weekends. Normally you can find a few hundred players during regular tournaments. Sportsbetting poker like most major poker sites has a number of security options that ensure that every aspect of the site is protected. The site has a Random Number Generator that ensures that every poker hand dealt is completely and free of interference. Data is transmitted over secure lines too to ensure that every hand is protected and secure.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions are completely secure and any transactions using credit card or banking information is protected through encryption and secure servers. Sportsbetting poker is a secure and safe site. Transactions are nearly instantaneous compared to waiting a few business days with other types of transactions. The games are plentiful and soft. As its name implies, it also has a sportsbook available where you can wager on any sporting event your heart desires.

There are also a number of different prop bets you can join in on. SportsBetting poker has done an excellent job of improving its overall experience over the years. They now rank among the best sportsbooks out there. There are so many different betting options including live betting on sports.

This means members can find whatever they are looking for in what place with this site. Their bonuses and betting promotions rank among the best in the industry. That makes it even more fun to play with them. A wide range of banking methods and a quality customer service setup help puts SportsBetting poker over the top as one of the top online sportsbooks.

We've followed US poker legislation and regulation for the last 10 years and consider ourselves experts in the industry. Our State pages provide a review of the laws as we see them. We do not provide gambling services. We do provide recommendations on where to play poker, however, these sites have gone through a rigorous review process.

Please note - this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you need legal advice, we advise you to contact a lawyer. The Sportsbook The advantages of playing with SportsBetting poker are simple and obvious. Live Betting SportsBetting poker has extended its live betting coverage in recent years to feature a ton of NBA games, college basketball, hockey and tennis. User Interface One of the best things about SportsBetting poker is that it is so easy to navigate.

Withdrawal Options SportsBetting poker also offers a number of different methods for withdrawal including person to person, Bank Wire, check by mail, check by courier, check express, Bitcoin , Litecoin, Skrill and book to book. Customer Service SportsBetting poker offers excellent customer service staff via telephone, email or live chat on the actual website.

What other players are about Sportsbetting Poker? Safety Sportsbetting poker like most major poker sites has a number of security options that ensure that every aspect of the site is protected. You will get the poker odds calculator for FREE and it comes for both Windows and Mac which simply makes it a top choice among gamers of all levels and bankrolls. Each promotion will come with some sort of initial conditions, but to be perfectly honest, other than the matched bonus rules, you will not have much to worry about at all.

Usually, you may be on the lookout for some sort of deadline, which means that you have to complete the bonus conditions by a particular date as is the case with the welcome bonus , but most commonly, you will be credited all promotions right away and without much of a hassle. Installing the software is as easy as rain. You will never have to struggle with the installation windows which does things automatically. Adjusting the directory and choosing whether and what shortcuts to have is all part of the deal.

It honestly took less than a minute to install even on our relatively dated laptops. Ease and intuitiveness seem to be one of the most common traits of this poker room. On desktop, the software runs on the two major Operating Systems, which in this case means Mac and Windows.

The foresight of SportsBetting Poker in catering to the largest groups of gamers is definitely a point in their favor. We will also want to commend them for developing native mobile apps that allow you to quickly load up your smartphones with a trustworthy poker app and game away as much as you please. The native poker apps work flawlessly and they pack the full functionality of the main page into them.

With this in mind, you will find downloading the real money poker apps a truly simple affair as all it takes is a quick scan of the QR code. SportsBetting Poker have turned their website into one of the most flexible card room options presently on the market! We have heard in the past that SportsBetting and its sister website BetOnline Poker are among the best places to stake your money and know that the banking facilities are reliable enough to guarantee you a quick turnaround.

Upon tasking the Cashier function ourselves, we were equally impressed with SportsBetting Poker. Equally, you have quite a few ways to cash out your winnings quickly and without any questions asked! As experienced reviewers, we have talked to customer care support when we had struggle to find information about banking or promotions.

Well, SportsBetting Poker has decided to spare us all the trouble of looking for numbers and metrics that are supposed to be in plain sight to begin with. Judging by the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts, this website is quite accommodating to budget players and the high rollers alike.

Upon selecting the more info box, you will be redirected to a fully-detailed information about banking on the website provided for free and in a form that is quite easy to understand. You can hit the customer care agents via Live Chat or simply opt for one of the three e-mails listed on the website:. If you want to place a call, you can just as well do this SportsBetting Poker makes it its mission to avoid any communication confusion and remains available for your queries around the clock.

This is the type of multi-purpose poker room you will want to play with we are sure. Some may call it a late arrival, but we call it a benchmark bearer, because SportsBetting Poker treats clients with respect and secures that they may enjoy their favorite game in a safe environment. The promise of a dear promise is very dear indeed with the thousands of dollars that exchange hands every week.

Recurrent promotions and complete compatibility with any conceivable device on the market make this website an even better and more desired choice. The visually stunning graphics are just the tip of the iceberg. Between the veneer lies a flawless core which will help you enjoy poker without ever having to worry about a single aspect of the game as you would normally do with other operators.

SportsBetting Poker Review. Visit SportsBetting.