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Rossidis nicosia betting

Straumann A Simon HU. Siddique I Khan I. Aberrant expression of CDX2 in Barrett's epithelium and inflammatory esophageal mucosa. Eda A Sugano K. Infiltrating eosinophils and eotaxin: their association with idiopathic eosinophilic esophagitis. Fujiwara H Saeki Y. Epperly MW Greenberger JS. The association between CagA status and the development of esophagitis after the eradication of Helicobacter pylori.

Rokkas T Raptis SA. Koe G. Gastroesophageal reflux disease: pathophysiology and pharmacology overview. Dajani EZ. Stickle RL Duodenal ulcer and gastroesophageal reflux disease today: long-term therapy--a sideways glance. Bardhan KD. Mallick R McCoy KL. Is coffee ground vomiting important? Schneider JR Leeds JS. Definitive re-irradiation of locally recurrent esophageal cancer after trimodality therapy in patients with a poor performance status.

W Kim D J Mamon H. M'Harzi L Bruzzi M. Post-POEM reflux: who's at risk? Arevalo G Marks J. Gastric myotomy length affects severity but not rate of post-procedure reflux: 3-year follow-up of a prospective randomized controlled trial of double-scope per-oral endoscopic myotomy POEM for esophageal achalasia. Grimes KL Inoue H. Lorentzen J Hjelmesath J.

Approaches to diet therapy for eosinophilic esophagitis. Molina-Infante J Lucendo AJ. Choksi YA Vaezi MF. Tourlamain G Outcomes of concurrent radiotherapy with weekly docetaxel and platinum-based chemotherapy in stage III non-small-cell lung cancer. Kaderbhai CG Martin E. Impact of early gastroesophageal reflux disease on childhood otologic outcomes. Lee JA Meyer TA. Dabigatran-induced esophagitis masking esophageal cancer.

Iwamuro M Okada H. Dimbezel V Nedelcu M. Temiz F Tuglular S. Anderson PM Lalla RV. The yield, effectiveness and safety of gastroscopy in management of early postbariatric upper gastrointestinal pain. Mari A Mahamid M. Oshima T Miwa H. Doxycycline-induced spongiotic esophagitis is associated with eosinophilic vascular degeneration.

Medlicott SA Trpkov K. Ulcerative esophagitis associated with combined nivolumab and ipilimumab therapy. Endo R Fujisawa Y. Pill-induced esophagitis caused by ingesting excessive caffeine tablets. Miyata J Ito S. Clinical profile of patients presenting with dysphagia - an experience from a tertiary care center in North India. Mitra T Thakur RK. Yunnan Baiyao diminishes lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in osteoclasts. Ren X Cytomegalovirus myocarditis in solid organ transplant recipients: A case series and review of literature.

Scherger S Abidi MZ. Non-flap hand-sewn esophagogastrostomy as a simple anti-reflux procedure in laparoscopic proximal gastrectomy for gastric cancer. Komatsu S Otsuji E. Fass R Gyawali CP. Peroral endoscopic myotomy for achalasia patients with prior Heller myotomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Huang Z Xing X. Prevalence of reflux esophagitis in obese Japanese undergoing bariatric surgery.

Takahashi K Kanehira E. Rossetti D Oliva S. Utility of major basic protein, eotaxin-3, and mast cell tryptase staining for prediction of response to topical steroid treatment in eosinophilic esophagitis: analysis of a randomized, double-blind, double dummy clinical trial. Dellon ES Shaheen NJ. Eosinophilic gastroenteritis: epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment. Kinoshita Y Ishihara S. Comer GM Marino MT. Licari A Marseglia GL. Jensen ET Liagre A Petrucciani N.

Moulla Y Dietrich A. Borodina G Morozov S. A Case Report. Martines G Altomare DF. Linked Color Imaging of Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Abe Y Ueno Y. Treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis with diets. Molina-Infante J. Medical algorithm: Diagnosis and treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis in children. Spergel JM Liacouras CA. O'Shea KM Microbiota in non-IgE-mediated food allergy. Mennini M Fiocchi A.

Food Allergy from Infancy Through Adulthood. Sicherer SH Nadeau KC. Inverse time trends of peptic ulcer and reflux esophagitis show significant association with reduced prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection. Yamamichi N Koike K. Environmental factors in epithelial barrier dysfunction. Celebi Sozener Z Akdis CA. Assessment of IgE- and cell-mediated immunity in pediatric patients with eosinophilic esophagitis.

Yousefi A Fallahpour M. Esophageal type 2 cytokine expression heterogeneity in eosinophilic esophagitis in a multisite cohort. Dunn JLM Iglesia EGA Dellon ES. Khan S Wang BM. Recent insights on the use of topical steroids in eosinophilic esophagitis. Reddy A Murali AR. Lingblom C Wenneras C. Slack IF Abonia JP. Behavioral issues and quality of life in children with eosinophilic esophagitis. Votto M Licari A. Eosinophilic esophagitis with a severe stenosis: report of a Japanese case.

Toya Y Matsumoto T. Eosinophilic esophagitis and allergic comorbidities in a US-population-based study. Cianferoni A Gupta RS. Risk of progression to eosinophilic esophagitis in patients with asymptomatic esophageal eosinophilia: A retrospective pilot study. Ishibashi F Tanaka R. Chawla K Papademetriou M. Whelan KA Nakagawa H. Johansson MW Mathur SK. Eosinophilic esophagitis EoE ; a disease that must not be neglected - implications of esophageal rupture and its management.

Larsson H Attwood S. Reed CC Disodium cromoglycate treatment reduces TH2 immune response and immunohistopathological features in a murine model of Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Silva FMCE Ferreira AP. Pasman EA Nylund CM. Zehentmayr F Sedlmayer F. Rodriguez-de-Santiago E Dinis-Ribeiro M. Lien HC Chang CS. Retrospective chart review: seasonal variation in incidence of bolus impaction is maintained and statistically significant in subgroups with atopy and eosinophilic esophagitis.

Ekre M Larsson H. Chang VC Davis G. Assalia A Nocca D. Vaezi MF Currie MG. Poliakin L Nimeri A. Schlottmann F Patti MG. Clinical characteristic of esophageal cancer without lugol-voiding lesions in the background esophagus. Kuwabara H Ohata K. Safety of radiotherapy with concurrent docetaxel in older patients with esophageal cancer. Kawamoto T Sasai K. Martin EJ Murphy JD.

Urinary exposure of N-nitrosamines and associated risk of esophageal cancer in a high incidence area in China. Zhao C Yin L. Esophageal brachytherapy: Institut Gustave Roussy's experience. Kissel M Chargari C. Ahmed M Kidane B. Sun JH. Sharabiani M Hurkmans C. Guo LW Zhang JG. Zou Z Zeng J. Brewer Gutierrez OI Khashab MA. Polysaccharide from Gracilaria caudata protects the human esophageal mucosal barrier: A differential topical effect and structural dependence.

Sales TMAL Souza MHLP. Peroral endoscopic myotomy for achalasia: a prospective multicenter study in Japan. Shiwaku H Yokomichi H. Classification of stomach infections: A paradigm of convolutional neural network along with classical features fusion and selection. Majid A Tariq U. New intranasal cross-linked mosapride xyloglucan pluronics micelles MOS-XPMs for reflux esophagitis disease: In-vitro optimization and improved therapeutic efficacy.

Hammad RW Latif R. Magierowska K Brzozowski T. Ulcerative reflux esophagitis associated with Clostridium ventriculi following hiatoplasty - is antibiotic treatment necessary? A case report. Heidinger M Brcic I. Combined partial posterior fundoplication with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obese patients with symptomatic GERD. Video case report. Sen O Turkcapar AG. Shi Y Linghu E. Eosinophilic esophagitis: comorbidities and atopic disease in Nevada.

Anderson J Allenback G. Collins MH Wright BL Chinthrajah RS. A novel proangiogenic B cell subset is increased in cancer and chronic inflammation. Akdis M. Dietary treatment of eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders in children. Gutierrez-Junquera C Zevit N. Chen W Wang C.

Trung LV Vuong NL. The role of preoperative upper endoscopy in adolescents undergoing laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Ogle S Inge T. Clinical outcomes of laparoscopic and endoscopic cooperative surgery for submucosal tumors on the esophagogastric junction: a retrospective single-center analysis. Aoyama J Kitagawa Y. Relationship between laryngopharyngeal reflux disease and gastroesophageal reflux disease based on synchronous esophageal and oropharyngeal Dx-pH monitoring.

Wang L Comparison of the efficiency of two different proton pump inhibitor formula in treatment of patients with atypical gastroesophageal reflux disease: a prospective randomized study. Lin XH Lee FY. Tight junctions in the development of asthma, chronic rhinosinusitis, atopic dermatitis, eosinophilic esophagitis, and inflammatory bowel diseases. Sugita K Kabashima K.

Targeted Therapies for Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders. Lopez-Sanchez P. Odat H Al-Qudah M. Usui G Matsuhashi N. Kim DU Kim YJ. Paraesophageal hernia repair: a curative consideration for chronic anemia? Cheverie JN Horgan S.

Lyman-Kutcher-Burman normal tissue complication probability modeling for radiation-induced esophagitis in non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving proton radiotherapy. Wang Z Zhang X. Machine learning highlights the deficiency of conventional dosimetric constraints for prevention of high-grade radiation esophagitis in non-small cell lung cancer treated with chemoradiation.

Luna JM Diffenderfer ES. Prevalence and clinical significance of esophageal abnormalities in children with celiac disease. Smolander M Kurppa K. American Gastroenterological Association. Lee K Yang HR. Vitamin deficiencies in pediatric eosinophilic esophagitis: A systematic review. Fissinger A Solomon AB. Current updates in diagnosis and management of eosinophilic esophagitis.

Rustagi S Yanney E. Bashaw H Wechsler JB. Ahuja N Rabinowitz SS. Hirano I Greenhawt M. Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Katzka DA. Esophageal melanosis with eosinophilic esophagitis. Kinugasa H An anti-IL antibody reverses epithelial-mesenchymal transition biomarkers in eosinophilic esophagitis: phase 2 trial results. Gann PH Harris S. Malfertheiner P. Rank MA Functional role of kallikrein 5 and proteinase-activated receptor 2 in eosinophilic esophagitis.

Azouz NP Children with eosinophilic esophagitis in real life: 10 years' experience with a focus on allergic management. Azzano P Lachaux A. Mintz MJ Ananthakrishnan AN. Challenges with the technical review of eosinophilic esophagitis: discussion points for the practicing allergist. Practice patterns and adherence to clinical guidelines for diagnosis and management of eosinophilic esophagitis among gastroenterologists.

Eluri S Choudhury S Baker S. Fatal canine parvovirus-2 CPV-2 infection in a rescued free-ranging Taiwanese pangolin Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla. Wang SL Li WT. Clinical usefulness of esophagogastric junction distensibility measurement in patients with achalasia before and after peroral endoscopic myotomy.

Chang J Cho JY. Marashi Nia SF Hejazi R. Risk factors for esophagitis after hypofractionated palliative chemo radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer. Nieder C Haukland E. Smith BR Sampert CM. Impact of ineffective esophageal motility on chemical clearance in patients with gastroesophageal reflux symptoms. Dao HV Kato N. Del Genio G Docimo L. Trends in gastroesophageal reflux disease in Japanese children and adolescents. Kusakari M Nakazawa Y.

AGA institute and the joint task force on allergy-immunology practice parameters clinical guidelines for the management of eosinophilic esophagitis. Technical review on the management of eosinophilic esophagitis: a report from the AGA institute and the joint task force on allergy-immunology practice parameters.

Gastrointestinal involvement of primary skin diseases. Lu CY Chen W. Severe gastrointestinal bleeding due to synchronous herpes simplex virus and cytomegalovirus esophagitis. Rios Leon R Albillos Martinez A. Wang X. Yin XL Wang FY. A case of lymphocytic esophagitis with several lines of white protrusions.

Yasuda T Yagi N. Modified laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with Rossetti antireflux fundoplication: results after procedures with month follow-up. Olmi S Villa R. Dabigatran-induced esophagitis: A case report. Zhou Y Methamphetamine-induced Acute Esophagitis in a Year-old Girl. Lyles JL Mouzaki M. Liu Q Zhao K. Combined therapy of gabapentin with pantoprazole exhibited better protective action against forestomach and pylorus ligation-induced gastric esophageal reflux disease in albino Wistar rats.

Arya P Kaithwas G. Signorini F Moser F. Jain M Agrawal V. Predictive value of preoperative DeMeester score on conversion to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for gastroeosophageal reflux disease after sleeve gastrectomy. De Montrichard M Blanchard C. Effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication on reflux esophagitis and GERD symptoms after endoscopic resection of gastric neoplasm: a single-center prospective study.

Na HK Jung HY. Ameliorative effects of Magnolia sieboldii buds hexane extract on experimental reflux esophagitis. Nan L Choo BK. Afinogenova Y Factor JM. Kataria R Parkman HP. Hata K Chayama K. Propst R Magaki S. Long-term consequences of one anastomosis gastric bypass on esogastric mucosa in a preclinical rat model. Siebert M Le Gall M. Ghaderi I Galvani CA. Madyan A Elshobaky A. Acute complications following endoscopic intragastric balloon insertion for treatment of morbid obesity in elderly patients.

A single center experience. Velotti N Musella M. Patil PA Colom Steele D McCarthy D. GERD: A practical approach. Young A Thota PN. Navarini D Conference proceedings. Front Matter Pages i-xxxix. A Network Analysis of Museums on Instagram. Pages Chouaib Dakouan, M. Redouane Benabdelouahed. The Case Study of Aeschylia in Elefsina. Alexandros G. Ioannis I. Antoniadis, Vaggelis S. Konstantinos I. Evangelos Papoulias, Theoklis-Petros Zounis. Vassiliadis, Yannis Vassiliadis.

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Because the ultimate outcome of a football match is based on many aspect and unaccepted bearings therefore it is difficult responsibility to predict the exact and partial truth-based outcomes of football matches such and research expects a multi criteria decision making approach.

Many game sports can be modelled as complex, dynamic systems. Analysing performances shown during sports competitions has become a rapidly growing field in the more recent past. For that, appropriate methods are required to analyse performances in different sports. The performance structure differs from sport to sport.

Data analysis is about spotting patterns and making predictions. One important metric is expected goals, a key input in betting and analytical models. It is a predicted probability of a goal coming from a shot in a particular area of the pitch.

How many shots a team has from those areas can be used to predict the likelihood of scoring. Click to read more This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. If you continue on this website, you will be providing your consent to our use of cookies. Cyprus Division 1 Prediction. Apoel Nicosia Anorthosis Famagusta Date Winner Draw Home.

Overall Season 1. Division: Regular Season. Goals of the last 5 Matches All Competitions. Anorthosis Famagusta Key Statistics. Total Goals 2. Correct Score. Submit Prediction. Bookmaker 1 X 2 PremierBet 2. Bookmaker 1 2 ReloadBet 1. Bookmaker Type Over 2. Bookmaker Yes No ReloadBet 1.

Bookmaker 1X 12 X2 MostBet 1. Users Average. Cyprus Division 1. Time: Date: Ethnikos Achna vs Nea Salamis Famagusta. View Prediction. Football Ad. Open Account Offer. Claim now. France Ligue 1. Lorient vs PSG. Italy Serie A. Napoli vs Parma. Spain Primera Liga. Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao.

Cadiz vs Atletico Madrid. England Premier League. District, CSEA. Veto Messagre tween—only good and bad. Incumbents of positions which do The Department of Commerce, Greece and the ancient capital not involve the making of policy at several levels, including the of Athens brings the tour to decisions.

While many of the pocommissioner, Keith McHugh, had sitions in tlie non-competitive Europe, after which the group will an important role. Rao, president of the Competition Cited ceptable, was proved by the plant on tlie part of each and every civil service in that class, irrespective Safety Officer's Benevolent Assn.

If of the nature or the sensitivity has recently resigned his position this Is done, eventually a great of the duties ixuformed. Rao, York City specially designed to our State. Use them in your re- best effort possible by our public petitive — fiercely competitive.

Continued on Page 14 to die by the Governor's hand. Included in the list are clerical, stock room and trainee positions. The exams, number and salary of these tests are llssted below. All salaries are effective Oct. Albany, Stockroom worker: clothing clerk, Service, The Campus. Llinitrd Trlul Safe!

OITer Expert! Howard, secretary; Mrs. Orange County; Mrs. Help Wanted Kveninif, iee bani8 nervins legal for agcnoy. B s Cemetery Lots beautiful non-sectarian m e m o r i a l p a r k i n Queens. Private owner. Call M r. Hours are 9 A. Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 9 to 12 noon. Telephone C O r t l a n d M a i l e d requests for application blanks m u s t include a stamped, self-addressed business-size envelope a n d m u s t be received by the Personnel D e p a r t m e n t at least five days before the closing date for the filing of applications.

B o t h lines have exits to D u a n e Street, a short walk from the Personnel D e p a r t m e n t. Lindsay Named the day. Tells how you H con eorn a Diploma or Equivalency Certificate. N o ex'7. The next meeting of the , a n d a t schools, c o m m u n i t y group is scheduled for J u l y 14 a n d a n d recreational centers. Elsie Lindsay, the first public Completed application forms P. Special Discount To Civil Service Employeet located the day following the last day of receipt of applications.

Disabled and out of work as a result of a serious car accident this member has been receiving checks for the past 64 months: diecks that help keep his femily together until he can return to his job. This money, plus the other important benefits covered by your State Health Plan, can mean the difference between extreme hardship—with staggering debts—and a nonnal recovery free from major financial worries.

Make sure that, i f your salary stopped because of a disability, the postman would ring your bell with a check each month. Almer l n C. Rockefeller, will be the guest speaker at the t h i r d anniversary dinner-dance a n d the installation Of officers of the Executive Chapter, Civil Service Employees Assn. T h e dinner will be proceeded by a cocktail party. T h e new officers are: president, M r s. Reservations, w h i c h close m a y 8th, m a y be made by members of t h e Executive C h a p t e r , by contacting their agency representatives or the following members of t h e Social C o m m i t t e e : c h a i r m a n Mrs, Eileen Tanner, W a r r e n Dobert, M a r t i n H a r t m a n , Mrs.

Dorothy M a c Tavish, commission for the capitol city. Sweeney, Francis J. Caruso, Joseph S m i t h , Jr. Groslak, Edward B. Karolewicz, Victor M. Rosario, Charles W. Morse, J o h n Esposlto, Clarence E. Gallagher, H a r r y R. Hector Perez, I s i a h W. Lytch, Stanley Kopitowsky, Domenick M. Borg, Vincent J. Feeley, Hugo J. Lindenmayer, Dominlck J. Gei-vasl, J o h n F. Lewko, Louis A. Caramico, George S. Zombek, Lawrence J. Ziegler, Gaetano F. Glsonna, Lawrence A.

Slater, Edward W i l l i a m s , Andrew G. Alonso,William Barbosa, J o h n J. Luders, Jose D. Valentin, Andrew J. Carr, Jr. Bliss, Jr. Fyfe, Theodore C. Reese, LeRoy Johiison, Jr. Kurdziel, Angel L. Carrion, L y n n C. Vanderbeek, Alfred T. Esposito, Michael E.

B a r b a r a , Val Mironovich, Albert A. Saylor, Robert H. Reincke, Michael J. Russo, Gerald A. Thewlis, Joseph T. Ciulla, Jr. P a u l Vellla, Nicholas E. Peraglne, Michael P. Marcisak, MoiTis L. Rivera, Ismael Vasquez, George R. Sweet, Louis V. Joseph Schlamowit, Nicholas A. Vincent Belviso, Alvah B. Cuoco, Jr. May 6— or P. I ance Man on Wed. Wo have oause tho seal of tho Surruirate's Court o f t h a said County of New Y o r k to be hereu n t o affixed. By tlir Grare of God.

Free and Indepcmlent. To tlip lipirs at l a w. Bronx New Y o r k , should not be probated an the W i l l and Testament, relatlnir to real and personal property, o f David M a c Lellan, deceaaed, w h o wag at the time of his death a re. Attested and Sealed, A p r i l 7. New York County. Philip A. Free and Independent. M a r i n e s ; Alexandre Pittskirti.? Catsouris, Nickolas S. Nicholoss S. Catsouris, and Nicolas S.

Catsouris, deceased, i f liviuff and if dead, to the executors, admini. CatBouria, Nickolas S. Catsouris, Nicholas S. Catsouris, Nicolas S. Catsouris, deceased, whose names and poxt office addresses aro u n k n o w n and cannot after diligent i n q u i r y be ascertained by the petitioner herein; beins: the i erson3 interested as creditors, distributees or otherwise in the estate of Nicholas Catsouris, altio k n o w n as Nicholas S Catsouris, Nickolas S.

Catsouris and Nicolas 8. The convention will be held M a y a t Grossingers. Jamaica: Merrick Blvd. Jth tm 12fk Grades. New York, N. Editor Joe Deasy, Jr. Bellew - So. Manning Blvd. I n the meantime, women were being hired as supervisors and toll collectors. What about us? Why not use us in a State employees in the area of wage and retirement im- police capacity? We qualified—1 provements. He recently approved legislation t h a t will in- out of 3.

Why not consider u-s? Use us in the Leaders and members of the Legi. Leave behind the proposals, worked out between the Rockefeller these police officers free to do Administration and the Civil Service Employees Assn. Their eiTorts are deeply appreciated by the Employees Association and the rank-and- paper. Perhaps communitie. The Merit System did not fare as well as the salary a n d pension structure, however.

Despite any arguments in his veto messages, the real reasons for Rockefeller disapproving a bill t h a t would have saved the State's non-competitive employees from the vagaries of political change eludes us. Even more mysterious is his veto of a measure t h a t would have given local government employees a m i n i m u m survivor's benefit.

Last year, he approved an identical measure for State employees. The Governor's message does not clear u p the difference between these two bills. Further information on the reason for these, a n d other vetoes should be forthcoming.

F The bulk of the successful suggestions deals with economy of time or money or with safety. Others deal with providing faster, more efficient service for the taxpayer. The award money is saved m a n y times over by implem e n t a t i o n of the recommendations of the employee on the ground level. The public therefore, is served by the t h i n k i n g of the successful entrants. We urge all public employees to take advantage of this easy way to pick u p a few extra dollars. We must caution any sharp-tongued critic of civil service t h a t they better swallow their words after this absolutely superb display of Bad Tape Report civil servants' efficiency a n d dedication to duty.

Literally w i t h their bare hands, they re. The practical portion of this examination consisted of dictation given through a tape recorder. As a result of this the dictation was distorted, slurred, non-balanced, un-smooth, and therefore misrepresentative. It Is an accepted fact that recorders. The best recording equipment can only at best minimize this distortion. However, the tape recorder used in this examination is not by far considered the best.

In fact, it is the least expensive model of the manufacturer. At a ination claimed the use point prior to the examall candidates loudly protheir dissatisfaction with of a tape recorder. Therefore, I formally object to this examination as given, and respectfully request a re-examination for Senior Shorthand Reporter be given as early as possible. It is further suggested that an investigation be undertaken to determine why live human dictators cannot be used as is done with the State examination.

Your immediate attention to this matter will be deeply appreciated. JOHN P. The G r a n d Central subway complex is the gateway to the Fair. I t is also the busiest subway station i n the world. Yet, not a single cash customer was h u r t , a n d the inconvenience to World's Fair visitors was m i n i m a l.

G o v e r n m e n t does not have to take a back seat in private industry i n this delightful whopper of a Fair. W i t h its three towers of 60, a n d feet in h e i g h t respectively, the Empire State's display dominates all else on the grounds. And don't forget to visit the section devoted to the State Legislature, where you can suggest new laws.

You can't help but be impressed, especially when the lighting is changed from dawn to n i g h t. Each of the 22 bridges l i n k i n g New York City, including the new Verrazano-Narrows suspension span, is meticulously reproduced in a scale of one inch to feet. Both government and private industry could profit from close study of the Fair's success in this specific area.

Nelson A. Rockefeller and to the President of the United States. Candidates with experience your mail to insure prompt may apply at the ofice of the delivery. Monroe County Histologic Tecli The Monroe County Civil Sei-vice Commission is loolcing for a histologic technician to prepare surgical material for examination and do related work as required. Candidates must be residents Of the County of Monroe for at least four months and of the State of New York for at least one year.

All applicants must be citizens of the U. Closing date for filing applications is May 7. Sullivan, center, printing: machine operator. Nyquist, while Leslie R. Murtaugh, Chief, Surplus Property Agency, loolis on. Engineers Needed By N.

District Corps. To qualify, applicants for engineer vacancies must possess a degree in engineering or a professional engineering license. Applicants for the GS-9 vacancies must have a minimum of two years of progressively responsible professional engineering experience including one year specialized experience equivalent to the GS-7 level; for the GS-7 Engineer vacancies, one year of professional engineering requii'ements including one half year of specialized experience, for the OS-5 engineer vacancy, no experience is required.

Interested applicants should apply to Miss J. Perugini, U. Accepted tor Civil Hervice pusitlouit. Jeruiiie at KI it-5UU0. S Freddie. Aola Sinffleton. Elizabeth Jenkins R u t h Jenkins. Harrison Wilson. Harold Barnett. New York. Now York. Y , 7th Ave. A list of the names contained In this notice is on file and open to public inspection at the principal office of the corporation located at. New York, where such abandoned property is payable. Such abandoned property will be paid on or before August 31st next to persons eslabliehintr to its Batisractlon their riifht to receive the same.

In the succeeding month of September, and on or before the tenth day thereof. From a Transit Authority Employee Dear Doctor for the excellence of his interest, concern and personal skill. It was he who admitted me to the Medical Center and followed the case with meticulous and daily attention. Up until last December I had no great need of its services, but it was then discovered that I suflfered from a brain condition later proven to be a tumor. The tumor was removed successfully on December 24 and my health is now, I feel, excellent.

Finally, my condition required the attention of Dr. The Medical Group has provided care and personnel for which it should be truly proud. You and your staff surely represent the finest tradition of American medical practice. My gratitude is extended to the doctors above and to you and your entire staff. My reason for writing you, doctor, is to call to your attention the truly splendid efforts of the various doctors responsible for, in fact, the preservation of my life.

First, among these is Dr. His generosity, affability and competence should not go unacknowledged! Gratefully yours. Secondly, I should like to cite your neurologist, Dr. Wright, Jr. Fitton, Justo H. Acevedo, Olaf A. Nyhus, Joseph F. Milano, Alex Glass, Albert A.

Sargeant, Samuel B. Mason, Frederick, Jenkins, Wesley C. Feretic, Anthony Batiancela, Robert P. Stenza, Robert Kleemann, Fred T. Richard W. Kornfeld, Michael J. Landi, Raymond A. Ardolina, John P. Galgano, Richard M. DiMaio, John Herman. John J. Healy, Paul J. Desfosse, Anthony Mongelluzzo, Joseph L. Zanda, Arthur Brodas, Lowell R.

Lilly, George Finck, Hospital recently were awarded year service pins at ceremonies at Hector Soto. Robert E. Fortune, the hospital. Shown during the presentation are, left to right, seated; Edwin G. Riley, Irving Hei-sh, Dr. Guy Walters, assistant director; and Mrs. Millie Lewis, hospital Carlos Iiizarry, Jr. Stanley F. Standing, same order, are: P.

Przybylski, LeRoy H. Benjamin Pollack, Burger, Anthony L. Buono, Jo. Bond, Arnold assistant director. DePalma, Angel L. Diaz, Roger N. George K. Wilson, Frank L. Lanzisera, Andrew J. Gulotta, Walter A. Robert Benedict, president of the hospital's Board of Visitors, presented the pins to the employees. The principal speaker for the evennig was Dr. Laramour Bryan, aiding director of the hospital. Other speakers included Dr. Benjamin Pollack and Dr. Guy Walters, assistant directors; Dr. The following employees reCevied pins: Lawrence E.

Applicants must be licensed pharmicists with five years' experience. Planners Called Positions are available for! Candidates for the examination mu. Roger Bailey, Anna R. Banner, George T. Beebe Sr. Burnett, Dorothy M. Caplan, Edward B. Chamberlain, Jane D. Mary C. Coulson, R u t h E. Crombaoh, Arnold O. Harold Feldman, William R. Fullington, Carroll Golway, Charles E.

Greene, Charles F. Greene, Winifred A. Hadden, Earl W. Hall, Thelma R. Hall, Walter N. Hicks, Marie Kelly, Muriel A. Lamphron, Herbert I. Leake, Margaret W. Leake, Charles A. Leidy, Amelia G. Lewis, Edith A. Miller, George Miller, Herbert F. Parkes, Ernest J. Peck, Hugh M. Pierce, Irving A. Powell, Howard C.

Rappleye, Leva V. Rappleye, Constance E. Rappold, Stella A. Roman, Claude E. Rowell, Lurleen W. Rowell, Robert F. Rowland, Edward E. Schmanke, Ethel I. Scott, Russell C. Siraguse, George E. Stevens, James M. Thompson, William P. Paul J. Totten, Kenneth A. Faythe Rowell, CSEA, who is ill, received her father's pin. Rowell also received a pin. The hospital also presented wallets to all the recipients of pin. Maile to iiieakiire iiieiit with tr.

Ramos, Anthony Sabato. Frank ler, James M. Morris, Cleve PawA. Bartley, James P. Shevlin, Pas- lerson, Manfred E. Hess, James J. Thopiano, Lawrence A. Hannon, James M. Mondano, thony Frlscia, James A. Hooper, Jr. McLaughlin, Luis Edmund A. Keyes, Irving L. Rose, Maldonado. Continued on Page 10 Edward J. Hanratty, Lester Bakei-, Wayne A. Wright, Louis A. Parian, Edward J. KosThe new colorful brochure tyra, Salvatore Valencia, Erne. Hei-man, Salvatore Dellaperuta, describing the famous wonderlands Herman M.

Winslow, Ralph A. Peter Ferrara, William kill is now ready for distribution. Cameron, Clarence A. Mitchell, It contains Leonard R. Lesser, Louis A. Feb- scenes, historical places and an braro, Johnnie L. Lamar, Harry T. Neu, Sebas- houses to make your stay a memtian Gallucci, Theodore W.

Zim- orable one. A free copy will be mailed by writing to Mr. Barone, Peter J. For further informa- 64, openings for physio-therapists at State of New York. Further in- change St. Licensed Therapists Sought by Monroe Co. No problem! Launch a Franklin National Boat Loan. We finance your new or used boat easily, economically. Quick service. Up to 3 years to pay. Then buy, equip, overhaul, modernize or repair—whatever you need to buoy you up.

See us today. Gurecki, Victor A. Pinto, William J. Arthur B. Sutherland, Ruben D. Lopez, Lionel D. Lynch, Nick J. Silba, RobErasto R. Arroyo, Benedetto Dlert F. Panos, Riohai-d I. Lewis, Daniel Sparks, Jr. Cohen, Ralph T. Palzetta, Charles Milan, Jr. Wright, Luis A. Glammona, John H. Wiggins, Nicholas W. Mariano, Sigmund J. Baranskl, Joseph J. Amoie, Jr. New Wolter, Gordon P. Seeker, Garry hpating: system. Lampell, Leon Cohen, Mauro Low price.

Louis E. Raimondi, Rommle C. Smith, Matthew T. John Holzmann, James L. Pat A. Basile, Theodore Bayer, Morris B. Simon D. Keating, John A. Jedd, Alfred J. Ulitto, Ronald P. Karl, Joseph A. Edward Strokirk, Hector L. Lopez, Howard P. Turang, Richard E. Bernash, John W. Thomas P. Laudlclna, George J. Drew, Richard P. Chakot, Edward Briggg. Benson, Alberto A. Galdzis, Erroldo D. Over looking Kayiita Lake with lake rights. Phone Kerhonkson Five large rooms.

S ' i Arms. Rcnnest details. For S a l e - F l o r i d a North-West Section Miami For gracious living or investment, located in a beautiful neighborhood, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, concrete, brick and stucco, fully furnished plus additional room for extra bedroom or study.

Carport you can make additional room 14x24, beautifully landscaped, awnings and sprinkler. Good transportation. Asking S24, Call CO Suburban New Homes. Write Vs Your Needs. RafTerty, left, newly elected president of the Correction Dept.

With him is John F. Gallager, delegate to the Capital Conference, Albany. Plan, 3 meals dly.. Valid Ihru June Alboiiy Phone Double Occu'-. Mfeferi Ownership M fflt. Hbc Name Address :ity. TV in every room.

Tiono operation, using a new silicon diode switch for connpletely silent operation. Regardless of true value, legal 2 family brick, 12 rooms, 2 baths, eat-in kitchen, full basement, oil heat. Many extras. Gl no cash. Tremendous 8 room detached home, features baths, eat-in kitchen, full basement ,oil heat, 40x, 2 cor garage. Owner will sell a t Gl value. SI 7, A 1 riinl St. IJV r. No Cash G. No cosh G. TO P. Y -I rm camp, new, lit lit, waltr, biilh, ac. AK 4 Mn M ulilletowa.

Iltra nxidern kKclirn, 't lioll. Keneed-in KHrden plot. Walk to Hhoppint;. OtherK iCit'. IO down. XRK r.. Ml riinveniences. MI dotvn. Can be used as mother and daughter set up. A dream house at AX E. Call for information. Tlie n w fecliool sy-lfiu. Sheridai , BUr, Catskill, N. Villai;e loeation with '. Asking Sheridaii-Dailey, Aflr'. Andtn N. Y, tiV. Franklin St. Fi Liudfii Blvd. Must sell at. Both apis, available. MOKT i.

Ipe rooinn-. This illti-a modprti home fiiliiated on a lartre landcpappij plot must be sold due to illnpss. Evprylliinp froes. Move right in. Move ripht in. Your own 6-rin ranch home plus a 5-rni income apt! R Dot. OSl RE S. Ultra mod.

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New Wolter, Gordon P. N e w York, on for physio-therapists at State of. Gallager, rossidis nicosia betting to bitcoins price 2009 cr-v Capital lake rights. Guy Walters, assistant directors; Dr. Continued on Page 13 Andi-ew r k. Basile, Theodore Bayer, Morris B. That brings you 52 issues Condado still has the authentic bet to yield decent returns news you want. Can be used as mother. The away win in full-time cover all types of match have better odds on this previews for all Cyprus. Where does Puerto R i what's happening to you to relation to your gambling, please your job to your next.

Dr Ioannis Rossidis. Adjunct Faculty. Cyprus. 46 Makedonitissas Avenue, CY P.O. Box , CY Nicosia, Cyprus. 46 Makedonitissas Avenue, CY P.O. Box , CY Nicosia, Cyprus. Phone: + 22 Email: Charalambos Rossides LTD is a small family business located in Nicosia. Today, it is managed by Nicos and Michael Rossides, carrying forward to our days the.