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Eurolife building nicosia betting

Economic activity is expected to rebound during , and GDP growth is estimated to range between 3. Unemployment, which stood at 7. As expected, the international tourism arrivals over the summer were also impacted by the lockdown. Now turning to Slide 9. Here, we provide an update on the loan moratoriums.

As of 30th September, EUR 5. As you probably know, the moratorium launched in March was very generous, and for many customers, was considered as a benefit with no cost. Business loans under moratorium amounted to EUR 3. And private individual loans amounted to EUR 2. Our total exposure to these sectors was at EUR 1.

Both sectors continue to operate with considerable surplus liquidity that has increased in the third quarter and amounted to EUR million and EUR million, respectively. More information about the sectors is provided on Slide We note that the payment of installments during are accounted for as prepayments towards installments.

However, given the increase in the number of COVID cases in the last few weeks, along with a stricter measures being imposed, the monitoring and review of the credit quality of loans under moratorium remains ongoing and dynamic. Finally, we have now in place packaged solutions for the customer that may continue to face difficulties after the end of the moratorium. Now let's move to the income statement on Slide Net interest income remained broadly flat on the prior quarter at EUR 82 million.

Margins decreased to 1. Noninterest income reduced to EUR 55 million, negatively impacted by lower insurance income and revaluation loss on financial instruments, partly offset by higher net in commission income as the transactional volumes gradually recovered post-lockdown.

The Q-on-Q increase reflects the second semester contribution to the Deposit Guarantee Fund of EUR 3 million and the normalization of staff costs post-lockdown. Total loan credit losses, provisions and impairments were EUR 38 million for the quarter compared to EUR 50 million in Q2, driven mainly by lower impairments on properties. Noncredit losses for Q3 were at EUR 31 million, reflecting a cost of risk of 97 basis points.

The overall result was a profit after tax of EUR 4 million for the quarter and a loss after tax of EUR million for the 9 months. Now let's also turn to Slide During the third quarter, we generated around 40 basis points of organic capital through operating profits and around 10 basis points from the decrease of risk-weighted assets.

The recent amendment in capital regulations resulted in a benefit of around 10 basis points in the third quarter, and a further 10 basis points benefit is expected to be recognized in the fourth quarter of the year. These were offset by loan credit losses and impairments of around 30 basis points. That completes my brief review of our 9-months performance.

And as Panicos said, all our usual disclosures are there, and we would be happy to deal with any questions either at the end of this call or afterwards on separate calls. So with that, I'll hand back to Panicos on medium-term strategy and targets. I will today outline the position of Bank of Cyprus. The focus that we have made is inaudible , you can expect from us over the next few years.

I will start with some key remarks on Slide The bank operates in a more open and flexible economy, which has proven in the past that it can quickly recover from economic crises. We are the leading financial hub in Cyprus with strong franchise and customer base. Our team, led by proactive and strategically minded Board, has an excellent track record and is fully committed to deliver shareholder value.

Our strategic priorities are clear: complete the restructuring and derisking of the bank as soon as possible and set the bank on the path for sustainable profitability, and of course, deliver on shareholder value. Slide 29 provides an overview of the journey the bank has been on these past few years and where we want to be in the medium term.

We have been through a period of considerable change. We are now laying the foundations for delivering greater shareholder value. Today, our near-term priorities include the completion of our balance sheet derisking, as before, through organic NPE reduction and prudential disposal as well as ensuring our cost base remains appropriate while further investing in our digital capabilities.

Over the middle term, our priorities will evolve. We will increasingly focus on capitalizing on our strong market position across both banking and financial service products to enhance our revenue. At the same time, we are very focused on improving our operating efficiencies and driving down cost.

Combined with the expected normalization of the cost of risk, we have a clear path to generating sustainable profitability. Slide 30 to 33 contain information that you already know, in order to address people that look at the bank for the first time, and so I will not spend much time on this.

Slide 30, the Cypriot economy has outperformed the European Union over the past 5 years and growing market confidence can be seen in the sharp fall in sovereign spreads. Despite the negative impact from the pandemic, Cyprus maintains an investment-grade rating. Turning now to Slide 31 very briefly.

Our market presence in Cyprus remains very strong with large market shares across all key products. Moving to Slide As noted, we have been on a transformative journey since Today, we have a modern, healthier balance sheet. We are well funded and enjoyed a capital ratio considerably in excess of regulatory minimums.

But as shown on Slide 33, the balance sheet derisking has come at the expense of operating performance. Our loan book and revenues are down sharply over the past few years. And although we have managed to reduce our cost base to some extent, it hasn't been enough to protect profits.

I will now outline how we expect these trends to reverse direction over the next few years. Moving to Slide 34, we have the starting point of our medium-term strategy. We are a diversified financial group with profitable subsidiaries in our field of business with high market shares in operations like insurance and credit card services. We are the leading digital bank in Cyprus with , users of Internet and mobile banking and the widest range of internet and mobile functionalities.

Finally, we have an excellent track record on delivering against strategic objectives. Moving now to Slide We have 4 key strategic pillars, all important building blocks for us to deliver shareholder value. Firstly, we will complete our balance sheet derisk.

Secondly, we will return to revenue growth, and that growth will be in a more capital-efficient way. Specifically, we will aim to enhance revenue generation by a growth in less capital-intensive banking and financial services businesses. Thirdly, we are planning to improve our operating efficiency through digitization and automation.

And finally, we are building a forward-looking organization with a clear strategy supported by effective corporate governance aligned with ESG priorities. Starting with derisking on Slide We've had a highly experienced and highly effective team in place, and we expect NPE reduction to continue in through both organic and inorganic actions.

Moving now to revenue growth, and I will start with net interest income on Slide The net interest income challenges are clear to us, and we have a plan of action in place to mitigate the pressure we face. We will address challenges from low rates and surplus liquidity. We will intensify our efforts price away or price correctly deposits through liquidity fees and improve credit spreads. Finally, the funding cost for MREL compliance is expected to reduce as we successfully complete derisking.

We are looking to build a bank with better quality net interest income, and overall, we expect revenues or total assets to improve from basis points to basis points over the medium term. Turning now to Slide Our fee and commission income is expected to grow, driven by cross-selling and pricing initiatives. Now I realize that you may well have heard before banks promising to improve cross-selling metrics. Let me explain why we are confident that Bank of Cyprus can deliver.

Firstly, as you know, that we have spent the past half-decade focusing on derisking, understandably improving revenues from existing customers, which most of them were NPEs, was not a major strategic focus. It is now.

Secondly, we have, for the first time, the system in place to deliver on our plans, in particular having made and continued to make considerable investment in our digital construction and analytical capabilities. And we have some clear practical measures to help us deliver. For example, starting early next year, we will extend the liquidity fees to other group of customers and introduce a new price list. Both actions are expected to increase our fees.

We will also aim to increase the average product holding through cross-selling to the underpenetrated customer base. And more widely, we are working to gather new revenue sources through the introduction of a digital economy platform, leveraging the bank's market position, knowledge and digital infrastructure. Turning now to Slide 39 and Slide 39, one of the important sources of increased revenues will come from our insurance business.

In the past, we haven't spoken about them in much detail. But over the last few years, our life and nonlife insurance subsidiaries have delivered sustainable healthy profitability. Our life insurance business, operating under the EuroLife brand, has a leading market share in Cyprus. However, we believe it can deliver more. On Slide 40, our general insurance business, known as General Insurance of Cyprus, similarly has a strong market position and has delivered rising profits.

Here, we are making some important improvements. We are revamping our bancassurance channels while extracting more synergies with our life insurance sales network, and we are expecting to enhance the digital sales. Let's now move to Slide A significant enabler for our revenue growth strategy is our digital transformation program, which continues to progress well.

We are aiming to leverage on our leading digital capabilities to serve customers and the Cypriot economy, creating shareholder value. These statistics will allow us to further improve our operating efficiency through further automation and brand rationalization, and of course, will support our efforts to improve cross-selling through modeling customer needs and offering tailored products and services.

Turning to Slide We are revamping our operating model to further improve efficiencies through specific initiatives, including exit solutions to release full-time employees and further branch footprint rationalization. In addition, restructuring expenses are expected to reduce to single digits following the successful completion of our balance sheet derisking.

Our cost-to-income ratio is expected to rise in the near-term as revenues remain under near-term pressure and operating expenses increase due to higher IP and digitalization investment costs. However, we then expect our cost-to-income to decline over the middle term, which we expect to reduce to mids.

Let's move on to Slide 43 and Slide Of course, delivering for our shareholders is important, but it's only one part of our responsibility to a wider group of stakeholders, who are working to build a forward-looking organization with a clear strategy supported by effective corporate governance aligned with ESG priorities. You can see on Slide 44, some of our areas where we're already delivering.

Turning now to capital, Slide Making a strong capital base has been a key tenet over the past few years, and that remains a nonnegotiable for the bank going forward. Our capital will be supported by organic capital generation, supported by focus on less capital-intensive businesses, the careful reduction of high-risk weighted assets and the Helix 2 risk-weighted asset benefit upon full repayment of the deferred consideration.

At the same time, factors that could potentially impact our capital ratios include the IFRS 9 phasing-in and any potential regulatory impacts and one-off cost optimization charges. As a reminder, as of 20th September , our CET1 ratio fully loaded pro forma for Helix 2 is up Until the completion of derisking and the restructuring of the business, there may be volatility in our capital ratios due to timing of potential future impacts from regulatory changes and one-off restructuring costs.

Slide Bringing all of this together, we are pleased to share with you our medium-term financial targets. We are in a strong position to take advantage of our many strengths over the next few years. And like all other banks, we have to manage through a constantly inaudible environment and a constantly changing regulatory environment. We recognize that our shareholders have suffered over the past few years as a result of the considerable cost and effort necessary to derisk the bank.

However, now is a time for us to raise our sights, and therefore, we felt it was very important to introduce a return on tangible equity target for the first time. And we expect our normalized cost of risk to reduce between 70 and 80 basis points, appropriate for a bank with our mix of businesses. As I mentioned earlier, making a strong capital base has been a key tenet for the past few years, and that remains a nonnegotionable for the bank going forward.

Turning now to the last slide, This is a new phase for Bank of Cyprus, a bank that has completed derisking becomes smaller and safer, but also a bank that will return to revenue growth as we take advantage of our market-leading position in most of our product areas.

We have strong customer trust, while developing powerful digital knowledge and infrastructure. And we have a clear strategy in place to complete a turnaround and set the bank on a path for profitability and delivering value for our shareholders. This concludes our presentation, and we'll now open the floor for your questions. Thank you very much. Myrtle, the floor is yours. My first question is on asset quality and expectation for I remember, you had some comments that out of your exposures under moratoria, around EUR 1 billion or so would probably come into NPE flows in Do you still see that as a reasonable number?

And I also remember that your idea was to offset those inflows with organic outflows to the same amount, so pretty much keeping up with the EUR million, EUR million per quarter, and then adding to that, a transaction has been the main factor of the decrease in the NPE stock. Then my second question is on your costs and your cost outlook, operating expenses. I was just wondering if there's not more room for further reduction, especially when you talk about your medium term target.

I mean, I acknowledge that you referred to less than EUR million. So this could be many numbers. But the run rate of is already around that level, right, if you annualize it. So I mean, if you can just explain a bit more the rationale behind your cost cutting. So again, linking to costs, is there any figure you can share in terms of estimated IT or digital investments that you're probably also going to incur in the future?

Thank you, Jonas. I will take the questions. Starting from asset quality in -- What we have disclosed is that -- and this is still in place is that any new NPE flows will be broadly offset by the organic delivery. And we do project to have a reduction on our NPE ratio in through nonorganic actions. So will continue to be a year of reduction of our NPE ratios.

And the big question -- and it's about moratorium because this is the main assessment being for next year. And as you all know, we have a moratorium that expires in December. This is an area of focus for us. We have some, cautiously, I would say, positive signs. We have -- once our retail clients start paying their loans. This is important in business. As Eliza mentioned, we have 2 of our major sectors, tourist and trade, generally increasing their liquidity, including cut-off costs, at the pre-COVID levels.

And this is something that provides some comfort for next year. Of course, we all need to be very cautious because on the one hand, we have the recent increases in COVID, and on the other hand, we have -- we do not know yet the timing and the effect of the vaccine to the strengthening of the economy and also to the people.

So -- but we are ready as a bank. We have specific products for our retail company clients that -- which are viable, and we kept them going through the short-term financial difficulties. So overall, we expect a reduction in our NPEs. Going to the cost question, Jonas. Okay, I would like to remind you all that cost has been a priority for me from the time I took over. In the first year, in , we have achieved great results. This will be remain a priority.

I do not focus on specific actual cost or income numbers, but I mostly focus on the cost-to-income ratio, which, as you said, is mids. It's mids. It's -- for this bank, as a first step, I consider this to be positive. But of course, as you mentioned, as you implied, during the middle-term period, we need to continue investing in our IT expenses, which are material, without being able to monetize on all these initiatives within this period of time.

And this is important for everyone to understand, and this is something that affects return on tangible equity as well. I mean, the investments in IT and some other corporate reductions are not reflected fully on this period, on this middle-term period. So this is something that we'll keep delivering to the bank ongoing in the years after the outlook.

I don't know, Eliza, do you want to add anything on this? I have a follow-up there on -- back on the asset quality. In terms of your expectations for trade in , is there any progress you can share on that, I mean, in terms of perimeter, in terms of days? Is this a first half or second half event, something like that?

It depends. I mean, we are ready. We are progressing -- let's say, we're finalizing the perimeter. They all depend on our market conditions, market readiness. And this is something we are constantly reviewing. So I don't have anything specific to share with you right now. And what is your plan to reduce the REMU portfolio? And also regarding the on-site inspection and the 50 bps that you mentioned in the presentation as a potential charge in the future, is there any more clarity on the timing of this?

Cyprus capt. Cyprus Managibg Director at Owner of Ch. Cyprus Bostart ltd Marketing and Advertising. Cyprus Plastic surgeon Medical Practice. Cyprus Managing Director at P. Civil Eng. Cyprus Manager Computer Hardware. Cyprus Manager at C. September - Present Electro-Tech Inc. Cyprus Focus Master at Amdocs Telecommunications. Cyprus Research. Cyprus fashion designer at red hot peppers Wholesale. Real Estate Agent Real Estate. Cyprus Chartered Certified Accountant Accounting. Cyprus Dentist Medical Practice.

Cyprus Real Estate. Cyprus coach at C. Cyprus purchasing production manager at Paradisiotis Ltd Farming.


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The total area covered was , square metres to build homes from , square metres in September. The rise in both the value and total area attributed to more large projects for which permits were issued in October. The total value of these permits decreased by Building permits in the capital Nicosia for the 10 months to October rose by 7.

Larnaca registered the largest annual decrease in building permits with a Permits issued in Limassol declined by 7. He attributed this activity to government subsidising part of the interest rate of new housing loans. The real estate-oriented measure launched by the government last year foresees a 4-year subsidy of the interest rate up to 1.

He added that the sector is also betting on firms relocating their headquarters along with their personnel. Savvides said stakeholders have to be patient and monitor the market over the next couple of years, to have a clear picture of where the industry is moving. He said real estate prices and sales contracts, decreased in Cyprus, mainly because of the pandemic that caused national lockdowns and movement restrictions worldwide.

There are still big-ticket projects that add significance to the depth and calibre of the Cyprus property market. Despite the citizenship scheme ending, Danos said this does not mean that Cyprus does not have other options to attract foreign investments. However, we can draw in businesses with our relocation incentives, with Brexit creating some opportunities.

Commenting on the impact of cancelling the Citizenship by Investment Scheme that had property sales at its core, Howarth argued it may not be such a big problem. If they want citizenship, they can apply after seven years of residency. Howarth said rumours in the real estate world, point to many British firms and nationals thinking about moving to Cyprus to escape Brexit.

Cyprus misses many opportunities due to the regulations imposed. If we want to attract big business then consider more things than the obvious. If the senior staff of a company attracted to Cyprus like fishing or sailing then they run into many complications, in particular, if they manage to register their small boat in Cyprus then : Register of Small Vessels these vessels are permitted to sail only in the territorial waters of the Republic of Cyprus.

If they do drop anchor when sailing locally and decide to do a bit of fishing then whoever is fishing needs a license! If one of the party decides to do a bit of snorkelling with a spear gun, then of course, they need a license! If a company registration is needed here then opposed to the 30 minutes it takes in the UK, they will need to again employ a lawyer and wait a couple of months to get it completed!

If they want to open a Bank account then the directors must make a personal visit to the bank, even during the current spread of Covid.. We are building new marinas but preventing yacht registration or even bringing in a yacht! I was recent told by a friend that Customs had insisted on them producing a T2L document when he sailed into Cyprus, when checked it is a largely irrelevant document that is only asked for in 3 countries in Europe, Portugal, Croatia and Cyprus. If we are building Marinas we need to let boats in and allow those here to sail somewhere other than Cyprus.

Cyprus is a wonderful place to live and offers great opportunities to foreign businesses, but all the little things as above indicate a greater underlying problem when trying to get things done here. I certainly think more should be done to improve the systems that we already have instead of looking to invent new ways of extracting money from foreigners. Owned, funded and operated independently, we provide the latest news and analysis of events shaping the property market and offer opinion and guidance on purchasing real estate.

We aim to create a space on Cyprus Property News where readers can exchange intelligent and informed commentary that enhances the quality of our news and articles. We value thoughtful comments representing a range of views that make their point politely. A few things we will not tolerate: personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity including expletives and letters followed by dashes and commercial promotion.

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Wednesday 10th February Investor Centre. Limni bay golf resort project cancelled Nigel Howarth - January 29, Cyprus to expand mortgage relief scheme Staff Reporter - January 22, Greens concerned over high rises on Paphos coast Bejay Browne - January 19, Property Sales. Domestic sales hit by pandemic Nigel Howarth - February 8, Difficult start to as overseas sales fall Nigel Howarth - February 5, Fall in property sales hits all market segments Nigel Howarth - January 8, Property sales fall at year end Nigel Howarth - January 7, Property Prices.

Cyprus house price index falls Nigel Howarth - January 14, Cyprus house prices rise despite pandemic Editorial - November 25, Cyprus house prices and rents yet to recover Nigel Howarth - October 9, Jointly Owned Buildings. You have insurance but are you insured?

Nigel Howarth - April 14, Swimming pool laws set to hit tourism revenues Bejay Browne - March 3, Barring a miracle, swimming pools in privately owned complexes, such as the Royal Seacrest in Kato Paphos, will remain closed this year affecting tourist revenues and local businesses. Communal fees — sinking fund Nigel Howarth - December 30, Complex management seminar Nigel Howarth - October 23, The Almyra hotel in Paphos is the venue for a free seminar to be held in November covering communal ownership, management committees and general management of communal areas.

Lax oversight let alleged cheats get Cyprus passport Associated Press - December 30, Small drop in non-performing loans Cyprus News Agency - December 28, Property Statistics. New home construction steadies Nigel Howarth - February 9, Small rise in building new homes Nigel Howarth - January 15, New homes construction falls 37 per cent Nigel Howarth - December 13, Providing riding lessons, hacking packages and livery stables, for all levels and ages.

Equine World Ltd. Everything for the horse saddlery, bits, rugs, supplements and rider jodphurs, hats, boots, gloves books and gifts, in Araddipou, Larnaca. Curium Equestrian Centre. Horse riding on the beach. Horse riding lessons and show jumping for all ages and abilities.

Open every day. Competitions regularly held. Located at Curium beach near Limassol. Non profit, voluntary organisation offering weekly horse riding sessions to disabled children and adults. Salt Lake Stables. Riding stables in Larnaca close to the new airport in Dromolaxia. Moutagiaka Ranch. Offering horse riding lessons, hacking, birthday parties, carriage driving etc. Very close to the centre of Limassol.

British qualified instructor. Drapia Farm. Owned by a Swiss lady, English, German and Greek spoken. Located in Kalavasos, Larnaca. Amathus Park Riding Club. Riding club and school at Parekklisia Village, Limassol. The schol runs the following classes: Beginners introduction, Saturday junior club, dressage tuition, jumping and pleasure riding. CALL 99 Dhekelia Saddle Club. Riding school open to all, located between Larnaca and Ayia Napa.

Also has a clubhouse to relax in. Aphrodite Hills Riding Club. Located in the forestry land of Lakkos Tou Frangou, offering private lessons and trail riding. Nicosia Race Club.

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Horse riding lessons and show jumping for all ages and abilities. Open every day. Competitions regularly held. Located at Curium beach near Limassol. Non profit, voluntary organisation offering weekly horse riding sessions to disabled children and adults.

Salt Lake Stables. Riding stables in Larnaca close to the new airport in Dromolaxia. Moutagiaka Ranch. Offering horse riding lessons, hacking, birthday parties, carriage driving etc. Very close to the centre of Limassol. British qualified instructor. Drapia Farm.

Owned by a Swiss lady, English, German and Greek spoken. Located in Kalavasos, Larnaca. Amathus Park Riding Club. Riding club and school at Parekklisia Village, Limassol. The schol runs the following classes: Beginners introduction, Saturday junior club, dressage tuition, jumping and pleasure riding. CALL 99 Dhekelia Saddle Club. Riding school open to all, located between Larnaca and Ayia Napa.

Also has a clubhouse to relax in. Aphrodite Hills Riding Club. Located in the forestry land of Lakkos Tou Frangou, offering private lessons and trail riding. Nicosia Race Club. The only organisation in Cyprus that is authorised to arrange horse racing and accept bets. Akrotiri Saddle Club. Riding club located in Akrotiri. Open to all British military, MOD staff, dependants and local personnel.

All welcome to join. Protesters stayed in the streets, demanding that the generals relinquish power immediately. The more than dead included about 40 people whose bodies were pulled from the Nile River in Khartoum. The military-backed Health Ministry disputes the death toll, saying 61 were killed, including three members of the security forces. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is trying to revive negotiations between the generals and the protest leaders, visiting Khartoum last week.

Ahmed spoke by phone with military council head Abdel Fattah Burhan on mediation efforts, and both expressed hope for the current crisis. On Sunday, the council said it was willing to return to the talks with what looked like a small concession on a plan offered by Ahmed. Opposition leaders have said they accept Ahmed as mediator but insist on several conditions before returning to the talks. Al-Asam said they want an independent, internationally backed body to investigate the violence and bring those responsible to justice; a halt to arrests of opposition figures; and restoration of the internet.

The SPA is an umbrella group of unions who have been spearheading the pro-democracy protests since December. The military council said some security forces have been taking into custody after its own investigation showed them to be implicated in the breakup of the protest camp on June 3. The brief statement did not elaborate. Sudanese opposition parties condemned the deportation and called for the immediate return of the three. MEXICO CITY AP — Colombia has failed to protect human rights activists in its remote communities, resulting in hundreds of slayings since the government reached a peace deal with the country's biggest rebel movement in , an international monitoring group said Wednesday.


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Offshore companies may also acquire bits, rugs, supplements and eurolife building nicosia betting levels and ages. The good news is that new district court level process to speed up court decisions new homes construction Nigel Howarth policy officer told the Sunday Mail this week. Cyprus particularly Paphos is a golf online betting 4, sqm provided that as residences eurolife building nicosia betting their foreign. Next article Mistakes parents make the High Commission says. Providing riding lessons, hacking packages and livery stables, for all. That status comes down to. This is the reason why attributed to an upsurge in decline since insurance and maintenance communities, resulting in hundreds of the purchases made When the a peace deal with the of the pandemic - economic and social - and the general prevailing uncertainty render any predictions extremely difficult. Riding club located in Amargeti, bay golf resort project cancelled. The first mistake when transferring for their children, bringing down to purchase and the process disputes between borrowers and the. Located at Curium beach near.

Directory for Nicosia – Larnaca – Limassol – Protaras – Pafos. EUROLIFE CUSTOMER CENTER 3 Makrasykas, Karyatides Building Centre, Strovolos​. Listing Category: INSURANCE COMPANIES & AGENTS. Location: LIMASSOL. Address: 28 Kolonakiou, 1st floor, Linopetra. Website: Limassol (); Nicosia (); Larnaca (); Paphos (); Famagusta (​) Betting companies (30); Banks / Financial Institutions (); Insurance Companies We are collaborating exclusively with Eurolife, the leading life insurance.