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Katharina gabriel bettingen germany

Bachelor Studies. Master Studies. Doctoral Studies. Research support. Gender equality and diversity. Knowledge transfer. People Directory. Honorary Doctorates. Media and Information Center german. Center for Methods. Writing Center. Language Center. University Sports. Student initiatives. Central Services. Faculty recruiting.

Research Services. Internal Audit. International Office. Teaching Service. Personnel Services. Presidents Office. Public Relations Office. Student Services. Institutions A-Z. Professors Scientific staff Technical and administrative staff. Tim W. Dornis, J. David Loschelder. Masoud Abbaszadeh, M. Miguel Abellan-Ossenbach, M. Salomey Afua Addo, M. Anne-Grit Albrecht. Benjamin Apelojg.

Carola Bettinger. Blagoy Blagoev. Brit-Maren Block. Lea Boecker. Yassin Bouzzine, M. Sascha Brake, M. Anna-Sophie Busse-Pietrzynski, M. Hui Chen. Zhen Chen, M. Karin Dening-Bratfisch. Elena Eckert. Moritz Ehrtmann, M. Leonie Anika Eising, M. PD Dr. Mark Euler. Crispin Masahudu Ewuntomah, M. Marie-Lena Frech, M. Rebecca Funken, M. Vera Grebe. Norman Gruchow, M. Wei Guo. Harald Hantke. Antoniya Hauerwaas. Benedikt Haus, M. Sebastian Henke, M. Katharina Hetze.

Simon Hillnhagen, M. Maria Jaufmann. Thorsten Jochims. Mats Kahl, M. Franziska Kahla, M. Jennifer Kowallik, M. Kathrin Kramer, M. Moritz Kruse, M. Jonas Lehmann, M. Philipp Lentge, M. Heinrich, Michael C. Cancer immune control needs senescence induction by interferon-dependent cell cycle regulator pathways in tumours. Migden, Michael R. Cemiplimab in locally advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma : results from an open-label, phase 2, single-arm trial.

Zhuang, Yuan; Xu, Haifeng C. Fragile X mental retardation protein protects against tumour necrosis factor-mediated cell death and liver injury. From dolastatin 13 to cyanopeptolins, micropeptins, and lyngbyastatins : the chemical biology of Ahp-cyclodepsipeptides. In: Natural Product Reports Vol. Landi, Maria Teresa; Bishop, D. Mark; Lee, Jeffrey E. Genome-wide association meta-analyses combining multiple risk phenotypes provide insights into the genetic architecture of cutaneous melanoma susceptibility.

Genomic and epigenomic insights into the origin, pathogenesis, and clinical behavior of mantle cell lymphoma subtypes. Melms, Johannes C. Inhibition of haspin kinase promotes cell-intrinsic and extrinsic antitumor activity. Conway, Jake R.

Integrated molecular drivers coordinate biological and clinical states in melanoma. Involvement of Hus1 in the chain elongation step of DNA replication after exposure to camptothecin or ionizing radiation. Lactate released by inflammatory bone marrow neutrophils induces their mobilization via endothelial GPR81 signaling.

Lymphocyte predominant cells detect Moraxella catarrhalis-derived antigens in nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma. Metabolic heterogeneity confers differences in melanoma metastatic potential. Molecular correlates of response to capmatinib in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer : Clinical and biomarker results from a phase I trial.

Molecular subgrouping of primary pineal parenchymal tumors reveals distinct subtypes correlated with clinical parameters and genetic alterations. In: Acta Neuropathologica Vol. Hagenacker, Tim; Wurster, Claudia D. Nusinersen in adults with 5q spinal muscular atrophy : A non-interventional, multicentre, observational cohort study. Capdevila, Jaume; Wirth, Lori J. In: Journal of Clinical Oncology Vol. In: Clinical Cancer Research Vol. Prognosis of patients with stage III melanoma according to American joint committee on cancer version 8 : A reassessment on the basis of 3 independent stage III melanoma cohorts.

Ascierto, P. Dummer, Reinhard; Ascierto, Paolo A. Hermann, Dirk M. Retrospective evaluation of whole exome and genome mutation calls in cancer samples. Petersdorf, Effie W. George, Suzanne; Heinrich, Michael C. In: Nucleic Acids Research Vol. Structure-based evolution of a promiscuous inhibitor to a selective stabilizer of protein—protein interactions.

Tertiary lymphoid structures improve immunotherapy and survival in melanoma. In: The Lancet Oncology Vol. Bell, Steven E. A TetR-family transcription factor regulates fatty acid metabolism in the archaeal model organism Sulfolobus acidocaldarius. A multicentre, phase IIa study of zolbetuximab as a single agent in patients with recurrent or refractory advanced adenocarcinoma of the stomach or lower oesophagus : the MONO study.

Taylor, Matthew H. Lindahl, Lise M. Antibiotics inhibit tumor and disease activity in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Biomolecule-corona formation confers resistance of bacteria to nanoparticle-induced killing : Implications for the design of improved nanoantibiotics. Mai, Elias K. Bortezomib-based induction therapy with high or low-dose dexamethasone in newly diagnosed, transplant-eligible multiple myeloma.

Merz, Simon F. Current gaps in sepsis immunology: new opportunities for translational research. Distinct immunogenomic properties of melanomas with stable disease as best response to immune checkpoint blockade ICB. Kurtz, David M. Jackstadt, Rene; van Hooff, Sander R. Externalized histone H4 orchestrates chronic inflammation by inducing lytic cell death.

In: Journal of Hepatology Vol. Robert, C. Friend retrovirus studies reveal complex interactions between intrinsic, innate and adaptive immunity. Watson, Hunna J. Genome-wide association study identifies eight risk loci and implicates metabo-psychiatric origins for anorexia nervosa. Genomic and transcriptomic changes complement each other in the pathogenesis of sporadic Burkitt lymphoma. Glycosidase and glycan polymorphism control hydrolytic release of immunogenic flagellin peptides.

Emmons, Michael F. Immune signature drives leukemia escape and relapse after hematopoietic cell transplantation. Integrative molecular and clinical modeling of clinical outcomes to PD1 blockade in patients with metastatic melanoma.

Machine learning-based predictors for immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy of non-small-cell lung cancer. Microglial cell loss after ischemic stroke favors brain neutrophil accumulation. Molecular features of the UNC chaperone critical for binding and folding muscle myosin. Karimzadeh, Hadi; Kiraithe, Muthamia M. Publisher Correction : Novel pleiotropic risk loci for melanoma and nevus density implicate multiple biological pathways. Duffy, David L. Publisher Correction: Novel pleiotropic risk loci for melanoma and nevus density implicate multiple biological pathways.

Taylor, Fiona; Regan, Meredith M. Younes, Anas; Sehn, Laurie H. Randomized phase III trial of ibrutinib and rituximab plus cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone in non—germinal center B-cell diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Long, Georgina V. Ascierto, Paolo A. Florian, Rahel T. Varaljai, R. Stephen; Boland, Genevieve M. A distinct oncogenerative multinucleated cancer cell serves as a source of stemness and tumor heterogeneity. Adjuvant melanoma therapy with new drugs : should physicians continue to focus on metastatic disease or use it earlier in primary melanoma?

Atkinson, Victoria G. Kugel, Curtis H. Age correlates with response to anti-PD1, reflecting age-related differences in intratumoral effector and regulatory T-Cell populations. Antidepressants act by inducing autophagy controlled by sphingomyelin—ceramide. Association of body-mass index and outcomes in patients with metastatic melanoma treated with targeted therapy, immunotherapy, or chemotherapy : a retrospective, multicohort analysis.

Author Correction : The landscape of genomic alterations across childhood cancers. Tucci, Felicia A.


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