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Racing post betting site greyhounds cards of humanity

They all have value! We owe them more than the back end of a slaughter truck. It is good to see that some connections stepped up and helped but the real hero is Mindy and she should be filled with joy and pride for the life that she has saved which is not her first and I am sure will not be the last.

May Press Elusive live a long happy life and run fast through the green grass! I wrote that the money could of saved 20 horses. So they can be adopted and more can be saved. Just a terrible theory huh?? No one disputes Mindy did is a good thing. I just wonder if any of us would of heard this story if the mare had been a maiden??? Tears from big-heart and the will to live — tears of pride and joy and inspiration! Why are people so greedy and heartless…do morals and basic decency not count for something of value anymore?

So happy that this one horse was recognized and saved. She will never know heartlessness again. Bravo to Dawn for suggesting the race fee for future retirement homes for the horses!!! Everyone needs to get behind this and support it fully….. I live in Mississippi and I can tell you first-hand there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of homeless dogs and cats dying in my state EVERY year!

No one cares!! I have volunteered for almost 15 yrs. I was disabled a few years ago, so I am the stay at home parent now. It makes me think that alot of these rescues are also in it just for the money. Who was the owner of this horse prior to when she was sent off to the slaughter house?

Just curious. How could a person be so cruel? Typical utilitarian society we live in today. When your usefulness to others is diminished, off to the slaughter house you go. I would think the owner of such an animal would have the ethical conscience to keep her alive and well until her time came to an end naturally.

This horse truly deserved to live out a happy and healthy remainder of her life out of moral obligation. Rich, Thanks for your note. Horses pass through so many hands sometimes, before reaching the feed lot and slaughterhouse. Not all thoroughbred horse owners are evil dispicable people as some of you are claiming,in fact a lot of owners are working with rescue and Otto retraining groups to give retired horses a place to move on to after their racing careers are over.

I live in Florida and admit there is a lot of abuse post racing but that is not the rule but the exception. This is becoming a more widespread practice,and though not the perfect solution it is definitely a major step in the right direction. Eventually they will be shunned by those who DO care about their own animals and those that treat their horses like this will be forced to straighten up or will leave the poor animals alone.

May God have a special place in hell for them. Dear God I pray people learn that these animals are precious too. Off to the Nackery with you!! This practice was investigated after last years Melbourne Cup! What a Shameless lot you Horse Owners have become. And where would one go say in NC where we dont have horse racing? About currently on average. I paid A year later, and I had an amazing athletic horse on my hands who was thrilling to ride and won buckets of ribbons. So good to hear!

Wish that more people would buy horses as you did to let them live. Thank you for what you did. How horrible that a horse deemed unsuitable for meat had to be bought from the meat buyer. I hate that he lined his pockets through her suffering. These stories have to STOP. Where are the breeders, owners and trainers to come to her rescue when she needed them the most? They all lined their pockets with her purses and breeding fees. Where is her percentage of the purses and breeding fees so that she could have been a candidate for a rescue?

No horse deserves to die like that! The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. The more I see of the racing industry the more disgusted I become. I thank God you stepped in to help this one. She did not deserve what was done to her, but she proved to have the heart of a thoroughbred and is the beautiful animal she was bred to be and has the future she deserves!!

Thank all of you who helped this wonderful mare. Thank God that that beautiful horse found a lovely person to save its life. I simply cringe every time when I hear of horses getting mistreated after they leave the race track. Horses are the best gifts given to us from God, and need to be treated as such. They deserve better treatment than what they have been recieving especially from these kill pens. No horse should ever be sent there.

We simply do not eat horses. Just as we humanely put down our dogs and cats we should do the same to our horses. May they always have a special place in our hearts. You can try looking on equibase or equiline to find race history, pedigree info, and auction info.

They should be extremely ashamed of themselves. Here is this animal who nearly gave up her life and her babies to scum just so they can make a dollar. Unfortunately this is not an uncommon story. Thank goodness there are good people out there. Look how gorgeous she is!!

What an incredible story. So glad to see theamazing pics of Press now. What a transformation. What bastards let this poor horse suffer in the first place. They need lining up against a wall to be shot. See how they like it!! He placed him in my care and eventually my parents purchased him for me. Everyone told me we had made a mistake including our veterinarian. He was 10 at the time and he lived to be 20 years old. I took him to jumping events and 3 day competitions until I retired him at the age of 17 to live out the remaining years leisurely with long rides through the woods and lazy days out in the grassy fields.

It is a travesty what happens to so many race horses, especially to those who run on cheap tracks, such as Suffolk Downs in MA, Rockingham Park in NH, for example. Good for you! To all of you crying that this is a crime started by racing horses. Did you not read this article? The opening paragraph stated that this mare was trampled by a trailer Full of other horses. When all the rest saw their fate on the butchers block?

To get to my point, this was not a trailer full of ex race horses. The others were anything from used up backyard pets to young stock deemed to spirted for handling by your average joe. You want to attack something? How about the people who sent their unwanted riding horses? Thoroughbreds have the largest network breed specific rescues then any other breed or discipline.

Get educated you hypocrites. I gallop for a living, have for 30 years. I drive a crappy little truck and wear clothes from Goodwill… One of these retired horses I galloped for 3 years, he won 15 races in those years. He limps, always. Most owners dont have endless fields to retire horses into. Get the horses before they end up in a bad way. Belive me, plenty of trackers have several. So help us out.

Or get yourself to your local track, and put it out you want to give a good home to a worthy animal! I have read a lot of sad stories in my time when it comes to horses, but this tops the cake. What I would like to know is how the original owners are not accountable for her situation.

Its all about money and nothing else. The people who put her on that truck in the first place should be visited by the law and RSPCA people to inspect their goings on at the stud. I know there are people out their that do the right thing, but those who dont should be punished for the cruelty to the animal. Typical race horse stud, breed breed breed, sell sell sell, but people do this in all kinds of discipline and sometimes breed what they cannot sell or have no intention of looking after.

What ever happen to breeding quality and not quantity. In the article it only mentioned one of the mares foals that was sold, what happend to the rest of them????? I am really touched and please to see some people still have a heart and use it to help horses in this situation, they all deserve a gold medal in caring.

This sort of thing will continue unless authorities grow some balls and start to police it. You can probably tell this stuff makes me angry, but like a lot of others I am sick of it and something has to be done. I grew up with horse-racing. She worked at a betting shop in the UK , and did track betting at one time too. I love horses, to the point of lunacy really and take pictures of them wherever we travel, but even as a child mum used to tell us about the dark side of racing.

Show jumping too. The jockeys who whipped horses whether they needed to or not, the drugs, the cheating, the races thrown, the cruelty to horses even valuable horses. And then there were the legal drugs — Lasix which let them run beyond all endurance — and more. I understand that some horses love to run and jump but in my opinion they should not be used to make money for humans. Bred over and over.

Used for stud. Thrown away when they are past their usefulness. I have been working with race horses since , and i have seen some unreal things, i am so glad somebody stepped and gave this beautiful horse the chance to keep enjoying her life, the retired horses deserve a chance to be a horse. Sue Salk remove me from this blog. Sorry Sue Salk, name calling and finger pointing is exactly what is needed to stamp this out.

My heart goes out to Ms. Lovell and all of the caring people who came to this beloved Mares rescue. I have personally kept every older mare that we have bred. We have open mares who have been allowed to live out their lives with dignity, in a pasture full of friends.

We have fully supported them…, so that nothing terrible like this could ever happen. Not sure many will read this far down on the comment section, but I must express my opinion here on the subject of slaughter. I am committed to that end result when conditions warrant it, but not everyone can afford that or willing is to pay it.

I will always advocate for federally-inspected humane slaughter houses. I am dismayed that the Humane Society is advocating against slaughter houses. What do they think will happen to all those unwanted, old, ill or injured horses?

That IS the hard reality, and I will maintain my belief that slaughter houses are a sad necessity. But there must be a means available to offer horses a fear-free humanely-administered end to their lives. Everyone should be supporting laws to require such establishments to carry out that unavoidable reality in the most humane way possible. In the Puerto Rico, where transport to slaughter is not an option, racehorses and other horses at the end of their useful lives are shot or euthanized on the spot.

I highly advocate this practice as an alternative to the absolutely medieval practice of slaughter, whereby a mere handful of people in the United States make a less than honest living most have long criminal records transporting these horses to a horrific death.

Mexico is another story. This is not a crisis. One in IL, two in Texas. The process still involved excessively long journeys to slaughter for the luckless horses sold by reckless owners at auctions. The method of slaughter at all three plants was captive bolt.

The reason slaughter was banned in the US was the result of lengthy investigations into the horrific cruelty suffered by horses on their way to the slaughter houses and in the death chambers. Part of the evidence presented to Congress and the Senate were testimony by slaughter operators, drivers for kill buyers admitting to the abuse they would subject the horses, one common practice was to gouge out the eyes of troublesome horses to quiet them on the long trip so as to limit the risk to the remainder of the load.

This is only one of the most egregious practices. Also on exhibit were photographs of several skulls of horses slaughtered in the United States. These horses had multiple wounds from the captive bolt, some had up to 11 hits. And so the plants were shuttered, and rightfully so. Only low life scum send their horses to slaughter. We support a living population of over 9 million horses in the US, a million or so of which die yearly of natural causes. The other , a miniscule part of the population are victimized by their owners and guardians, members of a fringe group that seem to believe that tormenting their faithful animals as a last thank you for their service is completely AOK.

This is a disturbed and mostly criminal element of the population. Some animal owners are heartless…. After making enough money to buy your fancy cars,houses, clothing, etc. You could not have done this without the animal,so shame on you for just murdering them after they have made you rich…A big thank-you from the animals who have someone who loves them for what they are…FAMILY. Pam, Mindy Lovell, who rescued Press Exclusive, is accepting donations.

Thanks for reading! Obviously they are more interested in the dollar than the animals welfare! They should be subjected to the same treatment. I have owned. Tbd my whole life. My first t. Turns 31 in May. I am interested in all info on rescuing these amazing animals. Plz contact me I live in Maine near the conadian boarder! Is it so high that one would decide to sell the horse for what it would bring at slaughter? Thank God for the selfless, caring people who think of animals as real beings with feelings!

I applaud you and only wish that every animal on every truck bound for slaughter could also be saved. I have a OTTB Mare she is registered Grandma W that I rescued she was a one on the body scale and is a very healthy mare now she still needs probable 50 more pounds to be where she really needs to be. This story really hit home with me because this could have been my mare.

And this story follows along with some of what my mare has been through. Her first foal was the highest sold yearling to ever sell at the Houston Thorough Bred horse sale. And she was starved down and thrown away like trash after winning money for her owners and producing some really nice babies. It just makes me so mad! I am so happy that Press had people there to fight for her and that she is happy and healthy. What a beautiful result, there should be no animal cruelty on earth, all these beautiful creatures need is unconditional love as they give to us.

Margo Ashton Australia. It was so great effort done, no animal like horse should be sent for slaughtering this should be stopped. Horse does not deserve slaughter at there old age, They are best friends of Human like Dogs. I had tears in my eye while reading the story. She was lucky that you people saved her. May God bless you all so that more horse can be saved. Basically, an attention seeking moron that deserves to be hit by a truck, hopefully carrying horses.

You are Gods hand extended! Bless you for the wonderful loving rescue of that gorgeous deserving horse. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I congratulate the wonderful people that rescued this horse and of course the happy ending is just so wonderful that I am simply so elated with joy, Thankyou to all the wonderful caring and loving people who spent money and time and love on this wonderful horse and to look at her now in these pictures, God has a special place for people like you and one day you will know his blessing, thankyou all a million times over.

God bless you all and of course Baloo! Thank you for all that you do xxx. And now her hooves are great, her teeth have been fixed, and eyes and manure are healthy. Gem is one of the sweetest horses in the world and one of the smartest, and me and her have a great relationship.

I really enjoyed that story it made me feel happy that someone would be botherd to help a horse in need of help. I took a 26 year old Registered Thoroughbred in as a border. I was shocked at his condition when he arrived…. One year later with the help of Purina Senior feed and lots of love he is fat and sassy and enjoying life here on the farm.

The owner had thought of sending him off to slaughter. I plan to use your article when people begin to discuss sending their unwanted horses to slaughter. It is not an easy end. Give up the little bit of money you will get and have the animal put down on the farm. Maybe some of those continuing to breed their horses with the hopes of getting that one in a million race horse should have to ride in the trailer with the horses going to slaughter.

No temptation to breed. We too have rescued a racehorse on his way to a Mexican killer. We actually bought him as a yearling and after his racing career sold him to a hunter jumper who eventually took him to a killer sale. Theres someone out there who would love each and every one of those poor craters.

If the only option for a horse is to be euthanized due to illness or disability, it should be done in a humane way so that it is less distressful to the horse and not done in the presence of other horses who will also suffer distress. Unfortunately, money talks louder in every language rather than compassion. We need tougher laws and even tougher punishments. What a wonderful outcome for this horse. What is it going to take to stop the sale of horses to slaughter.

This is a barbaric practice that needs to be stopped. Horses were not bred for food and should never face that kind of terrible ending. Horses have stood in the line of battle, helped settle this country, provided help for many with disabilities, and help to keep our communities safe from home as members of the police department. Our government officials need to make it illegal to sell horses to slaughter. They need our protection and so I hope people will speak up and write their elected official and demand action on stopping horses from being sold to slaughter.

I also want people to be more responsible. If you get a horse, you are taking on a big responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. But if you do then cherish them for their entire life and give tem the best life they can have.

I produced 2 foals in , 2 in , 3 in , 5 in , and none since although I bred one mare last year, she did not produce a foal … that sometimes happens. Although I have not raised a foal in any of the past 5 years, I would be unhappy if told that I would not be allowed to raise one in the future. I think that I am a responsible breeder, and I am well aware that breeding or buying a horse is a lifetime commitment.

They are also told that, if the horse proves unsatisfactory for any reason, they may return it to me for a full refund of the purchase price. This is a step in the right direction. As I was holding her lifeless head in my lap, crying, the bulldozer operator drove up. Our county considers deceased livestock to be a health hazard, and the burial is, therefore, a public service.

There is an important part of this story that is untold: namely, how did she get to that place where she was boarded on a truck aimed for slaughter in the first place? Who dropped the ball on the care of this horse, and was that person prosecuted prior to her being sent for slaughter? I may be wrong but I think all these horses race at legal tracks. A fee could also be collected on each foal race horses produce. We all work or have worked and in most cases have a retirement fund.

Horses that earn money should have that security as well. Thank you to all the wonderful people who work so hard to rescue these awesome creatures. It is so sad what happens to these beautiful animals after they are done their job. It should be a crime. If only more people knew or cared what happened to them after the track. They have many wonderful years left in them after racing.

What an amazingly touching story, whoever you are Mindy you are an angel and thank you for giving up your time and money to save this horse the difference in the photos is striking, it made me cry. I picked up the story on Facebook and have posted it to my page here in the UK. Thank goodness for decent people like Mindy who can make a difference to some of them.

Hi everyone! As the author of this blog, I wanted to say something. What I do NOT want to do is point the finger at any person. Even if you think that this should be done, name-calling and finger-pointing is something I cannot abide on my site. Every sad animal facing a terrible end gets us all upset. But, I would ask that you continue to respect me and my wishes, as well as those who comment here. This is one of those wonderful, happy ending stories but it still is so unfortunate that we have to weed through all the horrendous abuse and slaughter tales.

I pray that the tide will turn and we will be able to have more stories of redemption and rescue rather than our horse horror stories. As I sit here and read all these comments I think that there really is hope, all is not lost in humanity, we really can make a difference so that no horse suffer any fate that stems from the brutality of horse slaughter!

It cost me a fortune. I boarded at a barn for years; many of the horses were ex-racehorses and their private owners just stopped paying rent, or abandoned them, and to his credit, the stable owner would give me time to pay the accrued rent, get the necessary vet care and would let me find good homes for these animals.

One was a grandson of Native Dancer and all my saved horses were kind, good animals. So, private owners can be just as irresponsible and uncaring as track-horse owners. By the way, I bought a 12 year old abused Arab mare who had been blinded in one eye, she was so strung out that it took me 8 months to get a head stall on her, but with patience and discipline on my part she eventually developed a calm quarter horse demeanor and was the most wonderful riding horse ever.

I kept her for 19 years; through increased supplements, glucosamine, senior feed, and so forth and it was a huge amount of money out of my pocket for years but that was the responsible and loving thing to do. There must be a special place in hell for them. Just counting the 11 saved and rescued horses, my out of pocket expenses must have added up to 20, Looking back, since I am retired now, had I the choice to spend that money on saving those horses or buying a fancy new car, the horses won, hands down, every time.

And thank you for rescuing these 11 precious horses. Thank you for all you do! What a heartbreaking story. I wonder if it would help to publicly announce who had this mare and who made money and then discarded her? Shame them into acting responsibly! Tragically thousands of horses are callously sent to slaughter each year, brutalized beyond description every part of the process, often skinned and chopped up while still terrified and feeling the agony of it all.

No innocent, defenseless living being deserves this. Not one!! Terrific and heart warming! Commendations to all for kindness and commitment to create a happy outcome, it is only what is deserved. How wonderful. There are kind and caring people in the world. Horses are treated very badly and used just to make money. They are living creatures and as such should be treated to dignity and care.

What lovely people they were to save her. James, have you found your new horse yet? Merry Christmas! I have disabilities as has he, but he now walks so slowly beside me, i never really lead him,God seems to send me this sort of horse,yourrewards will be in heaven, It beggers beliefe how some people have no empathy for these animals.

I have 4 rescue horses currently lounging their plump selves in my pasture. I have 3 others who have been rehabilitated and gone on to great new homes. She can stay a fat and sassy pasture puff for the rest of her life. The little ones who visit my ranch absolutely love to pet her and she keeps my geldings in line.

I have a huge, lovable lab who was in horrible shape at the shelter and mere minutes from death when I and another volunteer stepped in to pick him up. I was told by the president of our Humane Society chapter that I was crazy for not euthanizing him. We also have a potential new home with a huge back yard and another lab to play with where we can see him where we want. People who step in and rescue animals are angels in disguise.

Those animals are true blessings, as are their saviors. Congratulations once again to Mindy on a job well done. Wish you the best of luck on more rescues like this one. Hey Scott, good to see another Tasmanian commenting on this story.

Some questions will never be answered in this and other stories mate, but we can only hope that in the future that something is done about banning the slaughter of horses everywhere. I live at Longford, where are you? There should be a compulsory retirement fund set up for each Thoroughbred or standardbred from point of breeding, point of sale ans a percentage of betting turnover.

Slaughter of these horses, often young healthy horses should be banned. I am SO happy to hear that Press is okay. My TB was born and raised on Del Mar Track, but luckily I got him when he was 7 years old after 2 yrs of being bought and sold every 2 months before I got him.

Thank you for your kind heart for rescuing her! Where the hell is the owner who she won the almost half million dollars for?!! They should step up and pay for expenses. Makes me SICK! God Bless those who saved her! She looks fantastic now! A true heroine,, Sometimes Im ashamed to be a member of the human race when I see how we teat the creatures that we breed for our own amusement. Im happy beyond words that this horse was saved, but it still disgusts me that she was in that position in the first place.

What a outstanding story, that mare is a true survivor, great job to her carers for getting her to where she is, top job. Finally to see a animal get to end their life as God chooses. Like the two dogs PUT down after serving the future King of England when they were of no use guarding him after 7 years At least let them live out their lives till it ends…. God bless this man for his extreme kindness….

Well I have to thank all these wonderful people who cared enough to save this beautiful horse.. I love animals very much if I were rich not one ever would be left behind to die or suffer alone , I was a nurse and everyone should be cared for and respected until they day they pass. I love horses.. I hate slaughter houses for horses … No horse should be slaughter..

Or abused..!! A downright sin..!! I am glad I found this article and it had such a happy ending. It was not a rash decision. Each kitten had multiple X-rays, anti I biotics, etc. Unfortunately, the tendons, could not be repaired. They are young and will survive. Horses, dogs, should not be treated this cruelly and end their lives in a slaughter house floor. God Bless the folks who work tirelessly to save them. I will never understand how someone could send an animal they have owned for years; an animal that recognized their voice or step, gives them constant love no matter how they have been treated, could send an animal away to be slaughtered or brutalize it themselves.

Thanks to a kind and lover of horses in Ms. Lovell to have saved this mare. We need more people like her. Surely to goodness one of these people who benefited handsomely from this wonderful mare during her racing career owed her something. Was this thoroughbred broodmare the only horse on this van…what happened to the other horses on the van…were they all thoroughbreds…I will guess not???

I am not defending the thoroughbred, standardbred or quarterhorse breeding industries. I have been involved with the thoroughbred horse racing and breeding industry for many years. Yes, they cull there horses when they feel they no longer have value. Lets not kid ourselves, the guiltiest are the big sale consignors that bring in lots of homebred horses and sell to the wealthy owners, who, celebrate in the glory of these marvelous animals, bred to run until it wins or dies trying.

The consignors know what happens to these horses when their useful racing or breeding careers are done. He made all the money when she raced, and tried to make her a valuable broodmare, but, when her time was up, he baled and ran her through the sale to her fate as we read it.

They think it is a well kept secret. Lets not forget that all the horses on that van were not thoroughbreds. Like all animals we breed, they rely on us, they trust us, look in their eyes, they give you their devotion, no way for them to end their time of giving. Shame on the over breeders and racing industry. Unfortunately nothing our species does will even surprise me, humans are capable of so much cruelty. You would think that at her age she would not have been retired at all — still able to produce foals.

And her winnings should have kept her to an old age. What a beautiful mare! My horse Shaun, aka Cusack is a New Zealand race horse that was posted by auction horses in a Washington state kill pen. He was so thin I had to board him for a month to put weight on just to ship him home to Kansas. His rescue was due to a world wide effort spear headed by Horsetalknz who raised funds to buy, transport and pay for vet care for Shaun.

My lovely companion resides on 40 acres with four other horses, and never has to worry about slaughter again. They deserve better. I am endlessly happy beyond words that this beautiful baby made it through this horrific ordeal alive. Nearly dead, but survived. However, as grateful and insanely happy to know this old girl lived…what about all the others that did not?

All the other horses that were with her on that truck and many others like it. We have to stand up and tell our US government officials that we will NOT tolerate such majestic, intelligent mammals being sold for slaughter and abused and tortured the way they are. Who the hell would eat horse meat anyway? Any meat for that matter. Figures it happens in a Canadian slaughter house. I wish I could burn it to the ground and send it back to hell where it belongs!!

There were more than 85, horses shipped for slaughter in Canada alone last year. Most of those horses were pets, race horses or animals who were not bred for slaughter. These animals were in the wrong place at the wrong time and were shipped through no fault of their own. They are the forgotten in an industry that seems destined to turn its back on the animals it claims to care for.

If you want to help maybe we could all do something collectively if we made the issue of what happens when horses are sent to auction and there are not private buyers for them. The general public and most horse owners seem to have no idea of the cruel fate that is frequently dealt to these poor animals.

If you want to do something that matters write your MP or Congressman and lobby for humane treatment of horses. Makes me sick to my stomach every time I read something like this…thank you for all the good people out their that came to her aide….. Truely criminal is the understanding of a regal animal exploited and then abandoned by those who profit. Why is it that a retirement fund is not set up for every horse earning in any capacity? A cure seems so elementary…. It breaks my heart to know that a human can allow animal cruelty like this to happen to a horse, or any other animal.

I am so greatful she was rescued and re-habbed by the wonderful people in this article. I want to thank Mrs. Lovell and her associates for the amazing recovery of this beautiful mare. Having horses of our own, I know how much the equine give of themselves to please their human partners. The slaughterhouse is not a dignified ending for the years of service an equine gives us. As I sit here crying my eyes out I am so deeply moved by the compassion and caring of all of these rescue organizations..

I am grateful for your work and will happily donate to both of these organizations regularly. Keep up the great work!!!! I am glad to see the outpouring of outrage. Others need the same attention and outcome. Awareness is the first step to every necessary and desired change. Press looks very content and restored! Since I got involved in trying to help stop horse slaughter in the US I have grown to hate horse racing with a passion.

These brood mares are bred to death with the owners looking to produce that winner that brings in millions of dollars in the winners circle. Herds of broodmares are sold at auctions that hold special sales in the after hours just to cater to killer buyers. Did any of you ever wonder just what happens to a breeders brood stock?? The same place this starved mare was found.

They are headed on down the line for gutting and skinning. There is a machine used for the skinning process that rips the hide off of the body in one operation. You want to get a birds eye view of what goes on in a slaughter plant in Canada go here. I hope this is still up. There are members of congress in the House of Representatives that have signed on to cosponsor H. Anyone who places a parimutuel bet on a horse race is guilty of supporting this kind of abuse.

It broke my heart to see my dear pony being abused and neglected. For those of you in the USA who want horse slaughter to stay banned, please support the SAFE ACT legislation that would stop the inhumane killing of American horses for human consumption and prohibit the transport of horses across the U.

Last year, more than , American horses were sent to a cruel death by a grisly foreign industry that produces unsafe food for consumers. Write to your States people and your President. I really want to thank Mindy Lovell of her hard work and her big heart full of love for the horses to rescue them and I want to thank the other friends who helped Mindy to make it possible.

The horses are not doing anything wrong but the men or women who do cruel business are and always so greedy about money and want to kill for meat. I have to say in my small time with horses. They are the most intelligent and sensetive animals on earth and has been with us for centeries. For me to hear horses being rounded up by BLM everywhere and wants to kill them really breaks my heart and often times brings to tears.

Horses even burros are Jesus creatures and he loves them so much as other animals that were created for us to learn to watch and take care of like watching over sheep you know. I feel very ashamed of the way they are treating animals. There is no words for it. Thank you for being an Angel for these horses.

How anyone can even consider sending a horse on to slaughter is soooooo sad… They are not for food ever.. What a wonderful ending to a horrific story for this mare. All these people just automatically assume if you have and love horses you go to the races.

Nothing could be further from the truth. And all the reasons are in the story about Press. I do know some people here in Oklahoma who raise and race horses who feel like us true horsemen do about them. But for the most part, the well off, ivory tower types, who are in it for a business and have no connection to the horses are who do these things. No compassion in the least and just turn their heads the other way.

It is easy for them to do that since they have no personal connection to the actual horses. Believe me they are not dumb or nieve. They brazenly pull the plug and send them down the road. Or take the time to find a home for them. Its unforgiveable. You know they have the money to do that, so what the hell is the big deal? THESE are the cold hard facts.

We own thoroughbreds and love them to pieces! We do not go to the races and we do not support horse racing. I used to work on the backside of a race track and have seen first hand what goes on there. Horses are run into the ground with hopes of collecting insurance money. It can be done cheaper if you want to drive the horse to the rendering yard so it can be put down with a bullet. Horses are given to slaughter brokers to either be flipped or taken to the feed lot. Its time the jockey club started a retirement fund for these horses, each of the winners of a race should have The fund should kick in to help with cost to rehab these beautiful graceful horses.

Not to have them end up on a meat truck. You would have to be totally blind not to see what that mare has become with the love and dedication of these people. To Cindy Kirk.. They have the same corporate philosophy as the big banks or oil companies. Wonderful story.

Many kudos to Mindy for her love and caring and hard work in restoring Press to good health and a future befitting her. Not sure if this horse was sold IN Canada…. Whether in the USA or Canada, race horses are routinely sent off to horse auctions where killer-buyers for the horse slaughter houses wait to outbid ordinary folks looking for a nice horse.

Many North American race horses never see past the age of five before they are trucked off to auctions. Their lives are to make money and to be slaughtered for more money. The horse slaughter industry here in Canada cannot meet its profit-quota with Canadian horses only, so they import about 50, horses from the USA every year. Most of this dirty work happens at horse auctions across both continents.

The horse slaughter industries in Canada and Mexico must have many thousands of horses to exist every year and in Canada, breeding societies now pay folks to breed more babies for the race tracks — race tracks go through horses like flies — and dispose of them with similarly. Gut wrenching! I am so glad it had a happy ending. On no account could I ever put an animal through this. Congratulations to everyone involved for her rescue.

Thank you. This needs to be seen by the public. Racing dogs and horses needs to stop. Thank Our Great Lord for people like you for rescuing such gorgeous animals. These animals love us unconditionally. He was on his way to slaughter when they saved him, in very poor shape with ribs sticking out and no life in his eyes. Well over the last 6 months we have nursed him back to health and he is a dream come true.

He is such a wonderful addition to our family, we are so happy to have him. I sometimes find people disgusting. I just wanted to cry when I received this posting, and had chills as I read. Thank you for the bravery and ability to save. What a beautiful story for this mare and the great humans that saved her!!!

Our organization www. Who was the owner that sent Press Exclusive to auction? Pls send us info. We value your privacy and will respect such if you ask us to. When race horses are sent to auction it is wellknown that the killer-buyers for the slaughter houses are waiting to buy them. That happens to be the fate for almost all race horses. Someone put the mare on the truck. This was no mistake. What was unusual was that she escaped a death in a horse slaughter house where she — like most race horses — are routinely vivisected while alive.

That would have been her final destiny as it is almost 90, horses in Canadian horse slaughter houses — many of them Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds and Quarter horses. Equine Right. I was going to keep my mouth closed here for once, but so much for that. Worth a mention, I think anyways, is another beautiful TB mare who earned a retirement. Should she have been asked to produce more? So to speak. Here was one recently though. He loves 2am meat plant deliveries to Quebec. RIP Backstreet Bully.

So great to see that pic of Press Exclusive enjoying green grass of home, she looks amazing. All the money paid to vets and the vet care of one horse as bad off as this one could have paid to help 20 other animals. Why spend all the time and money for one and leave the others???? Perch, I disagree with your argument. Mindy was fully prepared to humanely euthanize Press if the mare could not survive 72 hours. And, it was a slow and gradual come back, to which feed companies and fans donated to the cause.

Just as if a sick, elderly person needed care, I would try to help him or her, even if it made more sense to apply health-care resources to younger, healthier people. I understand people feel for THIS horse. I have also seen a horse will not give a name pictured all over facebook so that rescue could get donations.

One of the horses former owners offered to buy the horse and give it a loving forever home. They were turned down flat. In my opinion that rescue knew the horse had a good name and they would receive many more donations if they kept said horse. Perch — I understand what you are saying. In my case, the program is geared towards thoroughbreds and I really do not care whether any horse has even made it to the track or not or earned one red cent for anybody — IMO they all deserve a chance.

Perch — I would also like to add that other than the initial vet call, blood samples taken, antibiotics, some bute, treatment for her being tied up at the time, topical ointments and a can of aluspray, Press did not incur much in the way of extraordinary vet expenses at all. The rest of it would be any normal expenses for any horse. Once she started gaining weight and filling out, her feed was reduced as well and as it turns out, she is actually a fairly easy keeper for a thoroughbred.

Perch, really, that you come out with such horrible nonsense! Again not speaking about Mindy I do not know her. I have seen so called rescues that were raided by the police and horses did not even have water. They had a wells the water was FREE. For every 1 good rescue out there there are 10 that are scams.

I know no one wants to face it but at the end of the day horse all breeds are live stock. I am not even happy with that,but stopping the United States from having a slaughter house that they could TRY to regulate is not doing any of those horses favors.

People want to try to smear the person for selling this horse,the way I read it this horses injuries were due to negligent haulers. Wow Perch! They may have received food without ever actually earning money for the people that truly understand how important money is to them! Finally, appoint someone the race "announcer", who will flip the cards throughout the game.

Before each horse race begins, every player places a bet number of drinks wagered on a suit of their choice that will win the race where the Ace of that suit represents the horse. Then, before the race begins, each player drinks half of their wager, and the race is off! The announcer begins the game by flipping one card at a time from the top of the deck of cards.

Aces advance one row at a time if they match the suit of the card as they are flipped. For instance, if the five of spades is flipped, the Ace of Spades advances one row. This process continues until one card eventually advances past the final row. Each first time all four Aces have reached the same row they don't all need to be there at the same time , the face down card representing that row in the "L" shape is flipped over, and the Ace of that suit is moved back 1 row.

Also, we always encourage people to find new ways of making these games more fun, such as wagering drinks on what the side-column cards will be before they're flipped. If you and your friends think of some other good rules, share them with us in the comments section below! As always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to over-consumption of alcohol.

Need a sober ride? You must be of legal age and in no violation of local or federal laws while viewing this material. We do not support misuse of alcohol, including excessive consumption, binge drinking, or drinking and driving. It has been proven that excessive drinking can cause serious physical harm.

By Susan Salk on September 20,

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