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Financial spread betting advice sports is bovada sports betting legal

Financial spread betting advice sports

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The sports spread betting companies benefit from wider spreads. You may want to set up accounts with more than one sports spread betting company because one betting firm may, for example, usually offer tighter spreads on football match related bets, while another typically offers tighter spreads on tennis match related bets.

Whether or not sports spread betting is right for you basically depends on how good a bettor you are. This is because of the basic difference in bet structure between traditional sports betting and spread betting. In sports spread betting, not just the overall outcome, but every point, counts. This fact means that sports spread betting increases both your opportunity to rack up profits, but also the level of risk with losing bets. Unlike the case with traditional sports bets, you can lose more than your original bet stake.

One advantage that sports spread betting offers over traditional sports betting is that many sports spread betting firms are willing to offer their clients credit for betting. The amount of credit offered, if any, is, of course, based on the creditworthiness of the individual spread bettor.

As with financial spread betting, many sports spread bettors specialise, focusing their bets in one arena. A financial spread bettor might only place bets on gold, or precious metals markets, while a sports spread betting punter might only place bets on football matches. This is because of the similarities between financial spread betting and sports spread betting.

There are similar levels of risk, and some sports spread betting firms offer credit just as financial spread betting companies do. Just as with financial spread betting, you should do your due diligence when choosing a sports spread betting firm. Make sure that that the sports spread betting company you choose to go with is a regulated one. Your choice of a sports spread betting firm may depend on the range of betting markets the firm offers.

The range of betting markets varies greatly. Approach sports spread betting with the same attitude as you would financial spread betting — as a business. Most spread betting firms offer plenty of free education on sports spread betting, so take advantage of it and learn all that you can prior to risking money.

Learn the skills needed to trade the markets on our Trading for Beginners course. Next: Step 2 of 4. Chapter 9. Sports Spread Betting. Examples of available sports spread bets include: The time the first goal will be scored in a football match. How many lengths separate the winning and second place horse in a race. The total number of runs scored in a cricket match.

The number of aces served in a tennis match. How many field goal tries there will be in an American football game. The difference between sports spread betting and traditional sports betting In traditional sports betting — also known as fixed-odds betting — you place a bet, with stated odds — such as — on the outcome of a sporting event, such as a tennis or boxing match.

Profit and loss in sports spread betting Your profit or loss on a sports spread bet is not a fixed amount as in traditional sports betting. Instead, it varies based on: How much you bet — your stake for the bet, and By how much you beat or lost to the spread.

If you bought the three to six spread, and the winning horse won by 10 lengths. Likewise, if you sold the spread and the winner won by three lengths, that bet would also be a scratch. Like in financial spread betting, sports spread bettors benefit from tighter spreads. Should you sports spread bet — how good a spread bettor Whether or not sports spread betting is right for you basically depends on how good a bettor you are. The advantage of sports spread betting One advantage that sports spread betting offers over traditional sports betting is that many sports spread betting firms are willing to offer their clients credit for betting.

How is sports spread betting regulated Sports spread betting in the UK is regulated by the same authority that governs financial spread betting — the Financial Conduct Authority FCA. Some sports spread bet companies only offer sports spread betting. Some offer both sports spread betting and traditional fixed odds sports betting. Some offer traditional and sports spread betting, and also offer financial spread betting. And some offer all of the above, plus casino gambling, all through one betting company.

How to improve your sports spread betting game Approach sports spread betting with the same attitude as you would financial spread betting — as a business. Aim to learn and utilise sports betting strategies. Start learning. Introduction 2. Why Spread Bet? Who Should Spread Bet? You have the advantage that you don't have to bet on any market. You can just choose one or two, you can shop around between the firms for the best price, and you can move quickly.

In order to optimise profit potential in team games like football and rugby, it is best to wait until the last minute before placing bets, to take advantage of late team news, rather than placing a bet on the morning of the match unless the spread is clearly wrong. For example, let's say you really fancy Manchester United to thrash a team at the bottom end of the table, and you buy their superiority. But then the team news is announced twenty minutes before kick off and you learn that they've left half of their top players out of the starting line-up, preferring to rest them before an upcoming crunch European game in midweek.

Such occurrences are not uncommon. Also, if it's a live TV event with markets being updated in-running, it's a good idea to watch the game for 5 or 10 minutes before placing your bet. The spreads will move very little in this time, and it gives you an opportunity to gauge the shape of the game.

You will be able to observe whether it is open end to end stuff with lots of scoring chances or is it settling down into a dour battle. Taking the contrarian view can pay in sports spread betting - punters tend to over-react on the spreads which means that value is more likely to lie in opposing the herd view. There has in the past been a tendency for there to be more buyers than sellers in many markets. This has occured for a number of reasons The spread firms are aware of this and have accordingly set their prices one or two points higher than they would otherwise.

In the early days of spread betting they could get away with setting some prices artificially high, knowing that they would still attract buyers. Recently professional and more savvy punters have also become aware of this and have been sellers, so the disparity is not so pronounced. However, there is still potential profit in being a seller if the circumstances are right.

For example, if there has been a lot of hype see below about a game likely to be dirty with lots of cards this can be overdone and the spread moves up too high as everyone moves to buy. In tournament indexes it means that the bet is now settled, rather than you having to sell a winner later in running in the event, when there will still be a spread to be taken into account, reducing your profit. It's very difficult not to be influenced by all the hype surrounding a major sporting event.

The match commentators, the betting press, and certain pundits can have a major influence on market moves, and if you happen to disagree with their opinion then this can provide a betting opportunity once the spread has moved too far. I know some people who like to spread bet who prefer to watch the TV with the sound off, to avoid being influenced by what the commentators are saying.

The classic case of hype is probably the England football team. Here everything depends on how they have performed in the last match or two. The media will either have built them up as world beaters if they have done well or hopeless losers if they have underperformed. You can take advantage of this by trying to ignore all the hoohah and looking at the match coming up from a rational perspective. This applies in many situations, where the most recent one or two performances influence opinion unduly.

Concentrating your efforts on one or two markets improves your chances of success. Remember that spread betting dealers have a whole range of markets to cover so they are often very busy and may accidentally forget something in the heat of the moment. There are so many markets to choose from and you should take time out to familiarise with the rules of each market before you place a bet.

Even experienced spread bettors get undone occasionally by assuming they know everything they need to know about a market, particularly ones they play less frequently. It is for that reason that you should spend an hour or so getting your head around the various markets and associated rules. For example, Sporting Index and Spreadex offer Team Performance Markets on football matches but each has different scoring criteria, shown below:.

Sporting award 25pts to the winning side, 15pts goal, 10pts clean sheet, 3pts corner, -5 yellow card, red card, 10 pts for hitting the woodwork and rebounding into play. Spreadex award 25pts to the winning side, 15pts per goal, 10pts clean sheet, 3pts corner, -5 yellow card, red card. If you spreadbet, keep a good record of your winnings and losses.

For example, my records have shown a decent profit backing offensive football teams away from home. I've hypothesised that weak sides will always press forward playing at home which leads to a more open, expansive game which offensive sides can readily exploit, Aston Villa are a great example of a side that continue to play well away from home. Conversely, more or less every bet I place on Rugby loses. Why is this? Because my knowledge of rugby in general is poor and more often that not the reason I chose to get involved is because there would have been a televised game on, my missus would have been out and having a bet on the outcome would have hightened my enjoyment of the game.

One of my new years betting resolutions is not to bet on Rugby, ever. Another motive for keeping records is to continially hone your staking strategy or to establish one on the first place. There is no hard and fast rule for developing a strategy, I think everyone has to find a strategy that suits them. Arbitrage is the term used to describe a situation where it is possible to make an immediate profit, simply by buying with one spread firm and selling with another.

To take an example, suppose the prices in the Bookings index for a football match are as follows:. At first glance, this seems an awfully easy way to make money, but of course it's not quite as simple as that, and there are a few things which need to be said about this. First, 'arbs' as they are sometimes called, don't last long. The firms are very aware of other firms' prices and know when they are out of line, and they soon tend to move into line with each other.

So you have to be very fast to get on before the price changes. Second, leading on from the first point, you can be caught out and left exposed if you manage to get the first of the two bets places, but when you ring the second spread firm, you find their price has changed. You are faced with the prospect of either taking an immediate small loss or letting the first bet run its course.

Third, spread firms hate arbitrageurs. They are very aware of clients who make a regular practice of it and ultimately they could in theory close their accounts. Having said all that, my attitude is that it's okay to arb occasionally, but perhaps not make a regular habit of it. A good time to do it is when three firms are more or less in line with their prices, but the fourth is clearly out of line. If you manage to have your bet accepted by the firm that is out of line first, then you can be fairly certain that one of the other three firms will take the second part of the bet.

It is also possible to arb between spread firms and fixed odds firms, where there is a divergence of opinion. This requires a bit more effort and some mathematics. There are now about twenty different markets on which it is possible to bet on live football matches, from the relatively straightforward ones like supremacy and total goals, to the more exotic like hotshots and multi-corners.

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