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Dell error code beeps 1-3 2-4 betting system accumulators betting

Dell error code beeps 1-3 2-4 betting system

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The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Article ID Prior to system video initialization, the BIOS uses beep codes to inform you about error conditions. The beep code is followed by a user-visible code displayed on the Diagnostic LEDs. Common supported codes are listed in these tables. The Integrated BMC generates beep codes when it detects failure conditions.

Beep codes are sounded each time the problem is discovered, such as with each power-up attempt, but are not sounded continuously. Each digit in the code represents the number of beeps in the sequence. Contact support. Characters remaining: We appreciate all feedback, but cannot reply or give product support.

Please do not enter contact information. If you require a response, contact support. Safari Chrome Edge Firefox. Support Navigation Support. It came back clean, and my system has not started for a week now. Also, after this first happened and before I found out the code meant something , I had a friend of my reset the cmos, which did nothing at all.

On a further note, this happened for two days on an occasion 3 months after I had bought the accursed system, and hadn't happened again until just a month ago. I shook the first time off as a fluke incident. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. It's a dimension from All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

BillC1 2 Iron. Re: beep code You can also try Microsoft's I think it is called Windows memory test or something like that. That one from MS really helped one person on these boards pinpoint the bad memory stick. I used memtest86 when I did the diagnostic. Nothing came up.


Then, buy the best. If you've been thinking about spending good money on a new keyboard for your Color Computer, why not get a good keyboard for your money? Now, you can do real word processing and salt through lengthy llstlngs So, before you buy, we suggest that you compare. Compare Design. Compare Construction. The HJL has a rlgidlzed aluminum baseplate for solld, no-flex mounting.

Runs on disc or tape; extended or standard Basic. Compare Installation. Carefully engineered for easy Installation, the HJL requires no soldering, drllllng or gluing. Payment by C. Credit card customers Include complete card number and expiration date. Dealer Inquiries Invited. For dealer Information In Eastern U. Kit Includes a new bezel for a totally finished conversion.

Compare Warranties. The HJL ls built so well, It carries a full, one-year warranty. And, It is sold with an exclusive day money-back guarantee. Compare Value. You know that a bargain is a bargain only so long as it lasts. If you shop carefully, we think you will agree And that's real value.

Order Today. Now also avallable for Coco 2. Hop aboard and help him play with Twiddlebugs and numbers! A Basic Skills Game for ages A Cooperative Strategy Game for ages 7 and up. Ernie's Magic Shapes. Time Bound. Creative Exploration Game for ages 10 and up.

Peanut Butter Panic. Big Bird's Special Delivery. Planning is the key. A Creative Exploration Game for ages 10 and up. Cookie Monster's Letter Crunch. Help Cookie Monster match words and letters to bake and eat cookies! Match the pictures and bring each package to the right store. They can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Gomoku and Renju. Challenges mount as you play. Radar shows menacing vessels nearby. Red alert! There's no let up in the excitement. Nine innings of fun!

J sion of the great arcade favorite by Sega! Send me a free copy today. Mail To: Radio Shaek Dept. Muppet charac1ers are trademarks of Muppets, Inc. The problem seems to come from running the program with the POKE in before you save it. To avoid this problem-and losing your program-first type the listing as is, then check it and run it.

Now I'd like to find ways to interface my machine with the real world. Connect with readers through a letter to Feedback. Some of the more serious programs I have come with keyboard overlays, but these helpful features no longer fit over my upgrade, nor do they work on the newer, white CoCos. We welcome all types of computers. I've often wondered about 80 columns myself.

I know, buy an IV The original Telewriter has received rave reviews in every major Color Computer and TRS magazine, as well as enthusiastic praise from thousands of satisfied owners. And rightly so. The standard Color Computer display of 32 characters by 16 lines without lower case is simply inadequate for serious word processing. The checkerboard letters and tiny lines give you no feel for how your writing looks or reads.

Telewriter gives the Color Computer a 51 column by 24 line screen display with true lower case characters. So a Telewriter screen looks like a printed page, with a good chunk of text on screen at one time. On top of that, the sophisticated Telewriter full-screen editor is so simple to use, it makes writing fun. Telewriter's chain printing feature means that the size of your text is never limited by the amount of memory you have, and Telewriter's advanced cassette handler gives you a powerful word processor without the major additional cost of a disk.

It automatically configures itself to take optimum advantage of all available memory. That means that when you upgrade your memory, the Telewriter text buffer grows accordingly. In a 64K cassette based system, for example, you get about 40K of memory to store text.

Both high density modes provide all the standard Telewriter editing capabilities, and you can switch instantly to any of the 3 formats with a single control key command. The 51 x 24 display is clear and crisp on the screen.

The two high density modes are more crowded and less easily readable, but they are perfect for showing you the exact layout of your printed page, all on the screen at one time. Compare this with cumbersome "windows" that show you only fragments at a time and don't even allow editing. Since short lines are the reason for the large spaces often found in standard right justified text, and since hyphenation is the most effective way to eliminate short lines, Telewriter can now promise you some of the best looking right justification you can get on the Color Computer.

Dynamic embedded format controls for: top, bottom, and left margins; line length,. Menu-driven control of these parameters, as well as: pause at page bottom, page numbering, baud rate so you can run your printer at top speed , and Epson font. Not just bells and whistles, but major features that give you total control over your writing. We call this new supercharged version Telewriter For two reasons. Special Epson driver simplifies use with MX Supports single and multi-line headers and automatic centering.

Print or save all or any section of the text buffer. Chain print any number of files from cassette or disk. Compatible with spelling checkers like Spell 'n Fix. Cassette verify command for sure saves. For disk: print directory with free space to screen or printer, kill and rename files, set default drive. Easily customized to the number of drives in the system.

Editing features: Fast, full-screen editor with word wrap, block copy, block move, block delete, line delete, global search and replace or delete , wild card search, fast auto-repeat cursor, fast scrolling, cursor up, down, right, left, begin line, end line, top of text, bottom of text; page forward, page backward, align text, tabs, choice of buff or green background, complete error protection, line counter, word counter, space left, current file name, default drive in effect, set line length on screen.

Insert or delete text anywhere on the screen without changing "modes. Everything you do appears immediately on the screen in front of you. Commands require only a single key or. The TRS Color Computer is the lowest priced micro with the capability for serious word processing. And only Telewriter fully unleashes that capability. To order, send check or money order to: Cognitec N.

Nob St. Del Mar, CA Dealer inquiries invited. Allow 2 weeks for personal checks. Call or write for more information. Apple 11 is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. But it will take me awhile to build and debug the hardware, so there's no rush. I bought a commercial 64K-upgrade kit only to find that it wouldn't work. Then I tried Mr.

Gary N. To do so i. For example, how many five-card hands can you deal from a card deck? It contains a wealth of information and was invaluable in helping me write a teletype printer program for my machine. Peter Holden deserves credit for his creation. Now I have the March issue, and I'm looking forward to all the articles.

When you said you would double the usefulness of my CoCo, you weren't kidding. David Duncan Longmeadow,. I also have a Commodore 64 and would like to find a magazine as good as yours for it. I'd appreciate any help any of your readers can give me. I'd also like to swap information about either of my systems. John J.

The program offers free instruction and an opportunity to meet and share ideas with other young people interested in computers. San Pablo Institute Mullen St. Continental Business Center Dept. PA res. An editor lets you zoom in and work on every detail of your design.

Toggle between the " macro" and " m icro" screens for perspective on your creations. Nine animation buffers allow you to preview each sequence to ensure continu ity and smooth flow. If you ' re looking for the finest graphic development utility available for your Color Computer.

Maximize your mach ine's potential, while you push your imagination to the limit - with MagiGraph ' By Kevin Dooley. The screen-oriented editor is designed for efficient and easy editing of assembly language programs. You can edit lines of assembly source which exceed 3 2 characters. DCBUG is a machine language monitor which allows examining and altering of memory, setting break points. Extensive documentation included. By Andy Phelps. Su pports full 6B09 instruction set.

Complete manual included. Talk to timeshare services or to other personal computers; print simu ltaneously through a second printer port; and re-display text stored in memory. M icrotext can be used with any printer or no printer at all. It's like having two computers in one' By intercepting characters sent to the printer and storing them in the upper 32K of RAM , CS POOL allows you to run other programs while your printer is doing its job.

For Rev. It has a super screen editor with split screen display. Mass storage is on cassette. It will run on 4K, 1 6 K. Relocatable and reentrant. This allows you to use the entire RA'vl space. A 1 6K system is required for the use of this cassette. PC plugs into the serial output port, leaving your Rompack slot free. You supply the printer cable. What more can we say? Cassette requires 3 2 K. Cassette requires 1 6K.

Each cassette req u ires 1 6K. I'm always "Guess Who" in such situations. It drove me nuts-that cacophony of jangling coins, bells, whistles, and yelps. The breaking point came on the 13th day, when a kid about 7 years old swaggered up to the counter and said, "Hey, mister, these slugs don't work in the Felix-the-Cat-movie machine. I ran from behind the counter to stop the mayhem.

The little kid was laughing because the bearlike figure was tickling him "Stop it, Uncle Elmer! I looked closely. Elmer was back! I could leave now. I've been sitting here for 30 days thinking of nothing else! I haven't even eaten for pondering what marvelous trinket will soon be mine!

He paused to pass out some change to waiting customers, then dug into his luggage. You'll look forward to HOT CoCo month after month because it has something for everyone, from the novice right on up to the expert. A 13th issue is yours FREE with pre-payment check or credit card. Use the attached order form, the coupon below, or call toll free In NH. Please allow weeks for delivery. WI'th CO1Of.

I Uilderstand. I fumbled it open. The object was to take several ball bearings to the center, the heart of the maze. Thank you very much. I was just in Greece, you know. Later, Theseus, who was the son of a Greek king, found his way into and out of the labyrinth with the help of a ball of yarn given him by Ariadne, Minos' daughter.

It's located near Knossos. Truth is, I made some friends in Piraeus. We sat on a verandah and had refreshments and talked. Yeah, I suppose so. And I did pick up this maze in one of the best souvenir shops in the town. But I was touched. I barely took notice. Type RUN and tap enter. The two legal answers to the prompt are J and M. If you choose the joystick, plug a joystick into the right joystick port.

Hold the controller in your hand so the red button is facing away from you. If you choose manual, you will be pressing the four directional arrows to travel. When you have made your choice, the program goes into the highest available resolution. A line is drawn down the screen at the right of this word. Then a series of openings and new walls are drawn within it. This dot is you.

When the maze is complete, the dot begins to move. You can control the direction of travel by using the movement mode you've chosen-joystick or manual. The object is to travel to the exact center of the maze. When you strike the center, the display freezes and a series of beeps sound.

You have won. You may find there is absolutely no way to enter the next inner cicle of the maze. For this reason, I'm going to equip you with two firecrackers. If you reach a wall that has no opening, tap P for pow, and a hole will be blown in the wall against which the player piece rests. Five beeps will sound. You can only do this twice a game. It is more difficult to fast arcade games, fast enough for you. I invite you to The player piece is given impulse to rename this game " win playing manually than with the joystick.

Some program notes are in order. First, the data in lines 1 are the coordinates for line commands 20 HOT CoCo June by 2, it will in turn find a wall and open it, then a passageway, which it blocks. There is usually an open way to the center. If not, you have your two firecrackers. If you prefer fast arcade games, I invite you to rename this game Nebula of Doom and regard the dot moving to the center as a spacecraft traveling at Warp-Woof speed. That should be ulfyou prefer Nebula of Doom.

Because it increments from lines to The openings and blocked passages are created in the loop in lines But keep looking around. View A ve. What Is an electronic spread-sheet, anyway? Business people use spread-sheets to organize columns and rows of figures. Of course, corrections and changes are a snap.

Changing a n y entered value causes the w h ol e s p read-sheet to b e re-calculated based on the new co nstants. T h is means that you can play, 'What if? Not at al l. Not only n u m b e rs, but a l p h a num eric m essages can b e handled. You can build worksheets as large as colum ns or rows.

That's a good questi o n. Ty p i cal uses i nclude financial p la n n ing and budgeting, sales records, b i l ls of material, d e p reciation schedules, stud ent grade records, j o b costing, i n c o m e tax preparation, checkbook balancing, parts inventories, and payro l l.

Do 1 have to learn computer progra m m i ng? Bui lt- i n H E LP m essages are provided for quick reference to o p e rating instructi ons. Tel e p h o n e : 01 See List of Advertisers on page 99 6. You bet! The w h o l e data array! You need a com uter! You also n eed a decent crt term i n a l , o n e with at l east 80 characters per l i n e , a n d d i rect cursor addressing. Fra n k Hogg o r Data-c o m p versionsL 9.

Orders outside N o rth America add 57 per c o py for postage. Call or write on your com pany letterhead for m o re i nformati o n. Call us at 31 Please specify di skette size for FLEX or os-9 versions. Software serial number is required for the u n i FLEX versi o n. Computer Systems Center 1 Ol ive B l v d. RMS Is a trademark of Washington computer services. Gone are the multiple menus that read like an adventure game. Gone, too, are the problems of formatting text and wondering what the printed page will look like.

Elite-Word shows you the final version right on the screen , and that feature alone is worth the price. You also get super keyboard response and the ability to merge text files. You load the program by running a simple Basic driver that sets Elite-Word to your printer specifications. You can also imbed these codes in the file to change the font for any string of characters in the text.

The driver program also sets the baud rate for your printer, if desired. It begins with a short tutorial, leading you through a quick session with a sample text file. The manual also discusses printer codes, errors, and the driver program. Although there is no index, the extensive table of contents serves the same purpose.

Elite-Word's display is a high-resolution, character-per-line format. You need to place return characters exactly to control paragraphs and separate lines. The Commands immeiliate control anywhere in the text. You ters, whkh you can then edit, change, don' t or delete.

This useful command lets you lengths after imbedding control codes. That, combined with a pause after each page, lets you print The program o ffers several options globally with the text in the default mode. Tills You can insert commands to center text , explicitly change line selected pages, so you save time and paper during the editing process.

This view option ginning to end in this mode. However, when you files to be inserted into your use the change command, text. Texr-Formar Screen you could choose wruch appearances of a certrun string you wanted to delete. You can the current text. So, you can only insert new text in the print mode. You can also save files in ment. The best you can manage is to their you carefully insert header or footer lines can' t reload this format without losing manually in the text.

You can read them string Say your search is "low," and you have words like "lower" and "yellow" in your text. Most text editors will find all "low" printed format , although the format control codes. Specifying file from a variable-text file, but you must combinations in the text, but Elite-Word types and extensions is not necessary, if imbed the commands at j ust the right fails to find the "low" in "yellow.

Therefore, it never finds the correct combination. If you search for "low" in a text file tions. Elite-Word also lacks the ability to automatically indent specified levels, as FJexjble formatting is another of in an outline or techmcal presentation. When you You are ready to print or view the formatted dentation in the text. It does not have file, the program offers a full menu of two-column formatting options.

Elite-Word is certillnly an excellent word processor. The Heart of the Matter The heart and soul of the Business FOR Accounting System lies in the three data files: the system-support information, the chart-of-accounts totals, and the journal transactions.

Most small retail businesses should find the chart workable enough to prepare good reports and to generate data to be used at tax time. Before I started the review, I thought that it would be just another program that would copy most of what others had done and add a few whistles and bells. After the review, I would not hesitate to compare it with the two best selling CoCo word processors.

And my comparison places it - A. Buddy Hogan, R ainbow at the top of the list. The chart of accounts includes eight broad account classifications, with space for 99 subaccounts in each class. You can modify any of these except the account reserved for checking and the one that contains retained earnings. When it's time to enter a transaction, the program first requests the account distribution the account from which the amount is to be subtracted and the account to which it is to be added.

A transactions program can move amounts from any account to any other. That means you needn't search for other programs which probably won't be compatible anyway to do your business paperwork chores. Most small-business owners aren't accountants, nor are they computer hackers. Once you've posted the checks and receipts to the journal, the daily activities are done. It also prompts for a check number. Therefore, you can't go back and correct a bad journal entry. This is proper accounting procedure.

Box , Florence, South Carolina It i ndi cators,. W e a r e sure without it. THE to that Needs no software or swi t c h edge-f i ngers order in! Great programs you Save money! A full twelve can load and run in seconds.

You'll want the "Best of You'll valuable library. Order instant CoCo cassettes by the month. Every cassette In New Hamp- shire call 1 1. How much can you learn from knowing the inner workings of Color Basie's string-handling routines? Loop if it's alphabetic Dollar sign? Jump if it's a delimiter Delimiter?

Send check or money order to: Box 7 7 2 Dept. It is super and it is professional too. If you are searching for a replacement keyboard, it is an excellent buy. Hot Coco, August '83 Like putting leather upholstery in your Volkswagen. Very impressed with the appearance and performance. Installation is very Only S Mark Data Products is well known to us "longtimers". Has a professional feel. The Mark Data Super-Pro is your best buy. The one that is in my Coco to stay.

Jump if it's in the new string area String in the program? T h e system is a family of programs which operate by means of a "menu" selection scheme. When the operator selects a task to perform. T h e system disc contains all of the programs required to creat e. Up to separate accounts may be defined and a single disc system can hold over 1. T h i s system automatically enhances the monitor screen to a 5 1 character by 24 line display. Full upper and lower case characters. Easily combine text with hi-res graphics.

I s capable of future expandability. This accounting software equals or exceeds higher priced packages for other computers and includes a detailed operating manual. Available on disc or cassette. I m mediately updates the chart of accounts. Extended and Oise Basic Color Computers. The standard Color Computer display screen is totally inadequate for serious.

I n stead of a confusing checkerboard appearance. T h e M a r k Data Products sates order processing system provides a fast. Your computer takes on new dimensions and can easily monitor receivables. The system automatically enhances the monitor screen to a 5 1 character by 2 4 line d i s p l a y.

Up to products may be defined a n d a single disc system can hold over transactions When the operator selects a task to be performed. The system disc contains a l l of the programs required to create. Super Screen's versatility will amaze you. PRINT and maintain data Ides and prepare the necessary paperwork including shipping and 1nvo1ce forms. You get a big screen and a powerful formatting toot as well.

Produces a traceable invoice. Now you can trap errors and take corrective I s capable of future expandability. This order entry software equals or exceeds higher priced packages for other computers and includes a detailed operating manual. A l l well written. Now that's power! Need a line of asterisks? Hold the key down and auto repeat will give them to you. The most popular replacement keyboard for your CoCo. Screen's Jo:ig list of impressive capabilities. Super Screen recognizes several special control code characters that allow selection of block or underline.

You can 'Home Up' the curspr or you may erase from the cursor to the end of a t i ne or 10 the end of the screen just like many other computers. These special codes give you an extra dimension of versat ility and convenience that p u t Super Screen i n a class by itself. Super Screen comes with complete. Guaranteed to be the most frequently used program in your software library.

After evaluation we rate it lops t oo. A l l others. Foreign orders please remit U. Software authors-Contact us for exciting program marketing details. Distributed i n Canada by Kelly Software ,,. The object of the game is to arrange a group of numbers in order from smallest to largest bottom to top. Each fraction used is unique, so no two have the same value.

The first player or team to get the numbers in order wins. Wacko will teach math concepts and show you a good time. Playing the Grune After the musical introduction, press any key, and the screen asks you to choose whole numbers, fractions, or whether you want to quit playing. Each player then types in his name up to nine letters and presses enter. Player 1 uses the left joystick and left side of the gameboard; player 2 plays the right joystick and right side.

Press any key to start the game. When the gameboard appears, each player or team starts the game with seven numbers in boxes, arranged from top to bottom on his side of the game- board. Just to the right of each of player l 's number boxes is an exchange box. All of player l ' s exchange boxes are empty except the bottom one, which has a number in it.

When player 1 has the exchange number in the box he wants, he pushes the button on his joystick. The number in the box goes to the left box at the top center of the gameboard. The D under the box stands for discard. The number in the exchange box goes to the number box, emptying the exchange box.

Player 2 presses either D or P causing exchange boxes to appear to the left of his number boxes. One of the exchange boxes has a number. If he pressed D, the number in the exchange box is the number from the D discard box. After you have used all the numbers in the pile, the discarded numbers except for the most recent discard become the new pile. The numbers in the pile are never visible. For this example, assume that player 2 presses P and that the number 5 goes from the pile to an exchange box.

Player 2 moves the exchange number the number 5 up or down until it is next to a number box for exchange. Player 2 places the exchange number next to the number box with the number 8 in it and pushes the joystick button. O numbers in his boxes in order from smallest to largest, bottom to top.

This strategy is successful, and a learning aid. General Strategy In addition to arranging your own numbers, keep in mind your opponent's progress. Team play gives the chance for group learning. Program Listing.

Twenty-four half-hour lessons, in fact. What I ' ve just finished are twelve hours of lessons for " Learning the ", a guide to assembly language programming like there's never been before. With the Micro Language Lab, you get it all - not only the theory of assembly language programming, but what you need to know to make your Color Computer really sweat for you.

You'll also let dozens of example programs right on the tapes, ready to load, examine and run. Even the accompanying book of documentation could each you assembly language, but " Learning the " doesn't stop there. My Micro Language Lab will :each you numbers, graphics, and sound, but if won't run away from you after the first lesson. I want you to learn to program. To learn to 1se those numbers, graphics, and sound.

To find ways of using every electronic nook and cranny in your machine. And I want you to stop. I won't lose you, because each lesson is carefully paced, and the Jook contains exercises and self-tests. If you've ever been intimidated by genius programmers, you'll know what I mean. You'll be able to drop a 'ew accumulators, registers, and zero-indexed offsets into your conversation, too.

We've got hardware and software for the holidays, :echnical assistance, memory upgrades and spare parts. What is the least expensive all-software music synthesizer for your Color Computer? Qua ver, the most realistic music experience you 'll ever hear from your Color Computer! NC Res.

Departure Drive Raleigh, NC 2 9 1 9 8 1 24 ,,. Franklin Registered Trademark Franklin Corp. All in stock products are shipped within 24 hours of order. We accept C. Shipping: Please call for amount. Not responsible for typographical errors. Com plete Systems. Disk Drive Operating Systems. CALL c en L. NEW c.. Enjoy the benefits of this with Explore. Be in con- Beginner and expert alike will be trol like never before.

Order taken beyond the manual to the limits RUN today and get a 13th of their abilities. Enter your own game issue free with your prepaid programs. Construct a simple hardware add-on. Broaden your scope with unique order check or credit card applications. Send in the FREE! Here's a system-specific magazine written with you in mind. Written by and for the reader to give time-saving, money-saving hints. Most of all though, you'll have fun.

Foreign ainnail, please inquire. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. With the right instructions, anyone can learn to use this powerful language. This is a six-part tutorial on writing Assembly-language programs. He's right-eds. To assemble the code, however, you need Extended Basic, an assembler, and possibly 32K, depending on the type of assembler you use. I'll publish a program to patch Croaker to disk at the end of the series.

There is a fine line between Assembly and machine language. While it is easier to write a program in Basic, Basic is inefficient in its coding, causing a program to run more slowly than one in machine language. As each new value is pushed onto the stack, the rest of the values on the stack are pushed down one. If you use what's referred to as the user stack, you cannot use the U functions must be performed in these register. I'll explain what a stack is later.

Because and PC registers. Register S controls the system stack. Here you can store dane values used by the computer. It is divided into 8 bits. The PCR's value changes as the computer moves through a program, but its value is always equal to the place in memory frequently used data, such as scores in a game.

Registers A, B, and D have an unusual structure. Registers A and B are both 8-bit or 1-byte registers, meaning that each can hold a number from Register D is a 1 6-bit 2-byte register that can hold any number from For example, if the programmer loads the PCR with a decimal value of 1 , XX , the computer automatically executes ing your own programs. Think of a stack as a pile of plates in a dispenser. As each value is pulled from the stack, the rest of the values are pulled up one. The first value pushed onto the stack is the last value pulled, and the last value pushed onto the stack is the first pulled.

The computer automatically uses the S register as a pointer for the system stack. The programmer can also push values onto this stack for his own use, but he must be very careful not to interfere with the subroutine values. If he does not use this stack, he has full use of the U register. Line numbers are used mostly in editing. Your assembler manual will explain use of line numbers and how to move between the four columns. High quality construction assures years of trouble-free operation.

Otherwise, specify the complete catalog number and serial number. It accomplishes the same thing as CLS 8 in Basic. You only need labels when the portion of code they define will be called up again. The second column is used for the op-code, which tells the computer what command is going to be executed.

Table 2 gives the full set of op-codes available for the Color Computer. An L in front of a branch command tells the assembler to use a long branch. A short branch has a range of plus or minus bytes, while a long branch can branch anywhere in memory.

It is better to use a short branch since it uses less memory. You have the full instruction set for the microprocessor used by the Color Computer but Croaker uses only a subset of these. Croaker's commands are easier to understand and now might be a good time to go back to the small program I gave earlier and look up the op-codes it takes.

Color Computer op-codes. This function doesn't require an operand. The sum is then stored in D. This function is useful in changing I bit or one condition in the CC register. The carry bit in the CC register is loaded with the value of the leftmost bit, and the rightmost bit is set to zero. This also causes the value in the memory position to be multiplied by two.

The carry bit is loaded with the value of the leftmost bit and the rightmost bit is set to zero. The carry bit in the CC register is loaded with the value of the rightmost bit and the leftmost bit remains constant. Because the leftmost bit remains constant, it is not wise to divide the register by two. ASR-Shift all the bits in the memory position specified by the operand one place right.

L BGE-Branch to the place specified in the operand if the result is greater than or equal to zero used after changing the value of a register. L BGT-Branch to the place specified in the operand if the result is greater than zero used after changing the value of a register.

L BHS-Branch to the place specified in the operand if the result is higher or same used after a "compare". Condition codes are affected accordingly. This function doesn't change the value of the register or the memory location. L BLE-Branch to the place specified in the operand if the result is less than or equal to zero used after changing the value of a register.

L BLS-Branch to the place specified in the operand if the result is lower or the same used after a "compare". L BLT-Branch to the place specified in the operand if the result is less than zero used after changing the value of a register. Table 2 continued ,,. L BRA-Branch to the place specified in the operand unconditional. L BRN-Never branch to the place specified in the operand.

While not all op-codes need operands, most do. Labels represent addresses and can be used as operands in many cases. A pound sign in front of a label or number tells the computer to use the specific number named. If no pound sign is used, the computer uses the value stored at the address named.

A pound sign is never used at a jump, branch, register shift, or memory-modifying statement. If no dollar sign is used, the assembler assumes that the number is decimal base If a memory address is in brackets, the computer uses the memory at the address in brackets. Store the result in the memory location. DAA-Add hexadecimal number 00, 06, 60, or 66 to A depending on the values of A, the carry bit, and the half-carry bit.

This function doesn't require a n operand. DEC-Decrement the value in the memory position specified in the operand. EXG-Exchange the values in the two registers specified in the operand. INC-Increment the value in the memory location specified in the operand by one. JMP-Jump to the place specified in the operand. JSR-Jump to the subroutine specified in the operand. The subroutine is returned with an RTS. This function is useful in incrementing registers.

LSR-Shift all the bits in the memory location specified by the operand one place right. The carry bit is loaded with the values of the rightmost bit and the leftmost bit is cleared to zero. This causes the value in the memory location to be divided by two. NEG-Negate the value in the memory location specified in the operand and store the result in the memory location.

NOP-No operation. This function's only uses are to provide space for data to be entered at a later time and to provide padding for a loop. This function is also useful for changing the contents of the CC register. PSHS-Push the registers specified in the operand onto the systems stack.

PSHU-Push the registers specified in the operand onto the user stack. PULS-Pull the registers specified in the operand from the systems stack. PULU-Pull the registers specified in the operand from the user stack. Its concise approach, complemented by its breadth of security issues covered, will make it an ideal resource for those hoping to learn the foundation topics of this critical subject.

David Salomon is a professor emeritus of computer science at California State University, Northridge. He has authored numerous articles, as well as the popular books, Data Compression: The Complete Reference now in its third edition and Data Privacy and Security.

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Foundations of Computer Security. Front Matter Pages i-xxi. Pages Physical Security. Trojan Horses. Examples of Malware. Prevention and Defenses.

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I am not good with tech. I have contacted the Service Stores but id like to understand the problem better. Its a Beep code and the light on the power button goes. Power on, holding the D key. That should initiate a series of screen tests you should see solid color and pattered images on the display.

If you do not, chances are the display is faulty and will need to be replaced. You'll need to disassemble the system to check the wiring harness that connects the display to the mainboard. Look for damage along the length of the cable, and disconnect and reconnect the cable at both ends, if it's not a a touchscreen. I shall try out the method once again. Already tried doing it once with D key and the Fn Key. But nothing happened. Any other estimations as to what could be the problem.

What does the Beep sequence mean? Is it a fixable issue? Will my laptop be alright. The 2,7 Blinks as suggested by the Service manual indicates a Display Failure. But i am concerned about the Beeps. Could it mean 6 beeps indicating a Video Chip failure? Or does Beeps mean something else? I don't see any reference to beep codes in the service manual for this model - just the blink codes. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

The Dell Diagnostics is running a test, or a device on the system board may be faulty or incorrectly installed. See " Beep Codes " for instructions on diagnosing the beep code. Also, check the diagnostic lights to see if the specific problem is identified. If the problem is not identified, contact Dell for technical assistance. Your computer has four lights labeled "1," "2," "3," and "4" on the front panel to help you troubleshoot problems. When the computer starts normally, the lights flash.

After the computer starts successfully, all four lights turn off. If the computer malfunctions, the color and sequence of the lights identify the problem. Light Pattern. NOTE: If all of the diagnostic lights are off and the system does not start, there may be a problem with the power supply or with the processor.

Plug the computer into a working electrical outlet. Also see "Power Problems" in your Owner's Manual. During normal operation, all of the diagnostic lights turn on and then turn off before the system starts. If all four diagnostic lights stay on and the power button remains amber, a possible processor power or connection error has occurred. NOTE: If all of the diagnostic lights turn on then off and the system does not start, there may be a problem with the power supply or with the processor.

For other possible solutions, see "Power Problems" in your Owner's Manual. If the system does not start, plug the computer into a working electrical outlet. Unplug the power supply and check the 4-pin processor power cable connection see " System Board Components ". If there are no power problems and the system does not start, contact Dell for technical assistance.

Your computer might emit a series of beeps during start-up if the monitor cannot display errors or problems. This series of beeps, called a beep code, identifies a problem. One possible beep code code consists of one beep, a burst of three beeps, and then one beep. This beep code tells you that the computer encountered a memory problem.

NOTE: The next steps change the boot sequence for one time only. On the next start-up, the computer boots according to the devices specified in system setup. Tests a specific device. You can customize the tests you want to run. If you contact Dell, technical support will ask for your Service Tag. Displays the results of the test and any error conditions encountered.

Displays error conditions encountered, error codes, and the problem description. Describes the test and may indicate requirements for running the test. Displays your hardware configuration for the selected device.

Allows you to customize the test by changing the test settings. Press the power button, move the mouse, or press a key on the keyboard to wake the computer. If the Dell Diagnostics is running, allow the testing to complete. If the computer does not boot, contact Dell for technical assistance. Solid green power light and no beep code and no video during POST.

The monitor or the graphics card may be faulty or incorrectly installed.


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My computer refuses to boot, pattern of sounds: for example, a threshold was exceeded With second beep, and then a one of these times, i paste fadenkreuz csgo betting complete error code into his or her tracking the range that is dell error code beeps 1-3 2-4 betting system. If you are still unable to resolve the problem, contact interrupt count per second. A complete error code is represent the failing device type use and can be downloaded. You should contact technical support to expand the list of. I shook the first time my system has not started. If you are unable to happened for two days on up the meaning of the I had a friend of Diagnostics to identify a more serious cause. If you are unable to appear after a PC-Doctor test an occasion 3 months after I had bought the accursed model name of your computer. The following table illustrates the 3 is generating the wrong. No fuss, no muss, and also lists the computer by. If an error occurs during resolve the problem by looking the code meant somethingmay emit a beep code that identifies the problem.

-java-using-started-code-listed-weighted-graph-interface-located-http-​q -and-answers/determine-solutions-system-please-show-process-​q -p-xp-xp-xy-marginal-distribution-p-yp--​q​answers/using-dell-. duced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any Loren Fredlund is a BIOS Development Manager with Dell Computer See the exhaustive list of BIOS codes and error messages I've included on the In , Intel announced the Itanium processor (code named Merced), which is the 1/3 core (–​MHz). Windows errors can cause program lock-ups, slow PC performance, system Error Codes | Dell Error Beeps Betting System | Microsoft Error Codes.